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    Guild Roll Back

    Guild XP rolls back, I cannot level or give XP to a guild without it resetting back to level 1, 0 EXP. Sometimes guilds dont even give you the guild buffs that they should be applying such as the stat bonus. I spent $120 USD to find this out. This was taken after creating the guild and spending the packets on a new guild that I created, and as I tried to use the guild points, I wasn't able to. So I relogged and came back to a lvl 1 guild, 0 exp; packets still used and gone from my inventory. Heres the screenshot of that: I added my friend to see if it was a visual bug on my end, and it wasn't guild was shown as level 1, 0 exp for everyone. This is all the information I have regarding this, but I have shared my error logs. Also not sure if related, but multiple people are found on the member list of previous guilds that they had long left already.