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  1. Rule-1: Do not kill or attack any leaf ninja. This includes manipulating the surroundings like luring a jonin or mobs towards them. This rule won’t apply in agreed spars and it loses a lot of weight in random Free for alls. Rule-2: Is prohibited to help considered enemies to the Leaf village, this may apply: Healing and reviving. Giving them a flicker shortcut on purpose. Supporting them in battle against Leaf. (This is instant exile.) Rule-3: Aid must be provided when a fellow leaf ninja is in danger even more when you can make a difference. (Exceptions may apply if outmatched or having documents or a survey mission.) Rule-4: Respect and follow plausible orders from LMPF, Ranked, Council and Hokage. The hierarchy in this case is Hokage and council>Jounin>Chunin> Special Jounin and LMPF under working conditions. Rule-5: Any type of toxicity is prohibited in the Leaf Village and can get you punished, jailed or exiled. (Extreme and continuous cases of toxicity should be reported to a GM as well.) Rule-6: Obey ANBU and 12 Guardian member requests of not following them unless you have the same destination by coincidence. Rule-7: Do not scam or steal any Leaf Ninja, this rule includes stealing bosses and mobs. Rule-8: Do not wear mask within the village unless you are part of ANBU. (If asked to remove it don't take it personal, LMPF is encouraged to be lenient on this rule as some people may not be aware of it.
  2. Used chakra seal Lv2 on someone and still have same effect/lasting time as Lv1 , Then On jutsu description it said it Last 10sec when it actually last 6sec For Lv 1 and Lv2 , Idk if it was nerfed but didnt saw anything related to that in patch note