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Better looking Damage messages
Damage dealt by you will now be orange so you can tell what is dealt to you vs. what you deal to enemies easily.
Also improved the animation to add some randomness to the direction it moves to prevent the damage all stacking on the same position, and being unable to make them out.


Mostly finished up Automated Chunin Exam now...!
Be prepared!

Options Menu redone in New UI System

With much better keybinds layout & tooltips for all options

Mailbox & Sending Mail merged into one UI

Mailbox is redone in new UI, works a lot faster, not as big of a delay when opening it anymore.

Added "Mute Sound" and "Mute Music" buttons in options menu to temporarily disable them while still keeping your favorite volume levels


Added a little text shadow to make reading chatbox text easier


Moved Run Indicator to new UI system, moved position
It was previously obscured by the new "More" button

(Admin Only) Added feature to completely take control of an online player

(GM/Admin) Shift + Right-click Minimap to Warp to that point on the map



(Admin Only) Improved admin warp
Now reflects instantaneously locally first

Prevent Friends & Trade notifications from being spammed
It will now only display one trade request from the player, and only allow it to be bumped when the old notification "on screen" timer has ended.

Also added a rate limit for sending Party & Trade requests.

Removed old method of text wrapping for fixed width chatbox
All kinds of messages will now be displayed with fluid width

Friends are now removed when you reset your character so they cannot be abused

Fixed Mailbox not claiming from newest entry when clicking "Claim All Items" button

Fixed Events, Shops, Drop Item Choices opening Chatbox Input (when hitting enter)

Fixed pressing up and down on chatbox to get old messages exiting the chatbox

Fixed not being able to remove a player from PM

Fixed slugs not healing when player is in a Team


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Added /debug option for players to help debug NPCs which lose aggro
If you experience the issue where NPCs lose aggro, please record a video with "/debug" enabled


Misc Fixes

Fixed Player Sprites not rebaking when only difference is hair color intensity



Fixed previously broken "/r" feature
If you type "/r <message>" you will send a reply to the last person who PMed you

Changed default chatbox size (for new installations) to be around the same as old chatbox

Added tabbing out of PM Player Input box
Previously, you could tab in, but had to press enter to enter it. Tabbing back out now works.

Fixed the slight jerk that happened when you hit enter to enter chat mode

PM Player Input now keeps the name of the last person you PMed



Optimizations to Friends UI
Threaded operations that require API calls to the forum. Sending requests and removing offline players as friends should no longer momentarily freeze the client.


Player Right Click Menu

Fixed the sizing of the "Unblock" button on right click menu



Fixed mailbox causing a client hang if you have no mail

Esc Key to close Mailbox UI now works


Run Indicator

Moved HUD to render behind other new UI by default

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We're currently in the midst of trying to clean up the client of UI systems. We've added 3 UI systems in the past 2 years in an attempt to get one that will finally replace all the UI systems eventually. (UI means User Interface) Right now there's a total of 6 UI systems present in the engine, and we need to clean it up and move them all to a unified system.

Moved Esc Menu to new UI System
Added a smooth fade in/out of the darkened background

Moved Cutscene Screen Flash effect to new UI System
Added a smooth fade out of the white flash making it less glaring on the eyes

New Report Player window with new UI System

Moved login screen network status text to new UI System


Fixed using /r Emoticon

Fixed some UI elements remaining on screen while changing maps

(Hopefully) Fixed UI sometimes becoming un-interactable for no apparent reason

Fixed Chatbox being above Escape Menu

Fixed FPS cap options (multiple options were displaying as 120 FPS)

Made fake weather / disabled weather texture render in the correct order (Behind all UI)

Fixed the following misc. bug reports



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Player Clans now display as an Icon beside the player's name instead of text


Displaying the text could be confusing at times, not sure whether the player is named "Ueda" or "Hayashi Ueda" for example. This would complicate things like PMing individuals.

Max Piercing for Projectile Jutsu
We can now make it so certain jutsu only pierces X amount of times before being destroyed on the next hit target. For example, we can make Lightning Senbon pierce once.


Eg. This is a projectile that pierces 2 people.

Equipment can now have lighting effects
We can now add items that when worn, glow and light up the surrounding area.

GIF 6-27-2022 11-45-25 PM.gif

Furniture can now have lighting effects
We can now add furniture that can light up the surrounding areas. Eg. Street lamps, fireplaces, lanterns.

GIF 6-27-2022 11-43-24 PM.gif

Added Keybinds for World Map and Minimap Toggle
By default the keybinds are "]" Right Bracket and "\" Backslash

Moved Tournament Scoreboard to new UI system
Also added scrolling for when there's a large tournament. Previously, it would cut off.



Added more debug information for NPCs on /debug so players can help us with solving the enemy aggro bug

Fixed PvP Mode sometimes changing for no reason

Fixed Hover & Click effect of Mission Log shortcut button

Fixed Tab going back into Chatbox unintentionally

Fixed bug where players would sometimes be stuck in Leaf Academy Classroom


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“Greetings from the player balance team. This patch will cover the next two masteries, Fire and both Weapon Master paths. With the addition of the projectile destruction mechanic, Int Weapon Master now has a very glaring weakness in that its 3 trap projectile jutsus can be destroyed once cast. To compensate for this, Int Weapon Master scaling is being increased with base damage adjustments. Dragon Fire’s damage potential from multi-hit 60% Int scaling Dragon Combo is being reduced so it’s slightly less oppressive. In the future, Str Weapon Master jutsus will receive an update at the same time their weapons are addressed. The focus of Str Weapon Master mastery will continue to be with the swords themselves. The next patch in July will focus on the Taijutsu, Gentle Fist, and Lightning masteries.”

Developer Note: This is still only the first part of changes from the balance team for these masteries/playstyles. This contains the approved changes, as some of the changes are yet to be finalized.

June 2022 Balance Patch: Fire and Weapon Master (Int+Str)

Fire Mastery

Big Flame Bullet Technique CP Cost increased from 20/20/20 to 30/30/30
Combusting Vortex Technique CP Cost decreased from 45/40/40 to 40/35/35
Combusting Vortex Technique no longer stuns
Combusting Vortex Technique now interrupts
Combusting Vortex Technique End Cast Time decreased from 1.2s/1.1s/1.1s to 0.6s/0.5s/0.5s
Rank 3 Combusting Vortex Technique AoE radius increased from 5x5 to 7x7
Combusting Vortex Technique Burn DoT Rank changed from 2/2/2 to 2/2/3
Dragon Fire Technique Base Damage decreased from 40/40/41 to 34/34/35
Dragon Fire Combo Intellect Scaling decreased from 60% to 33%

Weapon Mastery (Tools)

Explosive Kunai Technique Base Damage decreased from 20/20/24 to 10/10/12
Kunai Explosion Base Damage decreased from 22 to 11
Great Explosive Kunai Technique Base Damage decreased from 24/28/28 to 12/14/14 
Big Kunai Explosion Base Damage decreased from 24 to 12
Shadow Shuriken Technique no longer silences
Kunai Explosion Intellect Scaling increased from 60% to 75%
Big Kunai Explosion Intellect Scaling increased from 60% to 75%
Triple Explosive Tag Technique Intellect Scaling increased from 60% to 75%
Shadow Shuriken Technique Intellect Scaling increased from 60% to 75%
Hidden Explosive Tag Technique Intellect Scaling increased from 60% to 75%
Exploding Spiked Ball Technique Intellect Scaling increased from 60% to 75%
Bear Trap Technique Intellect Scaling increased from 60% to 75%

Weapon Mastery (Swords)

Shockwave Slash Technique Projectile Hitbox changed from 1x1 to 3x1 to match animation
-More changes are coming to WM

Wind (Fan) Mastery

Wind Barrage Technique no longer destroys projectiles
Wind Mask Technique now destroys all projectiles

Water (Bubble) Mastery

Soap Explosion Technique now destroys weaker projectiles

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(Admin/GMs) Moved /mapreport UI to new UI System

(Admin Only) Can X/Y Offset negatives in Item Editor Light position

Esc to escape PM Name Input dialogue brings you back to chat

Lamps and Furniture that should be lighted now have lighting!



Equipment lighting now properly hides with cloak of invisibility

Fixed backspace on Drop/Buy/Sell X amount input dialogues

Fixed Tab still going between game and chat in some cases

Fixed Normal (Default) Black Eyes being Purple

Fixed Eye selection on character creation

Fixed Mission Log still acting as though it is visible when its not (when hovering items)

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Instance Map Warps

We now have a way to warp players into 3 kinds of instances...

  • Solo Instances
  • Team Instances
  • Team Instances with Auto Warp (Brings whole team on entrance map in automatically)

This has been a long time coming, but we've had instances in the engine for awhile. Now we can use this for boss maps and in the future, full dungeons.

(Admin/GMs) Most /commands can now use "Brackets" to enclose names or strings with spaces in them
Previously, we couldn't warp to a player with numerical names. This solves that and also allows us to write cleaner commands in the future.

(Admin/GMs) /mapreport now focuses on search bar by default, and Enter warps to the first search result


NPC Aggro Bug Fixed

90% sure that it's fixed for good now. Took about 20 hours to solve this yesterday, honestly we received so much misinformation about this bug that it led me to a lot of wrong assumptions and rabbit holes that just made solving this harder. The hardest part about this bug was that it was no replicable on a local/test server, so I had to come up with methods to debug on the live server.

Re-added NPC Logic Threading and A*Star Pathfinding that was previously disabled to test for this

Fixed a bug where  NPC's Projectile collision was being checked on projectile caster

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New Mission Log


This was a priority because we needed to expand the mission log to support more missions as players were getting their mission log full and this caused you to be unable to complete missions.

When we first designed the quest log, we never saw the day players would have more than 10 missions at a time, so we didn't think we'd need a scroll bar.

This solves this issue as well as makes the Mission Log more useful with the Mission Tracker!

Mission Tracker Feature
This is still in testing, we may make it save in the future, right now you have to set it up each login by entering the mission menu and pressing the "Start Tracking" button.

Better Item Hovers on New UI like Send Mail
You'll now see the Item Description in a very similar way to the Old UI system when you hover items in the Send Mail interface.

Map Maximum Level Requirement
Map can now be set to include a level range that's acceptable eg. a map that only Level 10-20 can enter


Fixed hard lock bug
Fixed bug where if you logged off in an Instance Map with an Equipment that has a Jutsu (eg. Concealment) it would hard lock your account

Fixed the following misc. issues

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Mission Log (and Tracker) can now display task statuses


Until now, the Mission Objectives could only be displayed as one line objectives with limited functionality besides a single simple instruction. Now it can display multiple objectives as well as automatically mark each task as complete when you've achieved the task.

Other Improvements to Mission Log (and Tracker)

Added small text shadow to mission tracker and improved styling
Added individual "Stop tracking" buttons next to each mission in the mission tracker

Emoticons Menu


This menu is available by clicking the button on the chatbox. It will open up a window that allows you to quickly select an emoticon. If you hover over an emoticon, it will also teach you the /command for it.

(Admin Only) Added editor functionality to quickly start and abandon missions


When an admin debugs a player's variables live, it will now update the player

Fixed Clam Summon mist AoE attack not displaying animations when attacking other NPCs

Fixed WarpTo Jutsu (eg. Seismic Dash Technique and Body Flicker Technique) range and not moving you to the front of the enemy

Fixed NPCs attacking cloaked players

Fixed abandoning daily missions potentially abandoning the wrong mission

Fixed the following misc. issues

(GMs Only) Fixed /mapreport crash

(GMs Only) Improved /mapreport to not go back into search each time you change maps

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Improved styling of the Mission Tracker
Slightly more transparent background, slight border


Fixed shadow in textbox text somethings wrapping wrongly

Fixed mission logs sometimes having double entries (causing missions log to not load completely)

(Structural changes) Server data types moved from modTypes to Type classes

Fixed the following chatbox related bugs

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Important Notice

In the latest update, we planned to launch a rework to HP Regeneration, this included making it so it was no longer linked to Chakra. Instead, it became a flat 30 seconds, but food items (with cast times) would get rid of that time completely. But unfortunately, the feature is incomplete at the moment and we failed to launch it. We'll try to get it out tomorrow, but for the time being Regen is back to 30s, same as it was before the HP Regen change a few months ago.

Also, sitting down and laying down on beds will speed up the horizon of the "Rested" state where you can regenerate health. This includes player furniture.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Medics going to be more useful for today!

Mission Tracker now saves between game launches

This is a client-side save, if you change between PCs, it will not transfer over. I think this is it for the mission tracker for now.

Nin Online In-game Guidebook (Work In Progress)


On the ESC Menu, there is now a button that opens the "Game Guide". You also will be informed that you can open a relevant article based on where you are in your leveling journey sometimes.

Added support for loading GIFs into Nin Online UI
For now this was added for the Guidebook UI, but who knows what we'll need it for in the future. Maybe Jutsu/Mastery previews?!

"Learn More" type notifications & more kinds of notifications
Added support for a new kind of notification response and new icons for different kinds of notifications. For example, Mail notifications now have a mail/letter/envelope icon on it.

Notifications when you reach level 10
You will also get a notification when you reach level 10 that your stats have been reset and another informing you that you can get your first mastery. Pressing "Learn More" will bring you to your Ninja Menu and the guide book entry of Masteries respectively.

Improved UI styling
Most importantly, removed the ugly brown tint on the inner frames



Fixed Mobs spawning in wall on Iron City, West Desert Valley, Sand Hive Grounds

Fixed some major bugs with mission tracker and mission log that could cause Missions to wrongfully add twice or wrong mission to disappear

Removed repeated, not working Emoticons from Emoticon Menu (when there was multiple /commands that called it)



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New Health Regeneration & Food Rework


We've reverted the "health regeneration relying on Chakra Points being full" update along with speeding it up from 30s to 8s before the onset of regeneration. We've completed reworked it to now be a lot more accessible and visual.

When you attack or go into any combat, you enter "Unrested" state. This is indicated clearly like so...

GIF 7-8-2022 1-32-11 AM.gif

The red "X" marks that you are no longer regenerating HP.

GIF 7-8-2022 1-32-54 AM.gif

When you see it do this, it means you have entered "Rested" state and will start regenerating HP again.

How to Rest faster
Additionally, sitting down on Chairs and Lying in bed speeds up the onset of "Rested" state by 100%.
Using a food item will take 7 seconds to stand cast, and will instantly begin "Rested" state as well.

Players who complete the "Missions! What's that?" Mission will be rewarded with complementary 60 food rations and another 40 when they reach level 10.

We also intend to add more seats around early game training spots and also allow players to place their own eventually.

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Moved Alert Boxes / Confirmation Prompts to New UI System

These were the final bit of UI remaining from the 2020 UI system we implemented, that was unfortunately a failed attempt. It was recursive and slow. It wasn't worse than the original system, but we still wanted to improve it. So...

Goodbye Wolf UI

To the ordinary player this doesn't mean much, but you should see a small performance increase of up to 10%.

Improvements to Mailbox UI

Added item hovers and resized certain elements


Fixed bugs with Chatbox moving between Chat modes and PMs

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Trade Requests can now be accepted as long as you are on the same map
Previously, you were required to stand next to the person who sent the request. This could get confusing because you wouldn't be able to accept it again when it failed. Now you still need to stand next to the person to send the request, but you can accept it from any position on the same map.


Increased Daily Missions to 4 per day
We are going to rework missions to be shorter, give slightly less XP but increase how many you can do. This is so you don't end up doing the same thing for too long.

Added Daily Mission Counter in Mission Log
Now will show above your mission list "Daily Missions Completed: X/4"

Added feature to make items drop on death only in arenas, and not drop in arenas
We can stop having people drop Corp items when they join tournaments.

Added small Pickup animation to show an "attempt" to pick up items
Items will do a small hop when you press the Pick Up key on them, to show some feedback, that something is indeed happening.


Hover Map Items (Drops) for Item Name and Item Owner
Use your mouse to hover items dropped by players and mobs to see who has the ownership/priority of the item or who dropped it, as well as the item name.


Lots of improvements to ESC to close windows
We now don't close windows like inventory when you press ESC key to close Alert Boxes / Confirmation Prompts. We also only close the focused window (like Friends window) versus closing all of them.

Moved HP Bars & certain Animations to render above Day/night
HP Bars would be covered by the cloak of midnight and you would need to squint hard to see it.
Certain Animations like "Mission Complete" would be hard to see at night, this has been improved.

GIF 7-12-2022 1-10-34 AM.gif


Fixed Mobs Spells attacking other Mobs

Fixed Summons being able to attack Friendly NPCs

Fixed Alert Box sizing being extremely thin

Optimizations to weather

Fixed Resizing Window (Regression in last update)

Fixed a potential crash with removing two friends at quick succession


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Part 1 of Death Rework

This is the first part of a major rework of how Fainting (aka. Death) is handled in Nin Online. We have a few more patches to go to make this better. Including adding using your houses as an option to get shorter Battle Injuries for free.

Hospitalization Plans


The first update brings Hospitalization Plans, which is a way to use Ryo to shorten Battle Injuries status. The price of Hospitalization increases with Level. It is extremely affordable for beginners and extremely expensive for anyone past around level 30. This is to help make leveling up a lot less painful when you die to higher level players in the early game, and a very last resort kind of feature to use once you're at a higher level if you really must be back at full strength immediately.

Added more game guide pictures and information

(Admin/GMs) Special login animation made and requested by Erox


Refactored Buff Timing code to now be more accurate and possibly fix bug that may have occurred in rare occasions

Refactored code that handles hot swapping resolutions and window modes
It reinitializes a lot faster now



Fixed fullscreen/window mode hot swapping being broken (Regression from last update)

Fixed hot swapping resolution sizes (Regression from last update)

Fixed the following misc. reported issues



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Death in Arenas now only displays option to respawn for free

Hospitalization plans you can't afford are disabled

(Backend) Texture DIctionaries
Added texture dictionaries to call texture files by name instead of ID

Added Keybind for Fishing Key


Alert box shortcuts now work (Enter/Esc)
Previously when you were destroying items you couldn't use enter key to confirm

Improved Death UI Position

Fixed direction you face when you use Flicker (and other warp to target jutsu)

Fixed items despawning not sending an update to the player
Sometimes items could despawn, and the player would still see the item visually there

Fixed server disappearing from server list bug

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More fishing functionality added
We're almost there


Optimizations to Rain (& other weather) effects
Threaded the processing of particle positions

Large optimizations to game rendering (better FPS)
- Screen occlusion
- Baking Old UI system
- Offscreen Text Draw calls are skipped
- Many more

Wolf wanted to get the game to run at 2,000 FPS on his computer, so he started optimizing more stuff. Personally, I get around 1800 FPS on small maps and 1000 FPS on Leaf Village now.

We've added this as experimental options in the Options menu that you can disable to see the improvement yourself.

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Fishing is now available for players

Note that it is still in early stages and more improvements are to come!


Proficiencies Menu


More Automated Chunin Exam functionality and polish

(Admin/GM Only) Functionality to end a Chunin Exam mid-way (for emergencies)


Teams in Tournaments are now properly randomized

Team Tournaments no longer disqualify entire team if one member leaves

Fixed being able to transform into another player to reveal their concealed identity

Fixed being able to hold more than 200 of each ninja tool if you use mail

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Experimental (XBR) Upscaler Option

GIF 8-23-2022 4-14-39 AM.gif

This is definitely something that is going to be something only some people will like, so it's listed as an experimental option.

Nin Online was always designed to be a pixel art game, and using this will actually look a bit of detail, but it'll give the game a more 'modern' look to some.

Added Option to Prevent Items from being mailed

This is so we can prevent mailing certain quest/mission items.


Compromised Documents can no longer be mailed

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  • 3 months later...

Added instance event command

Keep name concealed when faming player (Prevent using fame to reveal concealed players)


(Hopefully) Fix server packet sending breaking at peak hours

Prevent 3 separate array out of bounds error on server

Optimized map dictionary processing loop very minorly

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