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    • Aer

      "Anti Cheat Warning"

      By Aer, in Active,

      Whenever I open certain games or game launchers with the intention of playing them alongside Nin Online—usually while waiting for a blessing, Guard Duty, or Time Off III, I get false flags from whichever anti-cheat software Nin Online is using.
      Is this normal behavior—perhaps two anti-cheat software clashing or is this unintended?

    • Maj

      Toitsu Back Scroll

      By Maj, in Active,

      It looks like the Toitsu clan back scroll left animation is the same as the right direction when running. Including an animation of it below so you can see what I mean.  

    • Pogofishmage
      While the friend list is a nice feature, it fails to update correctly. Especially after playing for a while, it shows friends who are online as offline and it shows people who logged out already as still online. Some of them are displayed correctly, others are not correctly shown.
      The friendlist is able to update itself correctly when using the ,,Where"-function on an offline player who is wrongfully marked as online.
      Since I do not know when exactly the friend list starts to display players incorrectly, I can not give reproducing steps.

    • Pogofishmage
      When I walked outside of Sand Village through the north gate, I ended up finding myself south of the accessible map. A place that should be impossible to reach.

      Unfortunally I can not reproduce this bug exactly, but it did indeed happen twice already, so I will write down additional info of what I figured out and what exactly I did on my end:
      This missposition does only happen on the client-side. Other players will still see you at the correct tile inside the map. Trying to use Body Flicker to a nearby player will instantly crash the game without warning, without report, it just closes the game, trying to kill it before it lays eggs. I am completely unable to move at all while visually being outside of the map. The only way that seems to free myself is to relog or restart the game. So what I did before getting into that situation was walking from Sand's central main building towards North gate in a left-right zig-zag. So i basically entered the map-teleportation-tiles diagonally.
      If I find more infos, I will add onto this topic. If someone else has more to add on, feel free to post here.

    • Pogofishmage
      Nin Online has a function to send a Personal Message (PM) to one specific player that only the sender and the receiver can read. There are a number of ways to set another player as target of a PM, for example by right clicking him and press ,,PM" of clicking a player in your friend list and press ,,PM".
      However, there is also the function to manually enter a target for a PM in the chat field. While doing that, certain hotkeys are used while operating that message box. On the other side, menu-hotkeys seem to be not used.
      I could identify following actions from being usable while entering the name of a PM target into the box:
      move up move down move right move left pick up item meele attack charge chakra TL;DR: When entering a player name into the PM box, you will move, attack and pick up items, when the hotkey for that action is pressed, despite your cursor being inside the PM box.

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