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    Player Safety A guide on how to protect yourself and your account!

    shh.pngKeep your login information to yourself

    Your password should be handled with care. If you are to share your password with people such as family or friends, you should take into consideration that any actions they do with your account are your responsibility. If those actions were to lead to any form of punishment, excuses would not be acceptable. Staff will never ask for your password. A common occurrence in online games is people tricking others into forfeiting their accounts and selling off their in-game belongings. Nobody expects to be betrayed that way, but it happens all too often!

    Use 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) to ensure that every time that Nin Online is accessed on a new device, it has to go through you! We suggest Google Authenticator.

    rip.pngBeware of scammers

    Many cyber criminals or petty thieves use the guise of selling virtual currency, items or accounts in exchange for real world currency. This is very often a scam. Never make a trade in Nin Online for something that cannot be guaranteed outside of the game.

    In most cases, Nin Online team will be able to help punish the scammer by de-activating the account. However, in a lot of cases, the account was created only to get your money/in-game currency (to sell for money).

    If you have been targeted in a scam, immediately contact the us via support and file a police report, a crime has been committed on you.

    gg.pngDo not give out personal information

    You should never give out your personal information to other players. This includes your address, social security number, or phone number. This is indicative of any online experience as your online security is yours to protect!

    If you are really worried about your online security, we suggest using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). These services mask your online history and IP Address so that others cannot track you.

    Nin Online adheres to our privacy policy, we only use your information for the purposes listed. However, we are not responsible for your identity being leaked through means outside our control. If you are being doxed by another player, report the player immediately.


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