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    • ilav
      I was doing a couple spars earlier and noticed that my hp bar was being reduced while not hit whenever sub was used
      This happend a couple times through the day (one time I died while my hp  bar wasn't totally drained)
      Both cases recorded one through stream clip on  twitch (Twitch clip shows the damage done by using sub)  https://www.twitch.tv/valipf/clip/CrispyBadDonkeyHumbleLife-r9kW8l19zP2OBWzQ
      Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp (2).mp4    

    • Mordekaiser

      Team Bug / Domain Bug

      By Mordekaiser, in Active,

      Hello Erox and Ueda
      I found these bugs. One of them is occurring frequently, which is the team bug, while the other (the video bug) occurs when pressing the Ninja panel and changing characters. It pops up the option to choose the mastery

    • David Hume

      i cant log in the game

      By David Hume, in Active,

      i was playing and i waent to the mape that in the right of snake but whene i entered in the map the screen went black and i cant do anything and i traid with my anthor alt and also the screen went black 

    • Boogeyman
      Sometimes I leave the dishes in the sink because I'm busy with something else. I know I'll get to them eventually and it doesn't seem like a big deal at the moment. However, everyone else who goes to the kitchen in the meantime is disgusted and might think badly of me.
      The same goes for the grammar on your quests and stories. You're not on BYOND anymore; there's no excuse to be lazy when there are so many tools available to enhance your writing. ChatGPT 3 and Grammarly are free and can help significantly.
      This might seem like a minor issue, but I believe it's like a scratch or a dent on a car—the art is more appreciated without these imperfections.
      Bottom line; have someone make sure the paint is polished and shiny so the car sells better.

    • Alkahex
      The title is a bit weird, but for example, a chair placed in a region that is higher than the ground before the update (like the sand chairs atop the northwest walls of the village, above cemetery), the sprites stay in place, but their sitting area are displaced by the amount of tiles that they are higher.
      Practically, you can see a chair, but you have to go up a few tiles to actually sit on it, same happens for counters, being passable but blocking players if you go a few tiles up

    • Rushi

      My account

      By Rushi, in Active,

      I played on the BR server, but I lost my account where there was a certain investment. I didn't have access to the transfer period due to my personal life. I'm interested in playing again, with my account that I had on the br server, thank you;

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