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      Kudos for putting together a leveling guide video. It's fantastic to see players like you sharing their knowledge and helping out fellow gamers in the Leaf Academy community.I'll definitely give your video a watch. It's always good to have a well-crafted guide to help streamline the leveling process in NinOnline.Oh, and speaking of video stuff, if you ever want to kick your editing skills up a notch, especially if you're a Mac user like myself, you might want to check out Movavi Video Editor for Mac. It's got some slick features that can add some extra flair to your content. You can explore it here: https://www.movavi.com/mac-video-editor/
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      Haha silly little noob ninja still doesn't understand how the world works haha truly harassing, get some milk and maybe you can do what you dream ! haha silly ninja
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      Oh hey Oriax, it's Chi Chi. The same player you spam killed 5 years ago back in 2018 because of how much of a scumbag player you are. I will make your experience in this game a nightmare just like how you did all those years ago for me. You made me reset my full level 50 account because i was never able to leave the hospital without you or your friends making my life in this game miserable. I remember when i reset my account you were standing right outside of Sand hospital waiting for me and killing me over and over and over untill the point i deleted the game. I'll never forget you and when i see you in the game i will kill you. 
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      Happy to see posts about summons. Supporting all summon balance/rework suggestions!
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      September 2023 Promotions Leaf Village Jonin: @Stampede @JunoMCZ @Syrust Chunin: @Sakura Hinode @Elite Arashi @Gojo @vanfire Specialized Jonin: @Blitzed Exemplary mastery of Lightning Techniques Sand Village Jonin: @Treacherous Chunin: @Chen Zhen @RICARDO MILOS @steficy   Mist Village Jonin: @Killer Beef Chunin: @Kozetsu @Xilk @Nertu