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  2. Thank you for the update
  3. The game just went off have been a couple hours, seems to be just a login issue once the server itself is online. Unfortunally we have to wait for the owner fix it. So will keep like that for indeterminate period...
  4. Just saw an ad for the game on reddit, decided to download and install. I click Toad World as its the only one available and it says "sending login request" or something but it just loads and then gives errors.
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  7. Mail Hageshi and Sage both 50k ryo and you'll be allowed to sit on the benches at square.
  8. Currently i am a missing ninja but i am willing to lend my extraordinary power to any of the 3 villages. Having me in your village is a benefit as my sheer power will scare other enemy villages and organizations away. So sand, mist and leaf, all the kages out there let me know. I am also willing to pay 10k ryo to any kage that is willing to let me play in there village. Kind regards, Your friendly neighborhood Nagamushi
  9. You're not the first person to say these things, I thought this myself at one point, but just enjoy the journey with what you choose. As long as you do your daily's and all quest with blessing up, you can be LvL 50 in 2-3 weeks.
  10. Ingame hitbox is right - my bad. The hitbox preview is just not respecting offset values and instead of showing +1 from player it shows on same X/Y as player
  11. Something is wrong with bubble spray technique hitbox... again. Places marked with X are not hitting enemy at all
  12. This change is not mentioned in the 4.9.5 patchnotes, which supposedely makes it a bug
  13. Report of some description issues on medical jutsus and some suggestions that i notice
  14. Getting warped close to puppet house close to village entrance instead
  15. I still ask that mobs have their damage reduced so that the player can enjoy farming. their hp is okay but their damage is far too high. You not doing anything but waiting in between waves and your losing exp and time which some people don't alot of.
  16. Everyone has given the same feedback. It must say something about the production of the game and how it effects players inrl time. They don't have time to play the game the creator want for them to play it. He has to compromise otherwise there's nothing to gain and this game will soon fall dead if it hasn't already
  17. sadly I do feel like the game is going to stay on the slow side. However the daily system needs to be revamped FOR sure!
  18. well said the issues you have raised have been addressed since 2017 and sadly i dont think that will ever change the owner seems to want it this way so yea very unfortunate.
  19. So if you try to unequip weapon and move it bugs your jistus how to replicate bug 1. try to equip or unequip weapon . 2. move. you will not be able to use any jitsu until you have successfully unequip or equip weapeon. Base Profile 2024.04.15 -
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  21. any specific details? really looking forward to this
  22. 2024, this is being worked on now!
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