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(Admin Only) Remade All Game Editors in ImGui
Nin Online has always came with an integrated suite of game editors that allow on-the-fly changes to data such as Maps, Events, NPCs, Items, Jutsu etc. These are powerful tools that allow us to add content to the game quickly. Since 2013, we were using tools built in WinForms, which is a dated technology that is no longer well supported by Microsoft and is not cross-platform. I've remade all our in-game editors in ImGui, the same UI system that powers all our in-game user interfaces.

Just a few months ago, Nin Online contained the following UI systems, each coming with a little bit of deadweight to performance... Robin's UI system, Eclipse Origin's UI System, WinForms, WolfUI1, WolfUI2, ImGui. As of today, Nin Online only has ImGui.

This change will allow us to quickly add on features that are UI intensive features (eg. Guilds, Auctions) much easier in the future. This also cleans up our code base immensely. This also brings us closer to a Mac & Linux native release!

In order to achieve this, I had to remake the following editors while retaining, and in a lot of cases, improving on their functionality.




This is an example of a new Editor!


Hopefully this paints a picture of how much work was involved in doing this months long project. While it may not directly impact player's gameplay, it is important that we have the best tools to continue to create content for Nin Online.

I'm posting this also as a keepsake for the future to look back at these tools that me and a lot of developers for Nin Online have painstakingly worked with and upkept for the past 10 years. Even before that, these editors have had a long history dating back to the days of Mirage Source and Eclipse Origin (the engine Nin Online was originally built with).

Another cool thing about Nin Online's new editors (for devs) is that it all takes place within the game client now. So it can all be used in fullscreen mode without taking the players to new windows on their desktop.

The new editors are not only cleaner, but they are a lot faster and snappier. Here's a video showcasing our new suite of editors!

Once again, this is probably not the update you want right now. But it's the update we need to keep things going.

Besides the new editors, Nin Online is now also 100% free of Visual Basic code. Despite us being in C# programming language for the last few years, we've never been able to fully rid ourselves to Visual Basic code. Converting a full game over to a new programming language is a lot of work. Especially when Nin was as ancient a codebase as it was. We've now moved out of compatibility mode and Nin Online's source code is 100% that of a modern game.


I don't know how else to express how much work this took and how much this is going to improve our development going forward.

This is an example of one of many commits of me just deleting thousands of lines of code and making Nin Online's codebase way smaller and cleaner.


From the same time last month, we had 146456 lines of code in Nin Online's (client) codebase. Today, we have 90644. That's an almost 40% reduction in code.


This is a software called Gource that visualizes project codebases. This is what our source code for the client looked like just a few months ago, compared to now.


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Server Live Properties System
Used by Admins to be able to set server specific variables like what animations play when certain actions occur. Eg. Resting animation. Also has tons of settings like increasing/decreasing daily missions and Ninja Time Speed. Just moving a lot of hard coded variables to Nin Online to make it more flexible.


RP Live Properties System
This is used for GMs to set RP variables like whom is Kage, Council Members, Clan Leaders from in-game.

Improved Noticeboard
Notice board now displays Kage, Council Members and Clan Leaders

Council Member Improvements
Council Members are no longer just a title. They now will have all the same rights as a Kage, so they can stand in for the Kage.
As the role of the Kage will increase in the future to manage more things that council members won't, there will be a difference once again.

Clan Leaders
Clans can now have leaders set by GMs for RP purposes. For now, the only benefit to a Clan Leader is managing furniture within the Clan house. Eventually, this will increase. 



Messenger Hawks now available for sale in each Aviary
Allows players to send Village Broadcasts and even Global Messages for a price. You can only carry 5 of each at a time, so make sure to use them sparingly.

Messenger Hawks allow you to send village messages up to 80 characters.
Great Messenger Hawks allow you to send village or global messages up to 120 characters.


Signboard Furniture
There's been two new signboard items added to the Furniture shop that allow you to place signs with words written on them in your house, or around the village.
I'm eventually going to also make it so you can decorate outside your houses!


Animations for Blanks Enchanting
These animations also appear for the people around you, so you know when your friend is having a bad rng day and can comfort them.


Animations for Faming and Defaming others
This appears above the famer and famee to make things more apparent.


Storages Improvements
Added Right-click menu to Storages and Drag and Drop capabilities to match Shops, Trades and Inventory



(WIP) New Village Score System
It's on the way to becoming a proper, complete feature. It's got proper editor integration and doesn't rely on the our event system. It currently displays on the noticeboard. It'll soon play a much bigger role in in-game political systems. The old score system will soon be deprecated.

The old village score system was hackily placed together with existing in-game features at the time. It relied on giving items to players when they complete quests and then having an event in each Mission Assignment desk that would check for players with those items, remove them, and add them to a variable.


Continuing working on Auto Chunin Exams
Changes includes handling more edge cases. GM Panel having Ryo cost setting and added a Questions setup section for RP Panel for Council and Kage to set up questions that will appear in Theory Exam. Improved UIs for Quiz.


Tournament Schedule, Ranking & Leaderboard
You can now view tournaments scheduled, your total tournament stats, monthly stats, leaderboards and a "Hall of Fame" from the noticeboards in each village.


Tournament Winner Monthly Reward
On top of being added to the Hall of Fame, you will receive a mail with a reward for being the top ninja each month! This might be expanded later to include more prizes and participation awards.


Item Cooldowns now visble in Inventory
It was previously only visible in the Hotbar, which could cause confusion.

Item Cooldowns now persist after logout
Previously, relogging in would reset item cooldowns. Item cooldowns were added hackily in the early days. It's been done properly now.



Unzipped Leaf Flak Jacket added to Chunin Shop
Unzipped Sand Flak Jacket added to Chunin Shop

Art by @Hoseki


(Backend) Cleaned up Item Types
We used to have 30 types of items and it was getting messy. Blessings, Hair Styles, Dyes were their own item types for example. They've been streamlined to just be consumables.

(Admin/Dev) Improved our Variables/Switches system
It's now all stored in MongoDB, was previously stored in .ini files. Now supports flagging Variables to be reset daily, reset on death or to retain past character resets.

Fixed keyboard input bug
Fix the year long bug where Keyboard inputs are missed sometimes when chatting or typing into UI.

Fixed double click sometimes triggering wrongly
(Admin/Devs) Improvements to Event Editor
Fixed position of shop window only loading for first shop on client launch
Fixed bug where responding to NPC Dialogues too quickly can get your stuck
Improved map loading responsiveness
Improved/fixed map loading speeds
Improved UI code when it comes to focusing on UI stopping movement/inputs
Map Editor Improvements
Smoother Day/Night Cycle
Fixed Inventory window sizing
Improved server start times greatly
Cancel transformation jutsu when fishing
Fixed akatsuki cave and corp hideouts being broken
Fixed some Corp Maps not working
Fixed Kage/Council Permission issues with RP Panel and accessing corp maps
Fixed Item Collection Mission Trackers being buggy
Allow interacting with furniture while sitting on chairs

(Admin Only) Fixes to Mission Editor
Cleaned up our server packets
Improved positioning for Amount Input boxes
Server now makes sure players are saved even when admins shut down on very very short notice (was a potential exploit)
For blessings, times blessed message now doesn't appear on screen, just the first message. The blessing amount appears in chatbox.
Fixed issue with faming
Fixed Noticeboard not launching on login
Fixed Tournament HUD/UIs (regression in last update)

(Admin Only) Editors Improvements
(Admin Only) Show Custom Script Name when selecting Custom Scripts

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Improvements to sorting of winners for tournament leaderboard
It was previously only sorted by Tournament Wins. When it was a tie, it was sorting randomly. Now it's sorting by Tournament Wins and then secondarily, Match wins. I still want to prioritize Tournament Wins so as to not make smaller tournaments not worth much.

Added an option to outright ban specific items and jutsu from tournaments
Previously this was a pretty hacky conditional check to see if the item/jutsu belonged to a corp or had a high index. Now we can be more selective.

As a result, some things that were previously unequipped like Akatsuki or ANBU clothes that didn't have stats will now be wearable during tournaments.

Raid Points now affect Village Scores
Obtaining Raid Points now contribute towards Village's Economy and Manpower Scores, losing Raid Points negatively contributes to your Village's Economy and Manpower Scores

Tournament messages are less obstructive now, no longer showing on screen, only in textbox
Now that the UI/HUD shows everything you need to know, it's no longer important to show it on screen

Tournament notifications with "Join" button now display again
Tournament notifications timing also increased to 20 seconds up from 10. Do note you can also go into your Alerts menu to check older notifications.

Other bug fixes/improvements
Leaderboards now show up to 30 players
Added Tournament Leaderboards in each arena
Fixed Kage/Council Members not being able to clean up Furniture in village maps
Raid Info HUD sizing fixed, could sometimes be cut off
Raid Info HUD now has a hover effect similar to MissionTracker
Fixed Intel and Manpower scores not being affected
Fixed messenger hawk message having an extra spacing
Fixed GMs not being able to trade event coupons
Fixed a client issue where holding down pick up item was spamming checking to pick up Furniture
Fixed Leaderboard All-time Statistics not updating
Fixed Inventory, Shop and Trade slots allignment (regression in last update)
(Admin Only) Fixed Non-Daily Mission Filter in Mission Editor 
Added Log File size display, Map Cache folder size display to Settings Menu
Added Button to easily access and clear Log File to Settings Menu
Fixes to Friends coming online messages sometimes showing ex-friends
Banned Items and Jutsu are now displayed on the Tournament Bracket UI (Tab)
Enforce Banned Items from the start of rounds
(Hopefully) Jutsu should not be able to have casts started until Match countdown ends
(Hopefully) If a tournament teammate leaves, the entire team will not be disqualified, unless team is dead
(Admin Only) Fixed copy and pasting event commands also pasting entire events by accident
(GMs/Admins) Added "Add Player" and "Remove Player" buttons in Tournament Hosting Menu (adds targetted players easily)



World Map Feature rework (+ World Map Editor)
I've reworked the World Map system completely. It's been one of last UI elements that needed a severe rework.
New players will now have a much easier time locating quests and locations in general in the future.
It comes with a fancy editor for us to make maps. It also supports maps for separate locations, the toad mountain area, indoor locations. etc.

We're still working on the actual map though!

(On the backend side) World maps are now our first list based data type instead of using fixed arrays.

Tournaments Leaderboards Pages
All players who participate in tournaments are now visible on the leaderboards, leaderboards are sorted into pages.

Other changes
Texture dictionaries now support subdirectories

Toad Arc now has a proper map


New version (v4.5.4) has been released with an update to the World Map
After @Erox completed filling up the world map, I realized the world map really needed to be bigger. In order to encompass this, I've added dragging to large world maps. Also, Admins/GMs can now double click on the icons on maps to teleport to those locations.



v4.5.5 has been released with another update to world maps
World maps now have lines to show the direction of the linked maps, making it a lot clearer.


(Admins) Improvements to Editor

v4.5.5b is out with the following changes
Testing improved weather effects for rain/storm


Also improved regular walk animation for NPCs
Fixes to Localization (regression in recent versions)
Minimap Keycode no longer triggers while typing in chat
Toggling fullscreen shortcut (Alt+Enter) no longer triggers login on Login Screen
Fixed Quick Screenshot Keybind defaulting to Backslash instead of F12
Improvements to Footsteps SFX (Added some pitch variation to sound less repetitive)

(Admin) Fixes to Map Properties Boot Map Input boxes
(Admin) Fixes to deleting World Maps causing crash in some cases

Major server hanging issue solved
Fixed the issue where removing an online corp member would hang the entire server until the player logs out. 

Added a flying animation option for NPCs/Mobs
This means creatures like birds, hawks, insects will now flap their wings properly.

Bee.gif Before (Beefore)

Bees2.gif After

Added a Keybind for PvP Toggle
By default it's set to P


Other changes
Improved rain splash animation to not spawn in walls/blocked tiles
Fixed mailbox item amounts rendering

A hotfix for Bubble Clone Technique (Exploding NPCs) not triggering properly when attacked from downwards direction has been pushed live.

Medcorp Jutsu Changes
Name: Hundred Healings Mark > Hundred Healings Orb
Description: A medical technique that allows the user to collect chakra and concentrates it into an Orb which amplifies the power of their techniques by 12%.
Visual: changed from the purple aura to a blue orb that floats next to the player.

Neo Akatsuki Changes
Visual: Changed the Red Aura to the Purple Aura (It seems more menacing, also give me room to work on something else which is TBA).

Kage Clothing
General: The colored version of each set is now locked to the "Kage" Rank and of course the respective Village, this is so the active Kage can stand out among the crowd (Unless of course someone transforms into them)

(Note: Due to the hierarchy in the class editor missing nin are still able to wear the colored versions of the kage clothing, theres nothing i can do to fix this.)

The Ambassador: An NPC has shown up in Takumi seeking former leaders (Ex Kage), if you have the original Kage drip and still want to wear it you can get a version of the original from him. 

Puppet Brigade Changes
Member limit increased from 10 to 12

Medcorp Jutsu Changes
This isnt so much a change but a grammar fix, the jutsu has always been useable by Special Jonin but the text said "Must be Chunin or Higher to use", it has been changed to "Must be a Ranked Ninja to use" to avoid any confusion 

Added 3 new Headband/Forehead Protector Styles!
Backwards Bandana Protector (All Villages)
Single Horned Forehead Protector (Mist)
Double Horned Forehead Protector (Mist)


Kage Requested Title - Unit Leader
This will be given to leaders of official Corps (MPFs and Medic Corp will retain their separate titles)

Added new Rare item "Spotted Arm Sleeves" to Alpha Snow Leopard drop table


Added new Hokage, Kazekage and Mizukage Cloaks
Can only be worn by current reigning leaders, and can no longer be equipped after their term.


Added new Premium Hairstyle - Bolt Premium Hairstyle



Added new Premium Hairstyle - Minerva Premium Hairstyle




New Premium Hairstyle - Nobara Hairstyle
Added a new hairstyle by a player named Minerva!
Thank you, we need more female hairstyles (we have twice as many male ones)


It's now available in the Cash Shop


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Version 4.5.6k has been released with the following changes
Fix for major exploit
Players who are logged out will automatically be sent to hospital if killed while character is being held for PvP timer
Leaderboards bug where Hall of Fame characters are not displayed if Leaderboard is on Page 2 onwards fixed
Fixed not being able to see all and claim mail items if there are too many items
(Admin Only) Fixed and improved hair selection UI for Items & GM Panel

Version 4.6.0 Update!
Version 4.6.0 is released with a brand new in-game cash shop with previews for all items! Test out new hair colors, eye styles and more before buying them. Search specifically for the item you want to try!

Also, fixed an issue with skin changers that allowed under certain conditions for a player to get a skin they shouldn't.



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Version 4.6.0c released with the following QoL improvements to the Cash Shop
Added button that links to web store homepage
Added button that opens Cash Shop Items stash
Character in Preview now has Idle/Breathing Animation
New Art for Cash Shop Button
Fixed hairstyle preview for certain genders


Sea Cave Changes
Added temp mobs in place of Zombies/Rotted Zombies
(Note: The mobs were replaced all together because the art used was for an exclusive event so i just went ahead and put in the mobs again with temp art while i wait for the final art to be finished!) 

Fixed the following maps where mobs were spawning out of bounds

  • Takumi River
  • Eastern Desert Valley
  • Training Grounds
  • Abandoned Lair
  • My Heart
  • West of the Valley

Placeable objects
I've added more areas players can put placeable objects on in Sand

Nin Online version 4.6.0d released with the following changes
Just a small, mostly bug fixes update with some quality of life changes.

Alert [!] Appears on Ninja button when you have stat points / mastery point to spend


Updated Twitter Button to be an X Button
Fixed Minimap buttons dissapearing when typing
Fixed mouse scrolling issue on blessing HUD
Fixed possible, rare duplication exploit
(Hopefully) Fixed world maps loading in the wrong order
Improved Map Logic processing and fixed server-side errors
Ninja Menu character preview now breathes/idle animation

Nin Online version 4.6.1 has been released with the following changes
Improved Cash Shop Stash to now sort by item type and push claimed items to the back of the stash
Added a Resync/Refresh button to Cash Shop Stash that updates your cash items without relogging in after purchasing an item

Mail system is now fully threaded on the server-side, mitigating occasional lag spikes caused by players claiming lots of mail items
Fixed a crash caused by moving between tabs in the Mailbox
Hovering over map name HUD now brings it back after it initially disappears when you change maps


Added a Zoom button in the Ninja Menu for character preview


Improved color of disabled buttons in UI
Items that can be stashed (cash shop items) now state that they will be stashed instead of destroyed in right click menu


(Backend) Fixed some server side warnings from "out of bounds" errors caused by player movement
(Admin Only) Fixed world map editor not reverting to defaults on load

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Nin Online version 4.6.1 has been released with the following changes
Resyncing Cash Shop Items is now threaded (optimized)
Fixed a bug where cash items could no longer be claimed under rare circumstances if stashed
Added live stats to Maps (similar to live stats for villages and tournaments)
Map Name fade in/out now standardized across frame rates
Improved styling for Player Info window (right-click player menu)



(Admin) Added better selectors for Item and Jutsu Icons

Prettier UI for Inventory Expansion
It also now opens the in-game cash shop instead of the website (less intrusive)

(Backend) Variables/Switches can now be set to reset on login/logout

(Backend) Events can now set variables to "scopes"
For example, setting the player's team's variables, or everyone on the map the event is ran on.

Election System

This is another step towards a more automated and significant role in factions and politics in Nin Online. While it is a huge change, we hope that players will understand that these changes with the political systems will eventually facilitate a much better overall experience. We will further build upon this to make players able to control much more within the game's state by participating in these RP systems.

Apply to run for council member
Also able to see what other candidates are like before the voting begins. The application stage is set to 4 days at the moment, but we can increase this through our server settings at any time.


Manage your campaign slogan and appearance on the voting page
Once the voting begins, you will no longer be able to update it!


Vote for your favorite candidate for council member
Pick people who represent your ideals, support your causes and will choose the Kage you will be proud of.
There will be 7 days (we can adjust this too, but only before an election starts) to vote and you can visit the voting station at any time.


Council members will then decide on the next Kage
Council members will have 3 days to finalize their decision for Kage, they will manage it by accessing their Village RP Menu and putting in their pick for Kage.

If there is a tie, nobody will be picked and the dateline for Kage selection is delayed a day (the Kage term is not extended).



This system will roll out and replace all manual leadership systems for all villages, including Mist and Sand. We will no longer manually manage who leads each village. There will not be any different political systems per village (in the near future).


Ninja Menu improvements to stats adding
If you reset stats, it will immediately update without you re-opening the menu

Stat Resets won't be consumed if it will take no effect
If a stat reset is used when there are no stats to reset, it will not be consumed. To prevent accidentally resetting stats multiple times mostly.

Fixed bug where Experience from Missions are not granted to you if you are fainted when it completes


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Improved Login/Quick Login
Fixed issue where it was expiring tokens when you relogged in while your character is still in-game
Now only applies 30 second PvP timer (stay in-game) when you logout with a PvP timer
Sped up the process to logout if you have no PvP timer substantially.
Added warning when logging out.

Map Capturing System

This is a major new gameplay mechanic!


Capture Points on maps allow (up to 4) ninja to stand or fight within them to capture the map. Ninja of enemy villages can oppose by standing in any capture point on the same map to defend the map. Once a map is captured it provides a 1.25x Drop Rate bonus to ninja of that village.


If a village map is captured, it will become a War Zone until it is reclaimed by it's original village.


Captured maps will glow the village color on the world map


Captured maps will show an Icon of the village beside the name of the village

Other changes

Repositioned Ninja menu expand character button so it doesn't clash with "Spend Mastery Point"
Improved Mini-map Icon art
Fixed a crash when bingo book is opened with no bounties at all

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Version 4.6.5 released
This update contains a couple of features and fixes to issues with the previous update(s)! Apologies, its a pretty big one and done in record time too, so thank you everyone for helping with testing!

Fixes to Dodgeball Event to fix people coming into match with dodgeballs ready
Capture point alerts reduced from every 2 minutes to every 5 minutes per location
Fixed an issue with capture progress being shown on the wrong maps
Added support for capture points on water
Added hover to Map Zones on Map Name HUD to show what the zone means (Helpful for newer players)
Fixed World Map issue due to village capture color glows
General optimizations to the Capturing Point system

Version 4.6.5b released with the following changes

Removed Asp.Net target framework reference
Hopefully this fixes the issue where new players are being told to install the wrong runtime files

Left click to Attack/Interact & Pickup Items
You should now be able to play Nin mostly with mouse and one hand on keyboard


Improved responsiveness to Chakra Charging, Movement and Attacking
There should be about a 1-25ms decrease in latency for these controls

Map Timer Variable HUD
We're able to make a variable (such as the boat timer & prison timer) appear in a timer

HUD Leaderboard Tournament Schedule fixed (hopefully)
Now also displays on-going tournaments with "Happening Now"

Fixed Raid Info HUD expand button triggering Capture Point HUD

Fixed Capture Points being captured when nobody is on that map Fixed NPCs not being able to walk on Capture Points

Fixed run speed inconsistencies (by accident)

Added Timer to "Across The Seas"


Added capture points outside each village hospital to make it easier for villages to defend themselves

Another update has been pushed with the following fixes & changes

(Hopefully) Fixed issue where some people can't target with mouse
Option to turn off Mouse Attack / Interact Controls
Use HWID (Hardware ID) instead of MAC Address to identify users
Fix issue where some quests were not working
Fix issue where players randomly get kicked out of the game when another user logs on
Alerts for Capture Points only trigger after 10% has been captured to avoid spam when someone just runs over them
Fixed issue with Buff hovering/cancelling
Fixed logo on screenshot being cut off
Fixed Cash Shop stash not showing amount of items remaining to claim

Added functionality for Events/NPCs to check Time of Day 
This will be useful for adding things like Night Market only being open at night and some shops only being open in the day
Added functionality for Events/NPCs to check PvP Timer
You no longer need to wait 30 seconds to board the ship map "Across the Seas" but you cannot board while you are in combat
You no longer need to wait 15 seconds for Summoning Toad, but you cannot use it while in combat
Added secondary Movement Keybinds

(Devs Only) Improved Event Editor
Expand all/Minimize All button and cleaner table style layout
Fixed Command Window appearing outside of screen
Fixed Character Reset not logging player out
Fixed infinite loop map warps issue

As seen in Takumi Castle 

Nin Online version 4.6.6 has been released with the following changes

Added new animated trees system
This is the first part of a resource system for new professions

(Hopefully) Fixed a black screen error for some users

Fixed Election Voting going to the wrong person (All votes have been reset)


Nin Online version 4.6.7c has been released with the following changes

Fixed seasonal graphics (You might need to clear mapcache)
Added Resource Gathering system (Yet to launch feature for players)
Fixes for resource gathering learnt from testing yesterday
Fixed black screen infinite mouse cursor error when changing maps
Fixed warping for admins in Map Editor
Fixed server's MySQL version incompatibilities with our host's mysql update

Nin Online version 4.6.7d has been released with the following changes

Fixed [SPartyUpdate] Error Logs spam
This was confusing people from serious errors

Fixed art issues with winter tilesets

Nin Online version 4.6.7e has been released with the following changes

Fixed an issue with the latest client versions causing massive server lag 

Fixed Nin Logo icon being missing on the client window

Improve Player Targetting UI layout

Fixed seasonal tilesets (again) this time better. It was previously taking up too much memory and making other art aspects of the game suffer (namely, player characters missing clothing)

Fixed logging into the game for the first time having ugly infinite cursor issue

Nin Online version 4.6.8b as been released with the following changes

Fixed wrong .NET Runtime being asked to install for good this time


A hotfix has been pushed with the following changes

Fixes to a lag spike that is caused when another user logs on caused by recent changes

Added possibility of random snowfall instead of rain during winter


General optimizations to server performance

Honey changed from 2s Stand Cast to 1s Run Cast

Bandages changed from 1s Stand Cast to 1s Run Cast

Poison Antidotes changed from 2s Stand Cast to 2s Run Cast


Nin Online 4.6.9 has been released with the following changes
Fixed bug where you could get stuck in an event dialogue with no text if you got warped while in dialogue

Developer & Backend Changes
Fixed an out of bounds error that occured in Player Movement code
Moved Village MOTD and Orders to  RP Live Stats (Saved in MongoDB)
Added ability for NPCs/Events to Open/Close User Interface windows like Inventory (Mainly for Tutorial)
Added Village/Missing Conditional Branches in Event System
 Fixed Right-click to delete events in Map Editor
General code refactoring
Optimized client pinging (and stopped in pinging in main menu)
Added Networking Stats (Packets in/s, Packets out/s) to Debug Menu
Fixed Resource Rendering in Map Editor
Toggles to hide all other layers and to hide resources
Fixed village selector in editors sometimes allowing wrong values

Repriced Denkai's tools to be more competitive
Fixed Horoscope being bugged
Made Shadow Kunai Clone & Fuuma Wind Shuriken not share CD

Nin Online 4.7.0 has been released with the following changes

Improved Mouse Attacking
No longer works as a secondary direction setter like right click. It only sets direction on attack/interact, not when held down.

Reverted events change to hopefully fix recent issue with quests/missions not working

Improved Friends List

Fixed Item Packs not giving items sometimes

Developer & Backend Changes
Optimized sending player variables heavily
Improved Map Report / Map List to allow for sorting by dates etc.
Cleaned up Map Report system packets
Handle dailies (Daily resets) better and immediately on login
Code cleanup of Join Game method
Fixed an out of bounds error related to projectiles/combat
Client-side code cleanup of Projectiles
Removed legacy code to do with clan selection



Nin Online 4.7.0b has been released with the following changes
Right click -> Split Stack option


Dragging separate stacks into each other combines them
Hovering Stats shows base stat


Clicking on heads of players no longer causes an attack
Added graphics for new hairs and items

Developer & Backend Changes
Fixed right click to delete tiles and attributes
Ignore Case for Map Report search


New Launcher Art


Version 4.7.2 of Nin Online has been released with the following changes
Chatbox now has icons instead of [Global] [Say] tags


Items obtained through Item Packs now display in a UI instead of in Chat Messages


Items obtained in dialogues/events now display on screen
Added a reply button to the mail system to quickly reply to people who mailed you
Election winners (Council Members) are now displayed on the Election UI after the voting period concludes
Fixed Election issues
Improved End Cast time animation to use the casting pose as the end frame instead of looking like you're the one who got stunned
RP Panel now includes missing ninja from your village so you can pardon them
Prevent Mission Tracker from leaving the screen
Added search for Game Guides
Fixed NPCs that can't walk on water spawning in water

(Backend) Event system commands to Set and Take items now also take into consideration equipped items
(GMs) In GM Panel, there's now a Map Ninja List that can be used to manage ninjas on the current map
(Backend) Dialogues/Events can now open specific tabs in Social and Ninja menu
(Backend) Added selector for Caster Pose in Jutsu Editor

Version 4.7.3 of Nin Online has been released with the following changes
New Item Pickup HUD
Fixes to default positions of certain UI elements
Fixed DBE picking up Dodgeballs issue




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Today's balance patch is brought to you by a mixture of balance team patch notes and my own based. My changes are highlighted in green.

War Toad (NPC) can now cast Triple Mud Bullet Technique 
(NEW) Triple Mud Bullets Technique - fires 3 Mud Bullets (same Cast Type, Cast Time, Range, Base Damage, Cooldown, Speed)
Big Snake (NPC) Health decreased from 600 to 500
Big Snake (NPC) Base Damage decreased from 12 to 8
Big Snake (NPC) Attack Speed increased from 1100ms to 1000ms
Big Snake (NPC) Pathfinding Mode changed from A* to Dumb
Snake Poison Projectile Speed increased from 300 to 200
Mother Slug (NPC) Base Stats increased from 20 to 30
Minor Slug Heal Technique Range increased from 2 tiles to 45 tiles
Greater Slug Heal Technique Range increased from 2 tiles to 5 tiles
Large Clam (NPC) Range increased from 2 tiles to 9 tiles
Large Clam (NPC) can now cast Bubble Solution Spitting Technique
Wild Slashes (NPC) Cooldown Time decreased from 21s to 15s
Wild Slashes (NPC) Range increased from 4 tiles to 6 tiles
Wild Slashes (NPC) now applies Bleeding I
Wind Mask (NPC) now applies Slow I
Monkey King (NPC) Health decreased from 600 to 500
Stun Smash (NPC) Stun duration decreased from 3000ms to 2000ms
Fire, Poison, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water Puppet Summoning Cooldown decreased from 90s to 60s
Fire, Poison, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water Puppet Summoning CP Cost decreased from 100 CP to 60 CP
Fire, Poison, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water Puppet (NPC) can now Run

Weapon Mastery (Sword)
Shockwave Slash Technique CP cost increased from 15/15/15 to 20/20/20
Shockwave Slash Technique Cooldown Time decreased from 19/19/19s to 18/18/18s
Risky Blade Dance Technique range increased from reduced from 6 tiles to 5 tiles
Wild Slashes Technique CP cost increased from 30/30/28 to 37/37/35
Blade Piercing Technique CP cost increased from 20/20/20 to 30/30/30 
Blade Piercing Technique Bleeding Rank changed from I to III

Wild Slashes Technique Strength Requirement increased from 40 to 45
Blade Piercing Technique Strength Requirement increased from 35 to 40
Crescent Moon Beheading Technique Strength Requirement increased from 50 to 55
Dance of the Crescent Moon Technique Strength Requirement increased from 60 to 70
Shockwave Slash Technique Speed Increased by 20%

Wooden Katana Strength Requirement increased from 12 to 13
Wooden Katana Base Damage increased from 2 to 5
Broad Sword Base Damage increased from 6 to 8
Broad Sword Attack Speed increased from 1400ms to 1300ms
Butcher Sword Strength Requirement decreased from 40 to 33
Butcher Sword Base Damage increased from 12 to 15
Nikuya Strength Requirement decreased from 63 to 53
Nikuya Base damage increased from 17 to 24
Nikuya Attack Speed increased from 1500ms to 1300ms
Spiked Baseball Bat Base Damage increased from 24 to 30
Spiked Baseball Bat Attack Speed increased from 1800ms to 1700ms
Stylish Sword Base Damage increased from 22 to 26
Stylish Sword Attack Speed increased from 1500ms to 1400ms
Adamantine Staff Attack Speed decreased from 1400ms to 1500ms

Weapon Mastery (Tools)
Triple Explosive Tag Technique Cast Time increased from 1s to 2s
Shadow Shuriken Technique now interrupts
Shadow Shuriken Technique Cooldown Time increased from 22/21/21s to 27/26/26s
Exploding Spiked Ball Technique no longer interrupts
Exploding Spike Ball Technique Damage reduced from 39/39/40 to 37/37/38

Medical Mastery
(Experimental) Chakra Scalpel Technique Cast Time increased from 1s to 2s
(Revert) Chakra Scalpel Technique Buff Duration increased from 45s to 60s

Water (Int) Mastery
Water Prison Technique Snare Duration decreased from 3000ms/3500ms/3500ms to 3000ms across all ranks
Water Prison Technique now deals 15/16/17 Base Damage up from 15/15/15
Water Substitution Technique CP Cost increased from 30/30/26 to 32/32/30
Water Subtitution Technique Intellect Requirement increased from 40 to 45
Great Water Shark Technique Range decreased from 10/10/12 to 10/10/11

Gentle Fist
Palm Bottom Technique Strength scaling decreased from 60% to 33%
Mountain Crusher End Cast Time increased from 500ms to 800ms

Wind Mastery (Fan)
Slow III debuff duration decreased from 6s to 5s
Wind Mask Technique Cooldown Increased from 17/17/18 to 20/20/19
Wind Mask Technique Snare Duration reduced from 1.5s to 1.2s across all ranks

Fire Mastery
Dragon Fire Technique Intellect Requirement increased from 60 to 65
Great Fireball Technique Range increased from 12/15/15 to 14/15/15

Lightning Mastery

Lightning Spear Technique Damage increased from 29/29/30 to 32/32/33
Lightning Cutter Technique Damage increased from 38/38/39/39/40/40 to 40/40/41/41/42/42
Lightning Current Technique Damage increased from 18/18/19 to 22/22/23
Lightning Current Technique Stun Duration increased from 1s to 1.2s across all ranks

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