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  1. 2024, this is being worked on now!
  2. Ueda

    Guild Roll Back

    I'll look into why this happened, but for now your purchase has been refunded to ninja credits.
  3. Great video! Shared it on our discord
  4. Sorry that this happened to you. Yeah, sometimes there's false positives for spam, it's trying to be safe rather than sorry.
  5. This has been resolved, thank you!
  6. That's sweet Nagamushi. But you're still on my naughty list.
  7. Starting January 31st 2024, we will no longer be accepting support requests about forgetting email addresses. It will be fully your own responsible to note down your email addresses or rely on this tool to get your email addresses back. We cannot continue to allow our limited support team to be inundated with such requests and be used in place of a notes app or password manager.
  8. This is added in the next update
  9. Dear Ninja, Nin Online's Annual Christmas Event - Let It Snow - Is LIVE! This year, we've opened the doors to the Hidden City of Joy, a city filled with zombies, evil snowmen and also... Presents! Players familiar with this event should be glad to know, this year there are new special types of zombies, new rewards and an expanded map to explore. Free Stat Reset Check with Santa if you are Naughty or Nice! You'll see if you can get a Free Stat Reset, or you have to redeem yourself first. Kill Zombies to trade brains for presents There's a time-exclusive Christmas Shop where you can trade zombie parts for special Christmas themed cosmetic items or even Event Coupons! How to Participate? Talk to the Holiday Event NPC in each village to get transported to the Hidden City of Joy. Talk to Santa Claus to learn more about the rules of the event. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! - Nin Online Team
  10. Today's balance patch is brought to you by a mixture of balance team patch notes and my own based. My changes are highlighted in green. Summons War Toad (NPC) can now cast Triple Mud Bullet Technique (NEW) Triple Mud Bullets Technique - fires 3 Mud Bullets (same Cast Type, Cast Time, Range, Base Damage, Cooldown, Speed) Big Snake (NPC) Health decreased from 600 to 500 Big Snake (NPC) Base Damage decreased from 12 to 8 Big Snake (NPC) Attack Speed increased from 1100ms to 1000ms Big Snake (NPC) Pathfinding Mode changed from A* to Dumb Snake Poison Projectile Speed increased from 300 to 200 Mother Slug (NPC) Base Stats increased from 20 to 30 Minor Slug Heal Technique Range increased from 2 tiles to 45 tiles Greater Slug Heal Technique Range increased from 2 tiles to 5 tiles Large Clam (NPC) Range increased from 2 tiles to 9 tiles Large Clam (NPC) can now cast Bubble Solution Spitting Technique Wild Slashes (NPC) Cooldown Time decreased from 21s to 15s Wild Slashes (NPC) Range increased from 4 tiles to 6 tiles Wild Slashes (NPC) now applies Bleeding I Wind Mask (NPC) now applies Slow I Monkey King (NPC) Health decreased from 600 to 500 Stun Smash (NPC) Stun duration decreased from 3000ms to 2000ms Fire, Poison, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water Puppet Summoning Cooldown decreased from 90s to 60s Fire, Poison, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water Puppet Summoning CP Cost decreased from 100 CP to 60 CP Fire, Poison, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water Puppet (NPC) can now Run Weapon Mastery (Sword) Shockwave Slash Technique CP cost increased from 15/15/15 to 20/20/20 Shockwave Slash Technique Cooldown Time decreased from 19/19/19s to 18/18/18s Risky Blade Dance Technique range increased from reduced from 6 tiles to 5 tiles Wild Slashes Technique CP cost increased from 30/30/28 to 37/37/35 Blade Piercing Technique CP cost increased from 20/20/20 to 30/30/30 Blade Piercing Technique Bleeding Rank changed from I to III Wild Slashes Technique Strength Requirement increased from 40 to 45 Blade Piercing Technique Strength Requirement increased from 35 to 40 Crescent Moon Beheading Technique Strength Requirement increased from 50 to 55 Dance of the Crescent Moon Technique Strength Requirement increased from 60 to 70 Shockwave Slash Technique Speed Increased by 20% Swords Wooden Katana Strength Requirement increased from 12 to 13 Wooden Katana Base Damage increased from 2 to 5 Broad Sword Base Damage increased from 6 to 8 Broad Sword Attack Speed increased from 1400ms to 1300ms Butcher Sword Strength Requirement decreased from 40 to 33 Butcher Sword Base Damage increased from 12 to 15 Nikuya Strength Requirement decreased from 63 to 53 Nikuya Base damage increased from 17 to 24 Nikuya Attack Speed increased from 1500ms to 1300ms Spiked Baseball Bat Base Damage increased from 24 to 30 Spiked Baseball Bat Attack Speed increased from 1800ms to 1700ms Stylish Sword Base Damage increased from 22 to 26 Stylish Sword Attack Speed increased from 1500ms to 1400ms Adamantine Staff Attack Speed decreased from 1400ms to 1500ms Weapon Mastery (Tools) Triple Explosive Tag Technique Cast Time increased from 1s to 2s Shadow Shuriken Technique now interrupts Shadow Shuriken Technique Cooldown Time increased from 22/21/21s to 27/26/26s Exploding Spiked Ball Technique no longer interrupts Exploding Spike Ball Technique Damage reduced from 39/39/40 to 37/37/38 Medical Mastery (Experimental) Chakra Scalpel Technique Cast Time increased from 1s to 2s (Revert) Chakra Scalpel Technique Buff Duration increased from 45s to 60s Water (Int) Mastery Water Prison Technique Snare Duration decreased from 3000ms/3500ms/3500ms to 3000ms across all ranks Water Prison Technique now deals 15/16/17 Base Damage up from 15/15/15 Water Substitution Technique CP Cost increased from 30/30/26 to 32/32/30 Water Subtitution Technique Intellect Requirement increased from 40 to 45 Great Water Shark Technique Range decreased from 10/10/12 to 10/10/11 Gentle Fist Palm Bottom Technique Strength scaling decreased from 60% to 33% Mountain Crusher End Cast Time increased from 500ms to 800ms Wind Mastery (Fan) Slow III debuff duration decreased from 6s to 5s Wind Mask Technique Cooldown Increased from 17/17/18 to 20/20/19 Wind Mask Technique Snare Duration reduced from 1.5s to 1.2s across all ranks Fire Mastery Dragon Fire Technique Intellect Requirement increased from 60 to 65 Great Fireball Technique Range increased from 12/15/15 to 14/15/15 Lightning Mastery Lightning Spear Technique Damage increased from 29/29/30 to 32/32/33 Lightning Cutter Technique Damage increased from 38/38/39/39/40/40 to 40/40/41/41/42/42 Lightning Current Technique Damage increased from 18/18/19 to 22/22/23 Lightning Current Technique Stun Duration increased from 1s to 1.2s across all ranks
  11. We just released a new YouTube video summarizing the biggest updates in 2022-2023! The video was created by our very own @Veloxy Please give the video a view and a like and subscribe to our channel for more videos
  12. Dear Ninja, We've just launched a brand new major feature - Guilds! Guilds are player organizations where you can contribute towards a common goal, and build towards a large community of like-minded individuals, collectively getting more powerful. Be warned that guild names cannot be changed and owners cannot be transferred without restarting. Guild Features Guild Perks Guilds comes with many cool features, like Guild Ranks, Guild Emblems, Bulletin Boards, Guild Chat Channel, Friendly Fire Toggling, Alliances and more, all unlockable through the Guild Perks System. Guild Emblems There are hundreds of customizable pieces to choose from to create your guild's unique emblem. With the current pieces, there are a whopping 400,000+ possible combinations of Guild Emblems to create, not even including color options! Creating a Guild Creating a guild can be done through the Guild menu by Gold & Silver Ninja. It costs 10,000 Ryo. Conclusion With this Nin Online is now complete faction-wise. You are born into the ninja world alone, but you choose a village to be born in, choose a clan (family) to be born as, join a corporation as an occupation and join or create your own guild, which is like your friend circle, and find teams to go on short-term missions with. We hope you enjoy this new feature!