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Found 11 results

  1. So after spending a lot of time to complete a very specific quest (I stopped counting after 10 days) I developed a deep urge to kill a very specific NPC in NinOnline: Yozo. Meanwhile, I finished the quest ,,Yozo the Bozo", but only to get rid of its entry in my mission log. It was a pain to do it, but this did also lead me into thinking of how it could be improved: By giving the player multiple options, to not only give alternative ways to beat a mission, but to also allow for a better roleplaying feeling, which is advertised in this game. Now to say it with nice words: I did not like the mission ,,Yozo the Bozo". But before getting to my suggestion, here is what that mission entails: This mission can be accepted around level 20 in Tanzaku by talking to Yozo Upon accepting this mission, you are given 200 ryo There is no other way aside from gambling to complete this mission In order to complete the mission, you have to earn 500 ryo via gambling. If you lose ryo via gambling, you also lose progress This does mean that it is possible to have 495 ryo win and then go back all the way down to 0 ryo again. And yes, this happens often. You can only earn ryo for this mission by gambling at dices or by rolling slot machines. Both systems are horribly and leave you with a higher chance to lose ryo than to gain ryo. By spamming the dice system, you can burn away literally thousands of ryos in minutes The slot machine is more forgiving in your losses, but leaves you stuck animations for extremely long times and you are slapped with botting checks each few minutes that will force you to actually pay attention to this monotonous task. You are unable to abandon this mission. It will forever be in your mission log unless you complete it. So here are my suggestions regarding this, which could even be applied all at once, allowing the player to actually make a choice in how he wants to complete this mision: (naivly submissive) The current way to do the mission: you decide to take Yozo's 200 ryo and try to accumulate 500 ryo. (beneficial) Instead of gambling, you give Yozo 300 ryo right on his hand. (lecturing) Gambling is bad. Yozo only ended up in this situation because of his habbit. Show him how it is done by collecting a certain amount of drops from a certain monster. Yozo shall sell those himself. Watching you will teach him how to fix it himself in the future. (bloodthirsty) That darn Yozo is trying to drag countless innocent Ninjas into gambling addiction! Kill him and put an end to his deeds! Itachy would be proud. (You might go missing by choosing that option. Debatable.) (scamming) When accepting the quest, allow the player to instantly opt out of the quest by simply taking Yozo's money and never care about him again (what a fool). The quest will be considered as ,,finished" picking this option. (Option to drop this mission afterwards) Since this mission gives you 200 ryo, it would be a problem if you can just abandon and re-accept it for obvious reasons. So either have the player ,,return" the 200 ryo when the player wants to abandon this mission from his mission log... ...or have Yozo simply not give the 200 ryo again, if the player accepts the quest again after abandonning it once. Let us be real: most players have no money after some minutes hardcore-dicing to even afford paying back the initial 200 ryo, not even talking about having 500 for finishing the quest. For additional understanding, let me explain more losely why I hate that mission with this feedback: Because it is trash. It does not give the player the option to abandon it. It can easily drain thousands of ryos in minutes. The win rate is far lower than the loss rate. Losing ryo will also make you lose quest progress. The slot machines just suck for a number of reasons If more than 1 player is opering the slots, then the map animates results for each single player rolling at the same time, creating a mess. A botting check is slapped into your face each few minutes. Failing this will kill you and sends you back to your hospital. Running back sucks, especially if you are from Mist. But also running back from Sand is not exactly fun. At least Missings and Leafies have a rather short returning way, but this still does not make the process any more fun. You can not chat while the slots are spinning You can not charge chakra while the slots are spinning You can not use skills while the slots are spinning It forces actual gambling onto players. You can not kill Yozo. Believe me, I tried. Multiple times. The quest reward stands in absolutely no relation to the time it takes to complete it. (For me it was more than 10 days. I stopped counting at 10, so it could aswell have taken me over 2 weeks. I was over level 30 when I finished this mission and I did not even notice the exp bar moving.) Ultimately this was not the first time that people talked about this specific mission. Here is what I found: (It is kinda ironic that in the end posting bots are flooding those topics and advertise real money gambling and other shady links @Ueda)
  2. Pretty much what the title said: I had full inventory and finished a mission (cant remember which it was, but it is was one for a missing ninja over level 50). Then I got a ton of red ,,your inventory is full, item sent to you vial mail"-messages in the chat for a few seconds. When I checked my mail afterwards, I was confronted with THIS: Note that this was from one single daily mission. So whatever happened out there when finishing dailies... the system was definitely not ready for it. I assume that it was a mission that involved both, INTEL and ECON and the reward system glitched out.
  3. There are multiple missions where the text does not match with what you actually have to do. One of them is the second Arc 30 in which you are tasked to gather DNAs as replacement for the weak chakra leaf in order to get to Toad Village. Opening the mission log and reading the details of that mission is directing the player to a location south of the chakra tree. Frankly enough, there actually is a something that looks like a Cave; but in reality, what is located there is a team boss fight for level 20-30 players. The place where you are actually need to go is located north-west from the Chakra Tree, at the cliff. Additionally: The arc mission prior to the missguiding quest mentioned above does also have a bad location description. It tells about a place with trees and darkness. For a new player, this is a very vague description. It would be good to use the Snake lair as point of reference in describing which map is meant. For example ,,The Chakra tree is located in a calm and dark forest east of the Snake Lair. The tree's power keeps monsters away". Just a suggestion. This is not directly related to the main core of this post, but it is close enough to add it here, too.
  4. There are multiple missions where the text does not match with what you actually have to do. One of them is the level 43 Mission ,,Light Work" in which the Quest NPC asks you to bring 10 Glacial Bear Paws. This however is incorrect: The quest itself requires the player to bring 5 paws to the NPC, not 10.
  5. Hey everybody this is my first real post on the forum, and I hope you like this idea. As I’m relatively new to the game and leveled my first character to 50+ I would like to tell my opinion on Daily Missions, XP per Mission, and my overall leveling experience. Prologue (Skip the pain if you wish) Let me set it up for you: There are Mission Ranks in the game that should indicate how hard the Mission you get is: Ranks: SS, S, A, B, C, D, E Example: Samurai Where? Rank: D Final XP: 3000. The XP always stays the same if you are level 10 or 15 or whatever. As you progress through the game and levels, you should get harder missions because you grow stronger. That is your ninja way of course . That’s where the Mission Range come into play, let’s say you are level 10+ and until level 15 you can only get D and E Rank missions because you are new and still need to figure things out and find your way. After level 15 you can get C-D Rank Missions but the mission XP you will get will rise with your level, so you get more XP for the same D Rank mission because you are a stronger ninja and need do get a better “reward” XP wise. So daily Missions should get a base XP value which then get multiplied by the Player level and finally multiplied by the Mission Rank difficulty multiplier to calculate the final XP reward per mission and player level. Formular = (Player Level * Mission Base XP) * Mission difficulty multiplier Example for Mission: Samurai Where? D Rank Mission On a level 13 Character: D Rank Mission base XP: 500 Player Level: 13 Mission difficulty multiplier: 1.5 Calc: (13*500) * 1.5 = 9750 XP I made a sheet to showcase the idea. Please have a look at the attached pdf file. XP.pdf There are many advantages to this calculation because you can easily manipulate the missions in ranks, the base Mission Rank XP and multiplier to balance XP for daily missions and any further missions in the game. The overall XP gets better in lower levels and the XP in higher levels are not bad as well especially when you can do 4 daily’s and don’t need to drop missions because they are a waste of time, that would appreciate the creation of those missions too. Please let me know what you all thing about this idea for the Daily Missions I think the ARC XP can stay as it is. I’ve got lots of other ideas for Missions but that is for another post.
  6. How is the blessing's application to missions' XP calculated? Is it... 100,000 increased by 1.5% is 101,500? (Seems pitifully low.) 100,000 times 1.5 is 150,000? I have the feeling it's the latter because of the 1.5"x", but I wanted to be sure since there have been cases of XP boosts going by a percentage-based value.
  7. I haven't seen anyone hosting RP missions and after finding out what they actually are, I can completely understand why. As it stands, RP missions are a one off mission for accounts. This means you can't host someone who has RP 1 (the most common one) with someone who has RP 2 or RP 3. So this makes hosting a pain, but on top of that you entirely rely on the honesty of the host. I think instead of this current system we should take a more modern approach. I think Chunin should be able to host an RP mission once a day and Jonin twice a day. These RP missions will determine the squad's level and give the host a choice to pick an appropriate mission. This new RP mission will have objectives for the host to complete. If we take the bell exam for example, the host would need to be killed in the bell exam map and drop the bells. Once that happens the mission would be completed like any other mission by turning it in. Another example of an RP missions (for leaf) would be to infiltrate an enemy village and killing 100 Tunnelers. The RP element doesn't always have to be so blatant. Simply planning a mission where you go behind enemy lines and planning on ways to combat enemy ninja if you see them is still a form of roleplay. This would also streamline RP missions so you don't have to introduce yourself every single time to the new sensei as well. To add onto this, I believe there should be a report option in case a player attempts to log off with the mission and complete it without the host. Possibly even remove the mission when logging off. tl,dr: RP missions are no longer 1-offs, they can now be hosted by a player (chunin) once every 24 hour period or by a higher ranking player (jonin) twice every 24 hour period. RP missions are no longer blatantly text only or story driven. Instead they will encompass the natural RP of Nin Online, playing the role of a ninja carrying out missions for your village. RP missions are selected by the host, the selection is determined by the level of the squad members they are in. When the host selects the RP mission, everyone receives that mission and will have specific objectives that will be tracked by the game. (Make your sensei drop the bells in the Bell Event map) The missions are then turned into the RP mission npc. (removes RP tokens entirely) Not only will these changes promote players to stay online longer, it will also promote higher level players with more end game content. It will also give more of a meaning to being a higher rank in the village. These changes are intended to bring about not only keeping newer players around longer, but also to allow them to connect to other players in their village. To create a bond with their village that will get them to come back and play the game more.
  8. I want weekly , monthly missions in the game , these missions make lvl up easier monthly mission: you can only take 3 mission in a month for example:boss missions (kill dark monkey, weasel ,bandit boss) , difficult mission etc. Clan missions: all clan members responsible for complete missions , these missions will be able to progress while doing daily tasks (refresh after all clan quest are finished) for example:(also can add drop rare, common , uncommon legendary etc item ) etc. Weekly Mission: you can only take 1 mission in a week for example:
  9. Most mission in this game is based on sneaking into the enemy village which needs intellect stats so you can cloak and are hard but doable if you have enough int For Example you can do it with ease with a build like this but if you are playing any str char or agility/chakra you are not able to do these sneaky mission you can't do it if you have a build like this I think you should get mission depending on what stats you have rather than just getting them at a random. For example, if you don't have high int you should not get a mission that requires you to sneak in but rather a mission in which you need to fight like waging war.
  10. Hello. I’ve been leveling my character and I notice that there isn’t much of an incentive to be into squads other than communication and sharing mob kills. I remember watching the show that this game draws inspiration from and squads were a huge system that allowed Genin “lowbies” to be grouped with Chuunin/Jounin and have higher mission success rates. Also kept in mind Shinobi strengths and weaknesses and allowed them to work together in balance. I feel that this would be a nice add-on to make the game more new-player friendly. I felt I went through a personal journey when leveling my character (only level 36 now) which is nice & I’m sure every village is different but in the Leaf Village it feels very empty most of the time I play... aside from the regulars. So as a lower level and even now I find myself asking for help in missions a lot. Waging War... Bounty Hunt...Spy Mission...Recover Documents these missions require going out and battling PVP which you would get lucky and find someone around your level. Most of the time it was a level 50+ roaming looking for kills or by the luck just run into you. This forces people, especially new players to abandon the mission or just get tired of the game. If I wasn’t a big Naruto fan, I probably wouldn’t continue either. I know it draws inspiration so it’s not meant to be exactly like the anime- but Genin just out of the academy need some help with missions like that. Most of the time, villagers would be too busy, relaxing or sparring. No problem with that because it is an RP game. But for those that aren’t high level and need some assistance I believe there should be some way to make higher levels want to help lower levels and get more rewarded other than just a “Thank You.” Ideas: • Squad EXP should increase your experience rather than decrease. (I understand the idea of splitting the workload therefore you should split the experience.) But again, its just a way to get people to squad up more efficiently than sharing kills. Speaking from an RP sense- even if the Jounin was in a squad with Genin, they would learn substantially more about battle tactics than if they were Genin by themselves. So maybe only limiting the increased EXP to CHUUNIN, SJ & JOUNIN that are on squads with Genin. • When selecting a mission in a squad, if you are too high of a level the mission does not activate for others. When you are in a squad, completing the mission does not share experience. I feel that if someone in the group has Waging War and someone else has Bounty Hunting you all work together to get the team’s mission done- because you all put in the effort to help each other complete missions, you should be rewarded at least in a percentage of their mission experience. • If a Chuunin or higher rank (Or even Genin) is a higher level and is in a squad with lower levels. If they select a mission, they can actually select to use their mission experience on themselves and a percentage to their squad. Or it is split among the group. So say if they are maxed level 60 with no more experience left to gain. They can still do missions to help lower levels and build another status in the village known as “Prestige”. Something that shows your helpfulness to OTHERS in the village. Things to avoid: People exploiting the system so that they can just relax in the village and get power leveled by people completing their missions. ————— I understand some of my ideas may overlap or contradict one another. Some of my ideas may not even work with the system. But it’s just to get the idea out there- I’m not doubting it hasn’t been talked about. The community is very enjoyable and I like the friendly trash talk with other villages / organization. I also enjoy the content being put out even this NEW SNAKE SUMMON. Nice! But I think it’s a nice way to keep higher levels to help the lowbies and help new players feel like they have a chance. The amount of times I’ve seen people abandon danger dango mission because of higher levels is high & that’s a very low level mission. ps. This is meant for discussion please bring fire to this topic. Thanks a lot. See you in game! Will edit if I think of anything else.
  11. Dear Ninja, I'd just like to reveal to your the prologue of Nin Online. It will give you a rough idea of what to expect for the in-game storyline and roleplay backstory. Brace yourselves! Prologue Two hundred years have passed since the 4th Shinobi World War, during which the world was saved from a threat to its existence. It is becoming harder for new leaders to honor the alliances made by their predecessors; the bonds formed during the war are becoming unstable and the peace between villages is beginning to grow questionable. Meanwhile, a copycat group who operate under the same name as the Akatsuki has come to light. Initially not viewed as a threat, the organization was allowed to establish itself before anyone could take notice of them. Their objectives are mysterious and their new leader is unknown. Mankind had made progress in changing age old-traditions of sealing the tailed beasts within power ninja. For years they have roamed the world freely and peacefully, but now have started to behave aggressively. The villages fear the beasts may be under someone's control, and are strengthening their defenses to protect their villages from the threat of destruction and the possibility of another war erupting in their time. Born into a generation which has known only peace and has never witnessed war, you start your journey as an academy student about to venture into the world of ninja. Responsibilities come with every decision you make. Will you become a force for peace and exact your justice, or will you descend into darkness and bring this world to an end? Hope you enjoy the quick read, more details on the history and what has happened between the end of the 4th Shinobi World War and the events of Nin Online will be revealed as we get closer to the beta! Regards, Rory