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  1. Clan: Miyama 美山 "Beautiful Mountain" Clan Leader: Hoseki Village: Leaf Activity: Currently, the Miyama clan includes 10 members, 3 Chunin, 1 LMPF. Members of the Miyama clan are first responders! They're the first to respond to any threats or raids that the Leaf village may face. Our clan members eagerly assist other clans and Leaf ninja with training, missions, and other day to day activities. Clan Miyama is a very active role-playing clan. We created our own Clan Techniques (battle formations), we host daily clan meetings, and facilitate clan training that includes ( RP fights, Chunin Exam preparations, and leadership skills development). The Miyama's frequently host clan tournaments between our village clans. Also we partnered with other Leaf organisations such as the Order of the Golden Scrolls. All Miyama Recruits must complete the mission (Retrieve The Kimono). This is a clan Miyama exclusive mission. Details CONFIDENTIAL. Clothing: Hooded Hermit cape (Black and White), with the clan symbol on the back. History: Three tribes living atop three mountains overlooking the Naka river fought for control over the river and its valuable resources for centuries. Each tribe was ruled over by an elder and after countless wars and deaths, the elders of each tribe would gather their tribes to send the dead down the Naka river and into the afterlife, this gathering was the only time of peace for the three tribes. One summer the three mountains experienced a terrible heatwave, the snow peaks melted and washed away the clans shelter. Eventually, the fields dried up and so did the river. Men were dying not from war, but from exhaustion trying to mend the fields. The three elders met once again during the ceremony, but with no river to carry off their dead. Instead they buried them in the river bed in hopes the river would return to carry them off to the afterlife. These three elders came to an agreement to end the warring in order to survive this brutal drought. The elders decided that war could only be stopped if the old wounds of war were first washed away. For the next month, the elders drained their chakra until they were near the point of death in order to release their people from the specters of war. Eventually, the elders released a jutsu so powerful it pulsated through the River Valley affecting every citizen enclosed by the three mountain peaks. This Jutsu was quickly hidden away under the mountains so it could never be used again. This long-range genjutsu had not only wiped the minds of all the clansmen but replaced the memories with new ones. Old enemies had become brothers and sisters and those who had died were washed away once the river's water returned, just as easily as their memories had been destroyed. Those that remained of the three tribes were now one clan called The Miyama Clan. Old Clan Page: Hiruzen