• Refund Policy

    We only offer refunds for up to 24 hours after purchase.

    • Money back if you send in a request up to 24 hours after purchase.
    • All purchases after that are non-refundable or exchangeable.
    • By default, all refund requests will be processed to Ninja Credit, this is to ensure neither party gets hit with loss of funds due to transaction fees. However, if you would like to get your refund back through your original payment method (eg. PayPal), specify so in your request. Note that there might be transaction fees deducted by the payment method provider.
    • You may not refund items that cause permanent effects upon use eg. Hairstyles, Stat Resets, World Blessings.

    How to request for a refund

    • The time at which you made the transaction does not exceed 24 hours.
    • You may only ask for a refund once every 30 days, and we may choose to not allow you to use our Cash Shop any longer.
    • You must send your request as a ticket using Support within the transaction limit and not make a topic about it. As long as the request is made within the 24 hours, we will honor the refund, although it may take awhile to get to you.
    • The department should be set as Refunds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I need to wait for a refund?

    Please understand that Nin Online does not have a dedicated support team and refunds are handled directly by the lead developer @Ueda at the moment. As such, refunds may take a long time (up to a month) to process.

    I am quitting the game, can I have a refund of everything?

    Choosing to quit the game does not entitle you to a refund, however, under special circumstances we may choose to refund players very recent purchases.
    Before you purchase anything from the cash shop (on registering for a Nin Online account) you agree to our Terms of Services. All digital goods purchased through our cash shop are legally binding agreements that you have forfeited the currency (price of item) in exchange for the digital goods provided upon the honoring of the digital goods being added to your account. Over the years, there have been players who have felt frauded that once they quit the game, they do not get money that they have spent on Nin Online back. We would like to take this opportunity to clear up any confusion that purchasing digital goods in Nin Online is lending us your money in exchange for permanent items, consumables, gift cards etc. in your account. This is not the case, you are making a purchase - just as you cannot ask for the money back from a restaurant, bar, hair salon for services rendered to you, and just as you cannot return your used rice cooker 2 years after purchasing it, past it's refund policy - you cannot do that in Nin Online (or any online game).