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  2. I've got an idea... I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but it's aimed at boosting DZ activity, I think. What is the Shinobi War? It's a battle where all Villages (including rogues) fight for total domination of the world.Let's say it happens on the last Sunday of any month, from 4 PM EST to 6 PM EST (or it could even be for the entire day, lol). The timer starts, and all SZ and WZ areas are transformed into DZ. Yes, everything becomes DZ – there are no more safe zones or war zones, even inside the village. For two hours(or whole day), villages score points for kills and destroying raid points (which respawn every 25 minutes). Each destroyed raid point awards 1 point of "activity," and every kill also gives points. The number of points depends on the ninja's rank, but it could also be set at 1 point for any kill. I understand that preventing alt farming can be challenging, but it's necessary. If we can't block it by IP (where the same IP results in no point count for a kill or something similar), we'll have to address it differently.After the Shinobi War is over and depends on the score, a box appears in the Kage's secret room. It contains rewards like Ryo, pills, and maybe some items like war armor, including the ones from the cash shop, but tradable. The Kage can decide who should get the drop and how to share it. Additionally, there should be stats showing how many kills and raid points were destroyed by each person. Let's say the top 10 with their names and respective kill and raid point counts.At the beginning of Shinobi War time, everyone is teleported to the hospital. To make it more "risky," once you leave your "safe place" like the hospital, you can't return until you die. If you die, you respawn only at the hospital. However, you should be able to choose to go back to the hospital, org base, or housing district. Any place that you can enter only by starting in an org or something should be locked until the Shinobi War ends. I think this can provide us with more engaging and fresh content. Of course, people who don't want to participate in the Shinobi War can just AFK for 2 hours in the hospital or simply not log in. I know it's a somewhat brutal solution, and introducing it might be challenging, but I think it's possible anyway, sooner or later. Of course, this will depend on whether this type of content interests anyone. As for rogue box distribution, the leader of the Yakuza org or Akatsuki, as the strongest one (RIP regular rogues), should take care of it. To be honest, I have no idea how to distribute the drops among rogues since I've never played. It's hard to say.Alternatively, to make it fair and avoid "friend" sharing of items, people can earn tokens based on their activity. There could be a shop where players can trade tokens for RYO, pills, tools, or some "special" clothing/armors. The box can still appear in the Kage's hidden room, but only with some Ryo, not that much, like a maximum of 10-20k. Even if the Kage doesn't share them, most Kage use their Ryo to organize events, at least the fair Kages It's a pure concept, and it's well-known that everything needs to be carefully thought through and balanced so that everyone can benefit from it. This includes player activity to ensure they are rewarded, as well as the activity of each Kage. I believe that this kind of activity will greatly increase the interest of 'enthusiasts' in PVP.
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  5. Kudos for putting together a leveling guide video. It's fantastic to see players like you sharing their knowledge and helping out fellow gamers in the Leaf Academy community.I'll definitely give your video a watch. It's always good to have a well-crafted guide to help streamline the leveling process in NinOnline.Oh, and speaking of video stuff, if you ever want to kick your editing skills up a notch, especially if you're a Mac user like myself, you might want to check out Movavi Video Editor for Mac. It's got some slick features that can add some extra flair to your content. You can explore it here:
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  7. Pretty much what the title said: I had full inventory and finished a mission (cant remember which it was, but it is was one for a missing ninja over level 50). Then I got a ton of red ,,your inventory is full, item sent to you vial mail"-messages in the chat for a few seconds. When I checked my mail afterwards, I was confronted with THIS: Note that this was from one single daily mission. So whatever happened out there when finishing dailies... the system was definitely not ready for it. I assume that it was a mission that involved both, INTEL and ECON and the reward system glitched out.
  8. Aaah, this picture makes it be clearly visible what you mean. So basically the scroll seems to be a background image that does not get mirrored when running in the opposide diection. Awesome picture!
  9. Aer

    "Anti Cheat Warning"

    Whenever I open certain games or game launchers with the intention of playing them alongside Nin Online—usually while waiting for a blessing, Guard Duty, or Time Off III, I get false flags from whichever anti-cheat software Nin Online is using. Is this normal behavior—perhaps two anti-cheat software clashing or is this unintended?
  10. even their GD is too small and open, making survey missions almost impossible, unlike the other two villages
  11. Xbamun

    Instalation error

    Commenting to say that this is still happening. Downloaded multiple versions of .net from 6.0.16 to 6.0.22 desktop runtime and none of them work. You can still launch the game from program files or where ever you installed nin, but you have to manually add a shortcut or just keep launching the game from the game files. Edit: I actually played the game a few times, it can remain stable for a few minutes or hours, but will eventually crash. So, I think you have to fix the .net issue before the game can play smoothly.
  12. Oriax

    Yo it's me

    Haha silly little noob ninja still doesn't understand how the world works haha truly harassing, get some milk and maybe you can do what you dream ! haha silly ninja
  13. Strawberry

    Mission giving identification

    Maybe this will help to use it in the game, I just created those sprint
  14. Oh hey Oriax, it's Chi Chi. The same player you spam killed 5 years ago back in 2018 because of how much of a scumbag player you are. I will make your experience in this game a nightmare just like how you did all those years ago for me. You made me reset my full level 50 account because i was never able to leave the hospital without you or your friends making my life in this game miserable. I remember when i reset my account you were standing right outside of Sand hospital waiting for me and killing me over and over and over untill the point i deleted the game. I'll never forget you and when i see you in the game i will kill you.
  15. Happy to see posts about summons. Supporting all summon balance/rework suggestions!
  16. September 2023 Promotions Leaf Village Jonin: @Stampede @JunoMCZ @Syrust Chunin: @Sakura Hinode @Elite Arashi @Gojo @vanfire Specialized Jonin: @Blitzed Exemplary mastery of Lightning Techniques Sand Village Jonin: @Treacherous Chunin: @Chen Zhen @RICARDO MILOS @steficy Mist Village Jonin: @Killer Beef Chunin: @Kozetsu @Xilk @Nertu
  17. Maj

    Toitsu Back Scroll

    If you look closely you can see that when running to the left the scroll is sticking out of my belly. It is facing the same direction when running left as it does right.
  18. I don't see where the issue is. What is supposed to look or behave differently than what is showing in the pic? All I see is a player running to the left and right...
  19. Erox

    Unholy Fame Wars

    Results 1st Place @Ares 2nd Place: @Oriax 3rd Place: N/A Thank you for participating! The base rewards will be given out shortly, the 1st and 2nd place winners can dm me their choice's
  20. Erox

    Holy Fame Wars

    Results 1st Place: @Shirou 2nd Place: @Akari_Yuki 3rd Place: @vanfire Thank you for participating! The base rewards will be given out shortly, the 1st and 2nd place winners can dm me their choice's
  21. Name: Akari_Yuki Title: Beast Slayer Join Date: 03/26/2023 (March 26th) Current Fame: 536
  22. Trapz

    Unholy Fame Wars

    Name: TrapzTitle: ChampionJoin date: July, 27, 2021Current Fame: 177
  23. Name: Chen Zhen Title: Champion Join date: 10/13/2021 Current fame: 65
  24. Shirou

    Holy Fame Wars

    -Name: Shirou -Title: Beast Slayer -Join Date: 02/10/2013 -Current Fame: 594 P.S: If I were to win the event. Is it possible to give away the coupons, world blesses & cash shop prize that would be awarded to me over to the 2nd place? If you can split the coupons & blesses between the 2nd and 3rd place that's fine too. Though I'd like the Cash Shop prize to be awarded for 2nd place if I win. Also big thanks to everyone who supported me with the fames. Couldn't have done it without all the love from the community. My sincerest gratitude, you guys are the absolute best
  25. Yeah gj bro haha think you posted wrong spot for the fame thing haha lol
  26. vanfire

    Holy Fame Wars

    Name: vanfire from: leaf Fame: 447
  27. Name:vanfire From:leaf fame:447
  28. Oriax

    Unholy Fame Wars

    Name: Oriax Title: Champion Join date: May 14, 2020 Current Fame: -52 (Should be like -775 cause I'm really a bad man)
  29. Maj

    Toitsu Back Scroll

    It looks like the Toitsu clan back scroll left animation is the same as the right direction when running. Including an animation of it below so you can see what I mean.
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