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Added "Reset to Defaults" Keybinds Button in Keybinds Options Menu


Added preliminary Marriage System
Right now GMs can marry two players, but it does nothing but make the other player's name appear in your Ninja Menu.

(Admins Only) Allow admins to ignore item/jutsu requirements for testing

(GMs Only) GMs can now set player's ranks through Admin CP


Improved Debug NPC for "Seeker of Truth" Mission
If you have any issues with the mission, talk to the NPC next to the quest giver

Fixed Fan Damages

Fixed Summons/NPCs breaking substitutions despite not hitting target

Fixed paperdoll/item rendering order bug with robes + skull mask and more

Fixed a login error caused by somehow logging out while on a sliding tile

Fixed the following mapping/visual bugs

Fixed misspelling of again as "agian" once again
People keep thinking this is because the creator of this game is from Asia. But the funny thing is I'm not the one making the spelling mistakes, I've always been the one fixing them.

(Admins/GMs) Fixed setting your own eyes in the Admin CP crashing the client

(Admins/GMs) Added confirmation prompt for setting other players hair/eyes

(Admin/GMs) Invisible/Hiding/Cloaked Game Masters will now be invisible regardless of stats

(Backend) Server will now update the registry of servers of its version if its different

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Camera Button


Available on the screen all the time, you now have quick access to a button that will snap a screenshot in two styles instantly. You'll get a normal screenshot, and a Nin Online watermarked screenshot with the user interface hidden.

If you like what you took, you also have quick access to the screenshot's save location with the...

New "More" Menu


This new "More" menu will bring you to our ever increasing number of features in the future. Things you don't need instant access to all the time, such as your Cash Shop stash and links to social media.

New links include Discord, Twitter, News and opening your screenshot folder quickly.


Sadly, this update will only go live in a day or two because we've ran out of data with our patching software provider.

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Moved more of database to Cloud (MongoDB)

We've done more Cloud-ification! Over the past 2 years, we've gradually moved our game over to use more a modern technology stack. We've taken more steps today by moving the storage of the following data types to Cloud: Titles, Animations, Villages, Ranks, Emoticons, Missions, Npcs, Shops. This means the potential for APIs for these data.

Being in MongoDB also allows us to expand our data structures more easily as they are much more flexible in NoSQL.

Cloning Technique

I'm listing this as a new feature, instead of a bug fix, because we basically rewrote the entire system. Clones were initially implemented in Nin Online in 2013, but broke around 2018 and after years of trying to occasionally patch it up, we decided to finally just redo most of the code.

On top of what it used to do, it now supports up to 2000 clones per player. It's an arbitrary number, it could be more. Of course, we won't do that. But we could... but we won't.

These clones are illusion clones, so not Kage Bushin/Shadow Clones, but just clones to distract your enemy and make an escape or to make some time.

Clones used to move in 4 directions randomly each step. Now it will follow your direction, until you turn, then it will pick a new random direction. If it face plants a wall, it will change directions as well.

There's a lot more that was done in the background, but its too much to explain.

(Experimental) Jutsu that can destroy projectiles


Any projectile or AoE jutsu can now be made to destroy projectiles in it's way. There is also a setting for making it so the projectile only gets destroyed when it is weaker (less damage) than the other.

In the past, this was suggested and considered many times, but due to the performance of the server in the past, it would've been impossible.

The GIF above is taken at around 5ms ping on localhost. In a perfect world scenario, this would be what it looks like for everyone. Sadly, with latency, it's bound to look very different in real world scenario. Hence, this is marked as experimental for the time being.


(Experimental) Revolving Heavens Technique can now destroy projectiles

(Experimental) Wind Barrage Technique can now destroy projectiles

(Experimental) Combusting Vortex Technique can now destroy WEAKER projectiles


Improved server load times
Previously, server took about 25-30s to boot up. Got it down to 14s with MongoDB + Threading.


Improved server-side threading of AI Pathfinding

Reverted adding shadows to Player sprites on Login and Eye Changer screen as it was buggy, may return in the future

Fixed Tournament UI remaining on screen after tournament has ended

Fixed Currency Item Type being usable to play animations

Fixed collapsed UI sizing

Fixed Revive Animation being played at wrong location

Fixed Nuibari Description & removed unnecessary silence

Fixed using puppet summoning removing concealment

Fixed regression below

Fixed the following Visual Bugs


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End of May 2022 Balance Patch: Water (Int+Str) and Earth 

Greetings from the player balance team. Here is the balance patch for the next two masteries we reviewed. This patch caused even more debate than the Wind and Med patch. We want to continue to help flesh out strengths of weaker masteries like Bubble, which has been perceived as underpowered since it was added to the game. We continued the theme of nerfing instant cheese damage and cheap CC, even if it may remove some of the fun on some masteries. The balance of the game as a whole will benefit from nerfing these “S-Tier” jutsu. Also a bit of clean up to revert chakra scalpels after the failed instant cast + self stun experimental change.

Water (Bubble) Mastery

Soap Bubble Technique Cast Time increased from 0s to 1s across all ranks 
Great Soap Bubble Technique Cast Time increased from 0s to 1s across all ranks
Great Soap Bubble Technique CP cost increased from 18/18/16 to 32/32/30 
Great Soap Bubble Technique Projectile Range decreased from 10 to 8 tiles
Great Soap Bubble Technique Cooldown Time increase from 13/13/13s to 16/16/16s 
Great Soap Bubble Technique Projectile size changed from 1x1 to 3x3 tile 
Bubble Spray Technique Area of Effect changed from 3x4 tiles to 5x2 tiles (to match art)
Bubble Spray Technique Cooldown Time increased from 16/16/16s to 18/18/18s
Bubble Clone Technique Cast Time decreased from 2s to 1s stand cast across all ranks
Bubble Clone Technique Cooldown Time decreased from 60/60/60s to 30/30/30s 
Bubble Clone Technique Casts to level decreased from 2000/2500 to 1000/1250
Bubble Clone NPC Duration decreased from 20/20/20s to 10/10/10s 
Bubble Clone NPC Melee decreased from 252 to 30 (total damage) per attack at all ranks 
Bubble Clone NPC Attack Speed increased from 5000/5000/2415ms to 2000/2000/2000ms 
Bubble Clone NPC Health increased from 50/70/80 to 80/90/100 
Bubble Clone NPC can now run (from mob AI fix) 
Bubble Clone NPC can no longer use Body Flicker Technique
Great Bubble Shark Technique Cast Time decreased from 3s to 2s across all ranks 
Great Bubble Shark Technique range decreased from 15/15/15 tiles to 12/12/12 tiles 
Great Bubble Shark Technique no longer pierces
Great Bubble Shark Technique is now an exploding projectile 
Great Bubble Shark Technique Chakra cost 30/30/30 -> 45/45/45
Great Bubble Shark Technique Base Damage (impact hit) decreased from 38/38/39 to 25/25/26   
(NEW) Great Bubble Shark Explosion: 5x5 tile AoE hits for 40/40/41 base damage
Reverted Pipe Melee damage back to correct damage values
Seathorn Pipe now inflicts Poison I instead of Poison II

Water (Int) Mastery

Water Prison Technique range decreased from 8/8/9 tiles to 8/8/8 tiles 
Great Water Shark Technique Cast Time changed from 1s stand cast to 1s walk cast 
Great Water Shark Technique Base Damage 30/32/32 -> 38/40/40 

Earth Mastery

Earth Pillar Technique Cooldown Time increased from 16/16/15s to 18/18/17s 
Great Earth Prison Technique Radius Range decreased from 8 to 7 across all ranks 
Great Earth Prison Technique Snare Duration reduced from 4.5/4.5/5 to 3.5/3.5/4  
Great Earth Prison Technique CP Cost reduced from 50/50/50 to 48/48/48
Great Earth Prison Technique Cooldown time increased from 18/18/18s to 20/20/20s 
Mud River Technique CP Cost reduced from 30/30/28 to 28/28/28
Earth Wall Technique CP Cost changed from 30/27/24 to 28/28/28
Earth Wall technique Cast Time increased from 0s to 1s run cast 
Earth Wall technique Self-stun reduced from 1000ms to 0ms 

Leftovers and clean-up from Previous Patch Cycle

Chakra Scalpel Technique Cast time changed from instant cast to 1s stand cast 
Chakra Scalpel Technique 1000ms self stun removed from the end of its cast

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Own clones are now translucent so you don't get confused yourself
The clones were sometimes too convincing, tricking yourself.

Quick login character will be removed if "Unauthorized" message appears
Receiving this message means that the token has for some reason become invalid. This can happen due to changing passwords or getting banned and unbanned. The quick login character remaining in the UI would confuse some people.

Server time will now be consistent when it is restarted
Ninja Time will now respect real world time and be synced to the server's time zone. Ninja Time passes 4x quicker than real world time. So within the span of 1 real world day, it will pass 4 Ninja Days.


Fixed bug where Damage Over Time (Debuff) would set the target for the Attacker back to the Victim constantly


Fixed Damage Over Times not playing the right animation on Players

Fixed clones causing server to hang due to rare threading issue

Fixed clones not being destroyed by Jutsu

Fixed bug where character sprites would bake in the wrong direction occasionally

Fixed bug where some map names were cut of by one alphabet in the Minimap (eg. Leaf Villag)

(GMs/Admins) Fixed bug that stopped Buffs (eg. Substitution Technique) from being cast on self when Invincibility Buff is active



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Exploding NPCs/Mobs/Summons


NPCs and Mobs can now be set to explode, casting a Jutsu, when they either collide with their target or a wall, as well as when they are killed. This can be used for example to make Bubble Clones explode when they reach their target, or make an bomb creature that has to be fought from a distance.



Seasonal graphics used to be done manually, we'd push an update when we wanted to make the world snow, with modified graphics. This was too unsustainable, so we hadn't had the time to do it the past few years.

The game's world will now change visually based on the time of the year (real world time). We can set this manually for fun, but we plan to keep it on a yearly loop. Eg. It'll be Winter from November to January.

Added Clan Requirement Setting to Maps


Previously, we added native functionality for checking Levels, Access, Ranks, Village before letting a player enter the map. This was done for years through Events (Custom Visual Script) that had to be made per portal and ignored PvP Timer aka. Map Lock. The last thing we didn't have was Clan Requirements. So we can now start making Clan entrances use the PvP Timer.

Clones improvements


Clones are now more indistinguishable from Players. They can now be targeted like any normal player, and the target window will appear like a real player. There are still a few more places to work on this.


Furniture that are binded items will now be sent back to original owner if a co-owner picks it up

Fixed Clones being exploitable to go through walls

Fixed Clones technique remaining active even though all clones are killed

Added "Clear Mapcache" button in Options Menu

Clan Houses now respect PvP Timer/Map Lock

Fixed the following bugs

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Hair Y-Masking Feature

This allows us to hide hair under wide hats like Bamboo Hats. This only works in the scenario where we want to show everything below a certain vertical position on the hair sprite.

image.png This also lets use keep beards in some cases for these hats

Edit: Since the above feature was added, a new patch has rolled out that further improves it. Previously it would cut the hair off at a Y position, consistent across animation frames (eg. Walking, Running). Now it takes into consideration the animation frames and applies the Y-Offset based on the position of the head.

Added Intensity Slider for Hairs


We've added an intensity slider to Rainbow Hair Dye. This allows you to reach stronger more saturated colors than before.


Changed out of combat regen timer lock from 5s to 7.5s


Improvements (fixes & optimizations) to Exploding NPCs/Mobs
(Admin Only) Fixed Animation Editor not saving animation 1
(Admin Only) Fixed bug causing Jutsu Editor to save Battle Injuries without the art

Resolved the following reported issues

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(GM/Admin) Added support for Private Events/Tournaments

(GM/Admin) Added GM Event and Tournament Hosting Panel


This used to have to be done all by text commands. Eg. /tournament host 3v3 2 4 30 1, /eventbroadcast 3v3 message etc.

(More backend stuff people won't be interested in) Added coroutine functionality to client and server

Improved Camera button to never take non-integer zoom (wrongly scaled) screenshots

image.png None of this janky stuff

Our goal with the camera system is to make it take a great picture every snap. Then we can hold nice screenshot competitions without 90% of the entries being rejected.

(Admin) Server is now tracking packets sent so we can find out what packets are being spammed


Fixed the following reported bugs


Temporarily reverted seasons change to fix crashing

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Player Mail

This took a bit longer than expected, we could've launched this awhile back but there were some things holding us back. Firstly, previously we had @TheWolfbuilt 2 UI Systems but they never had great text editing functionality, which would be a huge deal with something like this where you're trying to write content.

You can now also attach items to the mail and send it. There is a small Ryo surcharge/delivery fee for each item sent.

(Backend) ImGui UI Library


(GMs) Fixed Event Hosting Panel bug where registration time inputs were clashing

(Admins) Fixed a crash with Event Editor

Fixed the following reported issues





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Added more camera controls for Dialogues

Camera will now move to the event/npc/player that is currently talking. This is so we can do scenes where it's highlighting different events talking.

However, this will come with a ton of camera issues with different dialogues that were made in the past, namely the ones that display the wrong names. If you find these, please submit a bug report here.

GM sending mail and items within them is now announced to the whole server (for accountability)

Animated Furniture (Placeable Objects)
We can now add animated furniture

(Admin Only) When admin/developers login they are now automatically invincible
As much fun as it was to find myself in the hospital whenever I AFK'd, sometimes I login and I'm making map edits and players start attacking me, and if I die I lose those changes. GMs are still open season!


Fixed slug summon not healing its owners due to village checks

(Hopefully) Fixed map change (actually map baking) crash
My theory is that when I fixed another bug which was causing textures to never unload from memory, the tilesets started unloading which in turn caused map baking to fail.

(Hopefully) Fixed the following team bug

Improved Player Baking

Removed Remember Me & Username options in Settings file (Deprecated)

Fixed sending mail base pricing displaying 50 ryo when it was actually 20 ryo

Disabled Title new UI test for now

Fixed the follow reported bugs

Fixed Summoning Toad in Sand camera and name being wrong

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New Player Right Click Menu / In-game Profile


The new profile replace the right-click menu that would appear when you hovered and right clicked on a player. It was very hard to use as the moment your mouse left the small rectangle, it would close it. The buttons were also very small and didn't give any information about the player.

The new right click menu also doubles as a GM tool for applying mutes (of variable duration), banning, warning and kicking the player. These options only appear for GMs.

Update: Since this was added, a patch has gone live (optional) that allows you to open your own profile by right clicking yourself.

Fame System


This is a system inspired by Maplestory, I say inspired, but it's basically the same 1:1. Once you are level 15, you may increase or decrease a player's Fame (ie. Reputation Score) once a month. You can do this for 3 players a day.

The Fame will appear in the Player's Right Click Menu / Profile, and represent the rapport or infamy of the player.


Blessing Panel moved to new UI System

Moved Blessings Panel over to new UI to benefit from better text editing functionality. All new UI made with the new UI system will include text input features like Multi-select (Selecting with your mouse cursor), Clipboard, Undo/Redo.


Fixed waiting times for certain warps (like Mist Ship Ride) not allowing you to regain full control of your character

Substitution & Traps fix

Fixed bug that could cause the client to crash when switching between characters

Fixed visual bug where weapons would pop in over the player


Brought back seasons feature
We had to code in a new method of loading in textures on the fly without causing issues, so it took awhile.

Fixed the following reported bugs



Fixed furniture being invisible

(Admin Only) Fixed furniture rendering in editor

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Fixed NPC/Mob/Boss AoE Range
This has been a known issue for a long long time now, NPC AoE ranges have been very off, they would often attack you from the wrong direction or wrong distance. This is now resolved.

Another attempt at fixing substitutions
This time, it should really work. It should also now take into consideration if the enemy/attacker is too far away, it will both destroy the original projectile/trap and place the player at a new position around the location of the attack/projectile/trap rather than on the same spot.

Fixed an insecurity that would've potentially allowed hackers to add their own fame

Fixed Monkey King and Dark Monkey kid graphics having white lines at the side when selected

Right click menu / Player Info UI will now take concealment into consideration

Fixed Cursed Cave (2F) having black tiles at the right most part of the map

Rephrased an error message in Mail Sending UI


Fixed the following miscellaneous bug reports

This following has been fixed since the last update, it was invisible furniture there. This bug has been fixed as well as another bug where the furniture would be invisible on your login map. Before you could see the furniture on that map, you'd have to leave and re-enter it.

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Friend System 2.0

We've launched a new Friend system that works more properly. The old friend system just allowed you to add anyone to track their online status, level and rank. This new friend system has these added functionality...

  • Friend Requests
  • You can add/accept/remove/decline friends when they are offline
  • Sorts by Online Status
  • "Profile" Button opens their Ninja Profile
  • "Where" Button finds out where they are in the game world at the moment
  • Double-click to quickly Personal Message (PM)

Friend Chat

You can type /f <msg> to send a message to all your friends!

Blocked/Ignore List

This update also has an additional feature which is the "Blocked" tab on the Friends window (which is in the midst of being rebranded as a Socials window). Previously, to block a player you had to type /ignore name to block them and then remember if you've blocked that person manually.

New icon for Tournament Invites



Fixed a bug that allowed users to right-click transformed or cloaked users to get their names

Added sounds to new UI windows (opening/closing)

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Added Social Settings


Turn on and off the following options. Sometimes you want to be the one sending the requests, maybe you're just that popular, your fame is 9000 and you only make friends when you decide. Maybe you want to hide your online status or hide your location because you're in a secret organization. There you go!

Rate Limiter for sending friend requests
You can't spam friend requests as much anymore.

Improved transformation technique
More accurately copy the target's details including title and title color.  The only thing it doesn't copy now is the name color as that represents the access color of the target. This might change in the future but has been avoided for security reasons in the past (when you could transform into GMs/Admins).


(Backend) Moved new friend system to use concurrent dictionaries instead of dictionaries
Replaced term Buddy with Friend in the frontend of the Friend system

This was used to differentiate code between the old and new systems while the old friend system code was still present in the codebase.
Fixed bug that allowed players to send friend requests to empty name
Fixed crashes related to right clicking a transformed player under certain scenarios

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Item Packs

We can now create bundles of items as a single item that open when you use the item. An example use of this would be a box containing 5x Blank Scrolls, 2x Blood Pills, 10x Chakra Pills etc.


Fixed "Friend has come online!" and "Friend has went offline!" messages

Updated Bingo Book Layouts

It now says "Corps" instead of "Organization".
Displays Fame of the selected Bounty
Removed the "Today" text that was redundant
Moved village symbol next to the player name instead of on the right.

(Hopefully) Fixed a crash with very old graphics cards not supporting OpenGL debug information call incompatibility

Fixed the following reported issues


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Reworked Buff Durations
There's now settings to make a buff last forever, including past logging out and relogging in, and past death. There's now options to make them disappear on Death and on Logout.

Added an option for Jutsu to apply Buffs/Debuffs
Previously, they were done very hackily and led to many issues. This should resolve bugs where NPC DoTs happen to you despite the attack not landing.

Kage Menu


Previously, Kage menu was very bad. I don't know how else to describe it. It's been improved a lot, along with text editors for Village Message of the Day and Village Orders instead of requiring it to be typed into chatbox with commands.


Kage will also have a button display for them at the bottom right of the screen to easily open the menu anytime. Previously this was done with "/kage".

(Admin Only) Map Editor Improvements

I know players will never see this, so I just made videos to showcase it. These are very normal things to have in map editors, we just never had them till now.


Undo/Redo (Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y)

Most people don't know this, but Nin Online's map editor did not have a Undo/Redo (Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y) until today. Whenever we made a mistake, we either had to redo the whole edit or manually fix it.

Flood Fill / Flood Clear Tool
Ctrl + Click now fills like a paint bucket tool. In the past, when we wanted to make a large map all water for example, or all the black parts of a map unwalkable, we'd have to manually put water tiles or blocked attributes on each position.

Tile placement preview
A preview of the tiles you're about to place is rendered where your cursor is now.

Improved display of Attributes

Better display of Block Attributes, Spawn Attributes, Map Warp Attributes, Shop Attributes and more..


(Admin Only) Fixed Map Editor Attributes Text Display (previously all cut off)
(Admin Only) Fixed Map Editor Clear Layer and Fill Layer Buttons

Made "You have received mail!" message cyan to not look like an error (it was previously red)

Fixed a potential bug where if NPCs had more than 8 DoTs/HoTs/Buffs/Debuffs, they would not be affected by them

Fixed Map Directional Blocks
They were not taking into consideration diagonal movement. This would require hacky fixes from us or for us to fix things like...

Fixed NPC AoEs not taking into consider size of enemy NPC Hitbox
For example, if an NPC was 10x10, the AoE would've needed to hit the center of the enemy for it to register.

Fixed NPC AoEs (Including Bubble Clone Explosion) only hitting its target with it's AoE

Fixed a bug that would cause certain DoTs/HoTs/Buffs/Debuffs to last longer for NPCs than Players

Added Green War Armor Female Art

Added features to fix this


Forgot to add this to last patch note

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New Chatbox

 The new and improved chatbox comes with not just 1 adjustable size... but infinite, you can now even have a fullscreen chatbox if you'd like, or hide it all.

The new chatbox comes with support for

  • Undo/Redo
  • Clipboard/Copy + Paste
  • Text Wrapping based on chatbox width
  • Channel Name Tooltips
  • The old left command box is now replaced with a dropdown menu
  • Proper scrollwheel
  • (GMs Only) Quick access to admin, broadcast, global channels

On top of that, the old feature of using Up and Down Arrow Keys for navigating past sent messages and commands is now improved to not save repeats.

The reason I prioritized replacing this UI is because a large amount of typing is done here and the old input system had an issue where it would often miss key presses. This was very annoying.

More improvements to Right-click menu
Now handles Friend status better, improved sizing of buttons.

Trade Requests & Party Invite Reworked


Trade Requests and Party Invites are now dealt with as Notifications rather than the old method of showing them under the chatbox


Optimized Game Rendering when Zoomed in
Previously, the game still rendered characters, jutsu, NPCs off your screen when you were zoomed in because it used your full resolution. It will now use your adjusted resolution after zooming.

Fixed Shadow Positions for Large NPCs

Optimized Gafuki Artwork and fixed his name displaying far from him

Added Male Sprite for Blue Winter Jacket that was missing

(Admin Only) Map Editor clearing tiles is now undoable

Fixed the following misc. bug reports

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Chatbox Improvements & Fixes

Tab now quickly opens Player Name Input Box
Fixed crash caused by typing certain characters in Chatbox
Fixed PM/Private Messaging
Escape key now escapes from Player Name Input box
Pressing Enter to return to hospital no longer triggers chatbox
Shop window amount input no longer triggers chatbox

Fixed PvP Button not changing between Red/Grey states (Regression)

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New Preliminary In-game Rank System
We're moving as much of the rank system to not require Admins to add the ranks to players manually.

Preliminary Automated Chunin Exam
We're working on an automated chunin exam event.

Added "Force Say" command to allow admins to force players to send text or commands (for debugging)

(Hopefully) Fixed a bug causing NPCs to lose Aggro for minutes on end

Fixed an instance map threading error

Add Exile Date to Pardon warning message


Fixed and Improved Kage Menu Ninja List
Will now only receive ninja from own village

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