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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Yall! Its your boy Voxa! coming with a concept for reworking the lvl 30 WM Strength jutsu: In the past few weeks that I've been playing - The one thing I've notice is that WM is firstly dope AF and that the lvl 30 WM strength jutsu is not used by WMasters! Here I present a possible rework: (Note I'm bad at editing and its the idea that counts ignore my bad paint skills and video editing skills ) Let me know what you think Cheeeeeers! 1) The jutsu Information: 2) The jutsu Hitbox: (green arrow is movement / red boxes are hit box) 3) The jutsu animation Idea: 2021-09-04 15-59-04.mp4
  2. Lets talk about the swords of the game. It is a topic made simply to discuss about swords and give some nice suggestion. I did not create this topic to complain about scythe, because I liked that update Full str wm 100+ str build Blood katana and bone sword stands in the top for obvious reason, and I think that the balance between the two was well made (one is faster and deal less dmg, and the other is slower but deal more damage). If you can't afford those swords, bandit blade should be the best choice since it has the same damage as bone and the same attack speed as blood katana. Chakra is not really a problem for full str wm. Shirokata and the lower tier swords has too low damage to be worth going over 100 str for it. 100 str build for exactly 100 strength, I feel like shirokata was probably meant to be compared to bandit blade since they are from the same lvl (40) and have the same str req (100). And to be honest, they are both comparable swords, shirokata is faster and regen chakra but deal less damage, and bandit blade is slightly slower and deal more damage. I think that the balance between the two was well made. Unfortunately, there is no reason to go for a 100 str build as a full strength weapon master since blood katana and bone sword was introduced. And now that the lvl cap is 60 those two swords are obsolete and are only good to be in our swords collections. Making them to be 85/90 str req should fix the problem everyone sees with those swords without having to change the way they work. Not to mention that there is a huge gap of str req (75 str to 100 str) while the str req from other swords just do jumps of 10 str. less than 100 str build All the lower tier swords make sense because they gradually become better and better when you lvl up. Everything is fine until muramasa appear at lvl 30 with 80 str req while religious katana is lvl 40 with 70 str req. It makes sense that religious katana is the better sword between the 2 since it is the higher lvl sword. But the str req of muramasa being higher than reli while being a lower lvl sword is disturbing. Making the str req the same or maybe lower than religious should be a simple fix for that sword. As an example, the double sword is lower lvl than reli but has the same str req (it is the only sword that pushes the users sometimes so it is the only reason people would want to use it). People would still have no reason to use muramasa if it has the same str req as religious since it has no special trick but at least it would be less bad than now and would be a good choice for lowbies. Hybrid wm 100+ str build Blood katana is definitely the best sword for hybrid over 100 strength (110). Its huge damage make it worth sacrificing hp/chakra and intellect and it gives a bonus of +5 chakra to help the hybrid fighters. Bone sword, shirokata, and bandit blade lower damage (and no added stats) make those swords hard to synergize well with any other masteries. less than 100 str build (75/70 str build) This is in my opinion the best for hybrid weapon master. Iron scythe and religious katana are probably meant to be compared since they are around the same lvl range and str req and are the last high lvl swords in the game (lvl 40+ below the 100 str req). The unique look of the scythe makes it stands out more. But the scythe should share the same str req as religious katana since religious katana now give +3 points in chakra. When we compare the balance between religious and scythe with bandit blade and shirokata or blood katana and bone sword we notice that both swords share the same str req, the fact that it is different for reli and scythe for no obvious reason is disturbing too. Lower lvl tier swords are meant for lowbies and I believe that no lowbies have 2 masteries yet to split stats Overall weapon master is probably the masteries with the highest content in the game, and the only thing that makes other swords seems useless (like shirokata, bandit blade and muramasa) is their str req compared to other swords. Making their strength req lower now that high lvl swords are in the game will make sense and would probably give more diversity in the build of hybrid weapon master. I think it was a good summary of the situations of swords right now, and I think I gave some good suggestions that are not game breaking but if you have something better in mind feel free to comment.
  3. Hello, i just start and i want to know what is the best stats i need to add for the beginning of the game?