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  1. Seth


    Updated App Store link.
  2. Seth


    We've overhauled the gameplay and art.
  3. Sign-out on your browser and try again.
  4. Seth


    Big update coming to iOS, already live on Play Store. We're now live on the App Store!
  5. Seth


    We're now live on Play Store!
  6. Seth


    We've released an update! Updated the menu layout Added an updated music track - it's better sounding Music preloading is faster Use minimized JS for faster loading (only on the HTML5 website version) Updated loading icon Visit the Scirra Arcade if you want to play in an Arcade. Small changes. Remove login from Google
  7. It's probably your firewall.
  8. Seth


    Puzzle match 3 game with inspiration from Mario Paint. Experience, a game with a unique match 3 design that focuses on matching 3 blocks a time to get higher scores using combos. Use power-up to explode a column and row, and stack-up power-up to explode fast to clear levels with ease. Android Play Store Apple App Store Triast on the App Store (
  9. Seth


    Pirate Souls running on .NET 6.0!
  10. Seth


    Hi everyone, I'm making my own game studio called Treefly Games and partnering up with Diamond Soul who made Pirate Souls. My future game I am working on is called Azurami. If no one knows what Pirate Souls is, it is a game based on One Piece. Thank you for supporting our endeavors. More information about the game will become available next month. There's a lot of changes we're doing the old demo; as this game has been in development for a few years. If you want to show support for Azuami, just follow our Kickstarter page.
  11. Christianity practice is not racism, buddy. Many Islamic people believe that he was prophet to guide the Jewish people anyway, how is this racist when he was one of the prophets of Allah?
  12. Hello, I am Seth Jones ex-director of Nin Online. I used to be the co-creator of Nin Online helping @Ueda with the game programming and design with feedback and suggestions. Here's the updater we designed before we switched to PatchKit. It is open-source for the Nin Online community and my own portfolio. It is free to use for non-commercial reasons.
  13. Yeah I coded that client a lot, but I am glad we are finally moving away from Visual Basic 6. Visual Basic 6 uses C++, which is why we used it so long. Other than that, it was a terrible programming language.
  14. I'm interested in Pirate Souls, always liked souls as a kid.