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  1. The title is a bit weird, but for example, a chair placed in a region that is higher than the ground before the update (like the sand chairs atop the northwest walls of the village, above cemetery), the sprites stay in place, but their sitting area are displaced by the amount of tiles that they are higher. Practically, you can see a chair, but you have to go up a few tiles to actually sit on it, same happens for counters, being passable but blocking players if you go a few tiles up
  2. Since the logic allows mobs to damage afk players, as summons counts as a mob in the game, they can still kill the players who are afk flagged.
  3. After recently having the explosive kunai technique leveled to it's max level, when i tested it there wasn't a base damage increase as the description says.
  4. This has been resolved a short while after, forgot to update here!
  5. Both the world/arc missions achievement and the daily missions achievements aren't fully doable by players who finished all world/arc missions before they were implemented or that have reached a level in which the daily mission variety isn't too great, leading to harder progression (if I understood it right). Doesn't seem to be game breaking, so other priority fixescan come first.
  6. I was exploring the achievement tracker in the new journal addition, and noticed that I was able to claim both "World Fame Us" and "The Path of Dona" achievements to the same percentage, even though I have currently 178 Fame at the time of writing (both at 71%)
  7. If I had the talent and time to draw pixel art sprites for it, I'd do for Kuroari an animation that mimicks this scene here, seems like it could fit nicely in Nin artstyle! I'll try to do something in my spare time still, but for the more talented artists, please try as well!
  8. This bug fixed itself after updating windows .NET framework, putting it here for archive.
  9. It's mostly a visual glitch, I think, so there is no urgency in fixing it. I provided an image below of the snake rope belt and the inner kimono with arrows pointing to the transparent pixels.
  10. Some of the villages npcs, the ones that are able to walk around, can walk over traps and activate them, wasting the traps. This can be a problem gameplay wise, but it's understandable if there are other stability issues to be resolved first.