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Added new level 25 Medical Ninjutsu - Status Extraction Technique


This has been on the to-do list since at least 2017 and we finally had the time to implement it. 🥲
It can be used on yourself, an ally, or enemy (If you want for some reason) to clear them of debuffs / negative statuses such as Burns, Poisons and Bleeds.

About the introduction of status cleansing and future changes
Non-medical ninja in the near future will receive items that are weaker and cleanse specific statuses. Honey will be able to treat burns, Bandages will be able to treat Bleeding and Antidotes will be able to treat Poison. They will all have longer cast times however. We may also increase the effectiveness of statuses to match the counterplay introduced.

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Animation Lighting

Eg. Light on Explosion Effect

Previously, we added the feature to add Lighting Effects on projectiles. We were unable to do the same on Animations (other Jutsu) because the animation editor was in a semi-broken state where we couldn't modify it, so we fixed up all our editors and now this is added too.

Minimap Improvements

Minimap now is open by default when you first play Nin Online & minimap state (Open, Closed, Maximized) will save between game sessions


Version number will be included in crash log reports from now on

Fixed illegal party prevention (team exploit with Missing & Village ninja) not working right

(GMs) GMs can now use /heal and Team Warp commands.

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Horoscopes/Charms Rework


Mirai the Fortune Teller realized it was horrible business practice to sell only one kind of charm to each customer. So she now sells players who know what horoscope they are any kind of charm. Eg. Virgos can buy Pisces charms.

Charms are also now tradeable.

Business is booming now, and so to keep up with the demand, Mirai has increased the sale prices of charms to 25 Ryo each. 


Upgraded Server to .NET 6

2 years ago, we moved the server from Visual Basic 6 to C# with .NET Framework 4.5.2. A year ago, we announced that we had upgraded to .NET 5 and turned the server into a lightweight console application, along with a ton of changes like moving it to use a cloud database (MongoDB) as it's backend. Keeping up the momentum and updating our technology stack is important. So today, we upgraded the server to target .NET 6, Window's latest release of the .NET framework.

It's not as big an upgrade as in those past updates, but .NET 6 is said to be up to 40% faster than .NET 5 and has optimizations in specific aspects of the framework our server software harnesses such as JSON, GC, File I/O, Reflection, Threading, Networking, Buffering.

Improved DoT Animations & Lighting Stacking

Fixed Charms Buff Descriptions

Fixed certain charms being able to be used together

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The community balance team is a new initiative currently led by @Raitou

Greetings from the player balance team. This is our first patch and we’re excited to hear the community's feedback. There have been a few bold changes, but generally the goal was to balance masteries to a point where they will not require further changes. These changes were made with both solo mastery and mastery combinations in mind as well as all levels of play and game activities. A significant amount of thought and discussion went into these changes, focusing on streamlining mastery identity, so that when you are playing a certain mastery, the kit feels connected and has specific strengths and weaknesses.

Wind (Int) Mastery

Vacuum Sphere Technique CP Cost decreased from 30/30/30 to 28/26/24
Vacuum Sphere Technique Cooldown Time decreased from 20/20/19s to 18/18/17s
Wind Claw Technique Cooldown Time increased from 17/16/16s to 19/18/18s
Wind Claw Technique End Cast Time increased from 500ms to 800ms

“We’re increasing Wind claw’s self-stun to offer a fair counterplay window to Wind’s ultimate jutsu. The cooldown time is also being increased to give wind players longer downtime on their burst and encourage more use of the mastery kit, rather than just using Wind Claw on cooldown.”
“Vacuum is still in a weird spot, we want to make this jutsu more viable, but lack a clear idea of how best to rework it to fit wind’s kit, given our current limitations in jutsu mechanics”

Wind (Fan) Mastery

Slashing Tornado Technique Projectile Speed increased from 200 to 100
Slashing Tornadoes Technique Projectile Speed increased from 200 to 100
500ms Self Stun removed on Slashing Tornado Technique and Slashing Tornadoes Techniques
Wind Cyclone Technique Cast Time decreased from 2s to 1s
Giant Folding Fan no longer knockbacks
Pink Giant Folding Fan no longer knockbacks
Black Giant Folding Fan no longer knockbacks

“We want to keep the identity of the Fan Mastery without giving wind + element users in sand easy access to CC.”
“Tornadoes is still keeping its cast time - we want to move away from the Idea of flicker guaranteed hard crowd control without significant stat investment, just slapping on a 1s cast time made the jutsu very weak even at max level. It’s safe to give the jutsu some power back in the form of increased projectile speed and removed self stun.”
“Wind cyclone cast time has been decreased to promote the theme of Fan having a more fluid and usable series of jutsus with less cast time and self stun than before.”

Medic (Int) Mastery

Poison Senbon Technique Cooldown Time increased from 11/11/10s to 14/14/13s 
Poison Senbon Technique Stun Duration increased from 800ms to 1200ms 
Poison Senbon Technique Range decreased from 15 to 12 tiles 
Poison Senbon Technique CP Cost increased from 12/12/12 to 16/15/15 
Poison Senbon Technique Poison Debuff changed from Rank 1/1/2 to 1/2/2 
Poison Senbon Technique Base Damage decreased from 20/20/21 to 15/15/16 
Poison Scalpel Technique Cooldown Time decreased from 8/8/7s to 7/7/6s  
Poison Scalpel Technique Base Damage decreased from 23/23/24 to 20/20/21 
Poison Scalpel Technique Poison Debuff changed from Rank 1/2/2 to 1/2/3 
Poison Scalpel Technique CP Cost increased from 10/10/10 to 14/14/14 
Poison Cloud Technique Poison Debuff increased from Rank 2/2/3 to 2/3/4 
Rank IV Poison Debuff changed to 20s duration, 5s interval, Take 10 HP per tick 
Poison Cloud Technique Cooldown Time increased from 16/16/15s to 22/22/21s 
Poison Cloud Technique Base Damage decreased from 31/31/32 to 25/25/26 
Poison Cloud Technique CP Cost increased from 25/25/25 to 30/30/30 
Cursed Seal Technique CP Cost decreased from 60/55/55 to 50/45/45 
(Experimental) Cursed Seal Technique changed from % stat buff to +10/15/20 all stats for a 30s duration.
(Experimental) Cursed Seal Technique Casts Required for Ranks increased from 100/250 to 150/375.

“Int med has been underperforming and was voted underpowered by 72% of players who took the most recent balance survey.”
“We want this mastery path to be more viable. This is why adjustments were made to the kit to fulfill its role as a medium damage potential, buffing and debuffing poison DoT support.”
“Poison cloud now applies a nerfed poison IV debuff at max rank which now does a total of 40 damage (20 second duration poison debuff that deals 10 damage per tick every 5 seconds). Poison Cloud base damage was reduced to account for this overall damage increase.”
“Antibodies and Cursed Seal now give flat stat bonuses so that all players feel like they have access to true buff jutsus that are usable in both PvE and PvP.” 
“Cursed Seal should feel like a scary endgame self buff that allows for an all or nothing burst window that you risk a 3 second cast time to use.”

Medic (Chk) Mastery

Treat Wounds Technique Cast Time decreased from 2s to 1s across all ranks
Treat Wounds Technique Base Heal decreased from 25/25/25 to 20/20/20
Mystical Palm Technique CP Cost increased from 50/45/45 to 175/150/150
Chakra Scalpel Technique Cast Time changed from 1s stand cast to instant cast
Chakra Scalpel Technique now has a 1s self stun at the end of its cast
Chakra Scalpel Technique base damage buff decreased from 4/9/14 to 1/2/3
Cell Regeneration Technique Chakra Requirement increased from 50 to 60

“We’ve changed treat wounds to offer more engaging gameplay for medics in fights. We want the dedicated chakra medics to benefit the most from healing jutsus, so its base healing has been decreased so that medic players who invest in less chakra get a less efficient heal.”
“Mystical Palm technique has been changed to feel more like a chakra med jutsu - while it’s still available to Int meds, we want to increase the opportunity cost for successfully reviving a player as someone other than a primary medic.”
“Chakra scalpel made for fairly frustrating gameplay, where you either successfully cast it and had an extremely strong melee, or fail to cast it and are useless outside of heal jutsus and senbons. This change guarantees a chakra scalpel buff with more balanced damage, but keeps the window to punish medics for using it with poor positioning.”
“Overall, these changes will reward the dedicated chakra med, making use of high chakra investment for its scaling and making those splashing some stat points into chakra as a secondary medic less effective.”

Water (Bubble) Mastery

Bubble Prison Technique (Weapon) Snare Duration decreased from 1400ms to 800ms

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Buff/Debuff Stacking Changes

First off, to make this clear, the fact that buffs were stackable at all was a bug. It was one that we foresaw would remain in place for a long time, so we balanced around it.

We've finally fixed it because it's the same problem that is allowing charms to be abused, stacking them for all the effects. The system was always supposed to look for buffs with the same ID, but never did. It has now been resolved.

Buffs of the same kind, including Charms, Bleeds, Burns, Poisons, will no longer stack. It will always use the latest version of the buff. Eg. If you have Bleed I and you get Bleed II. Bleed II will replace it.

We understand that this is a major change to Masteries that apply statuses, primarily Wind, Fire & mostly Medic. We will rebalance based on this mechanic change.

Mega-fixes to Quick Login Feature

Refresh Tokens

We've discovered both bugs and major security flaws to our login system that have now been fixed. Previously, we were abusing oAuth2 slightly by saving access tokens, which we have now realized wasn't secure. This allowed banned users and accounts that have changed passwords to continue to have access to the game via Quick Logins. We now use refresh tokens for quick logins instead of access tokens. 

The good news is now that we use refresh tokens, we can securely authenticate players indefinitely. Meaning you will not need to reauthenticate your character every 2 weeks. They will remain available to quick login forever.

Nothing changes for you, the end user besides this!

Relogging in of all previous authentications will be required. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fixed some users "Login" buttons being greyed out wrongly

Some users were having a weird error that made them unable to use the quick login feature randomly. Sometimes restarting the client fixed it, sometimes it didn't. But it is fixed now! Thanks to @Klone for sitting down with me to test.

Fixed Minimap Crashes

Fixed an issue with saving minimap configurations that caused some players clients to crash on login.

Advanced Lighting Disabled will now turn off Projectile/Animation Lights

If you go into your options menu and disable Advanced Lighting, it will now respect your bad decision and hide all the lighting effects in the game, including Projectile and Animation lights.

More exile/pardon abuse fixes

Fixed another issue allowing players to have teams between Village and Missing Ninja. Thanks @Raijuro for helping with this.

Confirmation Prompt for Leaving Corporations

You will now receive a confirmation prompt before leaving corporations when you click the Leave button in the Corp UI. No more accidentally leaving corps and waiting for 3 days.

Other Changes

Fixed Samehada and Chakra Steal Jutsu/Items healing HP when used against Players instead of CP.
Cleaned codebase of misspelled "again"s aka. "agian" - Wolf's bad spelling.
Clear player's summons before Auto Tournament round starts (could be abused to have summons in tournament matches)
Fixed an XP Sharing Bug that could allow new characters to suddenly receive XP from Mobs.
Fixed Server closing socket connection with client too early and not sending the reason why the client didn't manage to connect.

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“Since Damage over Time debuffs can no longer stack and reset each other when applied, even at different tiers, (Burn I/II/III and Poison I/II/III/IV being affected the most) some balance changes have to be made so that players aren’t losing hundreds of debuff damage from their kit while farming or over the course of a fight. Adjustments were made based on the following ideas about these debuffs.”

Burn DoT
Applied by higher base damage Int scaling element jutsus, short duration and fast tick speed with medium damage ticks. Solidifies Fire as the premiere damage element with extra damage on all 6 jutsus

Bleed DoT
Applied by higher base damage Int scaling element and Str WM jutsus, long duration and slow tick speed with low damage ticks. Helps Wind and Str WM stay strong single target hunting masteries by stopping a target from regenerating HP or changing maps

Poison DoT
Applied by lower base damage Int scaling medical jutsus, medium duration and tick speed with high damage ticks. Gives Int Med a healthy amount of DoT damage for an offensive support and rewards skill in timing the reapplication of poisons to get the most overall damage from just 3 debuff jutsus.

Fire Mastery

Rank I Burn Debuff changed to 3s duration, 1s interval, Take 3 HP per tick
Rank II Burn Debuff changed to 3s duration, 1s interval, Take 6 HP per tick
Rank III Burn Debuff changed to 3s duration, 1s interval, Take 9 HP per tick
Dragon Fire Combo now inflicts Burn III instead of Burn I.

“Fire players shouldn’t lose damage for landing their jutsus less than 7 whole seconds apart at max rank, they only need to delay 3 seconds to get max value from their cooldowns.”

Medic (Int) Mastery

Status Extraction Technique Cast Time changed from 2s Walk Cast to 1s Walk Cast
Rank IV Poison Debuff changed to 12s duration, 4s interval, Take 20 HP per tick
Rank III Poison Debuff changed to 8s duration, 4s interval, Take 16 HP per tick
Rank II Poison Debuff changed to 8s duration, 4s interval, Take 12 HP per tick
Rank I Poison Debuff changed to 8s duration, 4s interval, Take 8 HP per tick


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Rework to HP Bars (From this Ideas Post)

GIF 5-16-2022 10-09-24 PM.gif

Colored HP Bars

Firstly, we added colors to HP Bars based on whether or not the player or NPC is friendly or not. This was suggested in the Ideas Platform here.

Green (Yellow for Colorblind) - Self and Allies

Blue - Party Member

Red (Purple for Colorblind) - Enemies

Orange - Allies but Danger Zone / War Zone

Improved Accuracy of HP Bars

Secondly, we perfected the accuracy of the HP Bars. Previously, the HP Bars wouldn't show accurately the first and last 5% of Health of the Target. You must have noticed that even when the bar was empty, the target still survived for a good while. Now, the moment the bar is empty, the target should be very dead.

Colorblind Mode


This is currently for red/green color blindness. This was requested a minute after we launched the new HP Bar reworks. We should aim to make Nin Online accessible and fair for everyone after all.

Death Animations / Sounds

We added the ability for the game to play an animation and sound effects when another player character dies and when your own character dies.


Fixed Charging Chakra being interrupted by Traps

Traps like Fire Wall Technique no longer interrupt the trap owner's chakra charging.

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“The Balance Team accepts that some mistakes have been made in the last patches and in our rush to push out a patch following the buff/debuff stack bugfix. A few things have been overlooked and this patch aims to fix those. This will be the last major adjustment patch for Wind/Med until we’re ready to discuss Water/Bubble and Earth masteries and push those changes later this month/early June. Thank you for your patience during these rapid changes.”

Wind (Str) Mastery

Slashing Tornado Technique cooldown time increased from 16/15/14s to 17/16/15s
Slashing Tornadoes Technique cooldown time increase from 16/16/14s to 17/17/15s 
Wind Mask Technique cooldown time increased from 15/13/13s to 18/18/16s
Wind Cyclone Technique cooldown time increased from 23/22/22s to 24/23/23s

Crystal Fan Level Requirement decreased from level 55 to 50
Crystal Fan Melee 500ms Stun effect changed to 300ms Snare
Blood iron Fan Level Requirement increased from level 50 to 55
Blood Iron Fan Melee 500ms Stun effect changed to 500ms Snare

“After making the Fan Mastery all shiny and new, we wanted to see how the current cooldowns played out with the kit being able to use these jutsus very successfully together at relatively low cooldowns, so we’re making small adjustments to give Fan some downtime and counter attack opportunities after its very fluid snare flowchart, which it’s high level fan melees are now apart of, which forces opponents to save a well timed flicker for escapes.”(with a clear CC increase from Crystal fan to Blood Iron Fan)

Medic (Int) Mastery

Antibodies Activation Intellect Requirement increased from 15 to 35 
Rank IV Poison Debuff duration decreased from 12s to 8s 
Poison Cloud Technique cooldown time decreased from 22/22/21s to 18/18/17s 

“The change to poison cloud change was a question of ‘How much DoT damage is healthy to load onto the back of a single jutsu now that debuffs can’t stack?’ And the correct answer was definitely not 60 damage so it's going to tick one less time. After its buff/rework, Antibodies is now too strong to only require 15 Int to use.”

Weapons & Ninja Tools

Bubble Prison Technique (Poison) Snare Duration decreased from 2000ms to 1600ms
Poison Kunai’s Snake Poison Debuff changed to 8s duration, 4s interval, Take 4 HP per tick  

“All poison debuffs now universally last for 8 seconds and tick twice, this separates their function from bleeds and burns. Seathorn pipe snare duration is currently too much value on a single melee when combined with the reworked poison debuff ticking for more damage sooner.”

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Added Animated Grass to Edge of Fire map.

Fixed Bears spawning in unreachable player in Forest Near the Ledge map.


Fixed the following bug reports

Ukiyo Traditional Robe art bug

Light appearing at top left of screen bug


Fixed /ignore not working


Changed how Glacier Bear works to make it less irritating thereby fixing this

Fixed Poison and other DoTs causing Cloak of Invisibility to break


Fixed some enemy jutsus breaking through Substitutions and still dealing damage

Fixed mud river technique and other knockback jutsu not knocking back when weapon is equipped

Changed how Hawk Summon Jutsu function to alleviate issues
Also made the Wild Slashes from Hawks red to distinguish it from Sword Master's yellow wild slashes.


Fixed client-side issue causing character movement to freeze up for awhile when you try to cast a jutsu that you're not using the right weapon for

Fixed client-side visual bug that showed stats decreasing instead of increasing when you had more than 3 buffs on at a time

Fixed visual UI glitch

Fixed visual glitch on the shadow of Tigers

Fixed HP Bar Bug where ex-Team members HP Bars didn't render

Fixed bug where Beast Slayer Title was given to people who hadn't finished the Mission or killed the Kuraken

Added confirmation messages for when you ignore or unignore a player


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Map Requirements
Previously all map entry requirements had to be handled manually by scripting complex events/scripts. Now maps can have options to just reject entry based on different requirements.

This will allow us to dramatically simply certain maps, leading to a minor optimization (probably not much) in loading maps, but also one major change. Warps done in the old method ignored PvP checks. By using these new requirements, we can perform the checks while not ignoring PvP timer.

Increased maximum number of Variables and Switches each Player account can have from 255 to 500

Increased Maximum number of Unique NPCs the game can have from 255 to 500


Added Cooldown on Slug heals (25 Seconds)
Added Range for Slug heals
Minor - 1 Tile
Major - 2 Tile


(Hopefully) Fixed game not starting for users with old graphics cards without modern shader support 

Fixed soap bubble technique not hitting players multiple times when they land in the chain reaction 

Fixed slugs not healing 

Fixed hiding UI causing the game to drop performance 

Fixed visual glitch with Sakame clan outfit on male characters 

Fixed visual glitch with Jakusha clan outfit having a glove sprite on one frame

Fixed warping to a Corp map accidentally causing a permanent black screen until a GM debugs you

(Admin Only) Fixed Map NPC Properties not clearing previous map's data from editor

(Admin Only) Fixed Map Properties Form not being editable

(Admin Only) Improvements to Item Editor

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Minimap will now display the names of the linked maps
In Nin Online, there's 2 ways maps are linked, by warp tiles or by setting maps to be linked entirely in each direction. This previously was not reflected on the minimap, but now is.



Started using Map Requirements on Hospital, Academy, Housing District & Jonin Standby Station entrances
Warp should start faster, maps should be slightly more lightweight and PvP Timers will be considered before warping users into these maps now.

Added Antidote Maker in the Sand Village Greenhouse


Antidote Maker takes Dried Herbs obtained in the Desert and turns them to poison antidotes.

Added Bandage Maker in the Mist Village Market


Bandage Maker takes Cotton obtained in Forest maps and turns them to bandages to stop bleeding.

New visual for Ayako the Bee Keeper


Ayako will continue to turn Honey Combs into Honey.

Honey now heals burns

Honey used to heal HP. It will now cure burns.
All of these new status items will 

Added Sub-boss versions of Larva, Spiderling & Wolf on certain maps with those Mobs


These mobs spawn every 5 minutes and typically have around 5x more HP, 3x more damage but give 10x more XP and 10x more drop rate. More of such mobs coming soon.

Reduced kills required for "Bad Larva" Mission from 80 to 50

Reduced XP gained from "Bad Larva" Mission from 180 to 160

Added more Bee Hive spawn locations & amounts

Added more Cotton Plant spawn locations

Added more Ripe Herbs spawn locations


(Admin only) Lots of fixes to game editors. A lot of our editor functionality broke when we remade the new client but we haven't had the time to address them until now. 

Fixed Flame Bullet Technique Hitbox

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Sub-boss Mobs Part 2


On top of Angry Larva and Spiders. We've added...

  • Enraged Wolf
  • Overgrown Stinger
  • Big Snake
  • Spicy Venomous Snake
  • Enraged Tiger
  • Huge White Tiger
  • Giant Cursed Host
  • Huge Scarab
  • King Bear
  • Fat Tunneller
  • Mad Desert Coyote
  • Mother Scarab
  • Angry Hawk
  • Bad Raccoon Bandit
  • Fierce Dragonfly
  • Spirit Fox
  • Raging Boar
  • Evil Black Boar
  • Mad Emperor Penguin
  • Alpha Snow Leopard

These mobs have a longer (5min+) spawn time and have higher stats, but grant up to 10x more XP and drop rate.

Reduced Honey cast time to 1 second

Reduced Poison Antidote cast time to 2 seconds


Fixed Antidotes healing Burn instead of Poison yesterday

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Chests & Raid Points are now unaffected by knockbacks
This could be abused to move raid points to different areas

Fixed Knockbacks on Weapons
Regression from previous knockback fixes

Fixed Summons damaging themselves

Fixed Tendo Gloves Artwork having missing frames

NPC Buffs (Like DoTs and Heals) can now scale based on stat selection

This will also fix this reported bug

Added Warning message when player has too many traps/projectiles
There has always been a limit of 25 traps + projectiles a player can have present at once, but that has never been clear, leading to some thinking it is a bug.

(Experimental) Fix to bug where AoEs casted on Dead Enemies would not work

(GMs & Admins) Made /heal also revive the target if they are fainted

Fixed unpassable tile

Fixed mapping visual bugs reported by SovranFire

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Each Jutsu can now have different Stat Scaling

Jutsu Descriptions will also display how much it scales.


In the old system, all STR jutsu scaled 33% and others scaled 60%. Now each individual Jutsu can have any percentage, even negative stat scaling, or 5000% stat scaling if we wanted... (but why?)

Warning: This was a big rework of our stat scaling system as a whole and as such, some inconsistencies might occur. If you notice something working oddly, let us know immediately!

Jutsu with Multiple Stat Scaling

We can now add jutsu that scale with multiple stats. This will be useful to add Combo Mastery jutsu and Clan jutsu, where we want it to scale with multiple stats eg. Strength + Intellect.

For the time being, this is used on Fuuma Wind Shuriken.

Improved "Item/Inventory No Space" Handling

Quest Items, Sealable Scrolls & Rewards are now sent to you via mail if your inventory is full.

Warning: This is a huge change to how a very old mechanic worked. There might be a few edge cases where this might cause some sort of error or exploit (hopefully not). If you do find one, report it immediately. Abusing it will only lead to getting permanently banned when you are discovered.


Fuuma Wind Shuriken will now scale with Intellect, Strength & Agility
We've added the feature to make Non-Mastery Jutsu like Fuuma Wind Shuriken and future Clan Jutsu scale with multiple stat points. As long as you have the stat point in an attack stat, it will scale with it.

Adamantine Sword speed reduced from 1.2s to 2s
I hadn't touched the balance since it was created in early 2021 because nobody has it, which is why it was so weird.

Renamed Iron City HQ to Iron City Tower

Reviewed and corrected hundreds of Jutsu/Technique Descriptions
Also removed the stat scaling info from the description and moved it to the new feature


(Admin/GMs Only) Fixed bug where every map change would result in an error message/warning

(Admin Only) Set Item fixed
Our event editor "Set Item" is also fixed now for the first time since 2016-ish. One day, Seth just decided Set Item action would do nothing if you didn't have the item in your inventory. When it was originally meant to Set it to X amount even if you don't have such an item.

Added "No Trap" tiles to Iron City Towers/HQ map to prevent cheesing Nobu

Fixed Cheesing Dark Monkey King Boss

Fixed visual bug reported here

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NPCs Movement Rework

NPCs can now Run if enabled
Art will be required to make this word with certain enemies, for the time being we'll keep it disabled for most, but we'll look into slowly making bosses & other enemies run to give added challenge for higher level players. There's still more to be done here, but this is the start of running for enemies, smarter bosses etc.

A* Pathfinding (for select NPCs)
Pathfinding is still relatively expensive performance wise, but we will use this for bosses and monsters that should be smarter like human enemies.

New Wandering
Wandering NPCs (without targets) will no longer wander tile by tile randomly but walk to a small distance randomly. In the future we might add patrolling NPCs for villages!

NPCs moving tile to tile is now smoother
Animation plays in the right order, not constantly moving the same hand and leg forward. And the interpolation between tiles is now smoother.


Disabled experimental new Friends UI

Fixed visual bug here


Clear Stuns, Snares, Debuffs & Buffs off newly spawned Mobs/NPCs/Enemies

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Fix NPC Walk Animations (didn't work quite right yesterday)

Fixed Chakra Steal and Life Steals against players not working

More bug fixes to A* Pathfinding method

(Hopefully) Fixed bug causing NPCs to not move for awhile

Fixed Snake Poisons and probably more cases of NPC's debuffs not working right

Fixed the visual bugs posted here

Fixed Takumi Seals mission bugging out for players
You'll still need to be manually debugged if you are already bugged


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Some changes to Village NPC Jonin

Jonin Guard NPCs now can run

Jonin Guard NPCs now only spawn every 10 minutes if killed, giving more meaning to killing them.

Jonin Guard NPCs now have 12 range across the board instead of previously inconsistent numbers for each (some 12, some 20)

Killing Jonin Guard NPCs now grants 3000 XP

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