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Found 10 results

  1. BE ADVISED: MACROING IS LEGAL UNTIL YOU ARE NO LONGER PRESENT AT YOUR KEYBOARD. THE SECOND YOU STEP AWAY FROM YOUR KEYBOARD MID MACRO YOU ARE BREAKING THE RULES AND WILL HAVE AN ADMIN TELEPORT TO YOU. Upon returning to Nin Online, because macroing moves while being present is current allowed in the Nin Online Terms of Service, I have taken upon myself to write a guide. Anyone with this google link doc can view the macro guide and/or comment if they choose.
  2. I have been thinking about this for a while and it would be nice too have a custom slot on your character for an heirloom. Now there would be 2 Types of heirlooms i would like to introduce as a start, For PvP And for PVE. The PVE ones would be inspired by luck and the PVP once would be inspired by historic battles taken place in the past (P.S. the effects these will give are just mock up and could be heavily adjusted if ever implemented.) Rabbit's foot : Said to be lost by one famous hunter renown in the lands of nin. ( 0.5% droprate boost ) Crystal Necklace : a rare crystal gem like necklace worn by many leaders around the ninja world. ( Charge chakra at an increasingly rapid pace ) Broken Oni Mask : A mask worn by the secret elite that used to roam the lands of nin. ( 10% chance too gain 250 HP at point of death instantly ) Hunters Knife : a sacred knife used for decades for multiple purpose survival ( Damage against NPCs buffed by 5% ) Now these heirlooms are very rare, they would be an universal drop but with lower droprate then any item ingame. Make them super rare! If you think this is a good idea please let me know what you think and it can be worked out by the community and potentially staff members! Don't forget to upvote
  3. The Raid system is working really well. It has brought somewhat of a goal, when establishing dominance over other villages. But since raiding is becoming more frequent, there is a group of people complaining about "zerging". I get it, it's not fun encountering a group of ten people, and feeling powerless to do anything. But I don't think we should regulate how people play the game by restricting them. An example of this is by making zones "war zone", and increasing the chance of friendly fire. I see this as negative. Instead I think we should encourage people to enter DZ more. How do we do this? Treasure Hunting and Counter Hunting! I propose a system which randomly spawns 10 "Mysterious Boxes" every 2 hours in 10 random Danger Zones. This box should have around 5-10k HP, and can be destroyed by damaging it. When it breaks, it will drop 500 ryo, which the treasure hunter can pick up. It might even contain a rare drop sometimes. Why do I think this is a good idea? People are encouraged to play for different reasons. I believe this suggestion would add an incentive for people to go into Danger Zones in hopes of finding some of these boxes. You might get lucky, and find a box somewhere isolated! Or so you think... Because it would also allow hunting groups to keep watch of some of these boxes as bait, and therefore also countering boring map switch camping. Avoiding abuse Commanding your summon to take out the box shouldn't be possible, else you would be able to just AFK in a corner and let your summon take it out, and log out if anyone enters the map. Therefore summons shouldn't be able to damage the box. The box should also never spawn in locked locations but randomly thoughout the game world. Won't this inflate the economy? Say a box spawns behind a tree in a random map. No one is going to find it. This will most likely limit the actual boxes that is found, and limit the amount of ryo that enters the economy.
  4. Hello guys, since NCL started I had idea of ranked system ingame which would warp u to arena vs your opponent, count points, wins, loses and would have a ranked system simillar to League Of Legends or so with monthly rewards (idk). Because of that I created a simple concept image, I'm not professional UI/graphic designer but I put a lot of work in it. @Ueda Here u go. Fullscreen: Just window: Also thanks to @Bogdan for our talk on NCL discord. @Zoomy I picked u because orginal ss is from bounty book lol
  5. Hey guys, I wanted to talk about a dark and very frustrating subject. Racism. As we all love this game we can't deny. That Rory and the staff team might have something against black people. How many black npcs is there in the game huh? We need more black npc's unless you want to release them once cloud village becomes a thing. #BLM #ACAB #Fritzogey
  6. First of all I wanted to thank @Wolf and @Ueda for shitload of work for nin. So many updates dropped recently that it encouraged lots of older players to get back to the game and become more active so thank ya guys < 3 Especially for the Raid system. It really made pving more fun and purpose driven. Not to mention the Iron Land update < 3 I wanted to talk today about adding more depth to the game. As we all know we have lots of new players active around. Its awesome, makes things feel more alive, but I feel as if smaller scale pvp died out. Talking with ppl around the community has proven me that lots of people enjoy pvping in WARZONES the most. Its the most fun for me as well. Keep in mind theres a reason why players wanted to create war events in War Zone maps to begin with :smirk: My years of being an Akatsuki showed me that pvp could start small, but in the end it finishes as a mass of players anyway, zerg vs zerg spamming at each other jutsus recklessly. Its basically how it looks like currently but even more focused on those player blobs. Now i know @Ueda likes things to be hardcore or more difficult. So i wanted to suggest some punishment for those zergs. Creating high risk and high reward since zergs are power, but with power should come some risks as well. Also being a ninja also requires you to exploit weak points of your enemy. I've talked about it with @Shissei and @SDZ and i came to conclusion that we could approach it in two ways. 1. Making everyone suffer from friendly fire except orgs (org based, not village based), party of 4 (Same as it is in anime) and Inside the village, so villagers can defend as one Raid points and the village itself. Bigger armies would require more organisation and cooperation among certain squads and what not. Its what ppl do in WarZones anyway. In the past missings that suffered from friendly fire made it possible so its totally doable. In my opinion it would also encourage more RP inside the village, since they have orgs like Anbu (which finally would hunt alone, cause they dont hunt at all without zergs), Medical Corps and other official orgs that would have to work with each other and create opportunities for RP. Also to prevent players from abusing orgs by adding and deleting members before each raid to cheat the system, i would drop player made orgs to max of 10 slots(less than official ones) and also make it that once player leaves an org, he has 2 days of CD before he can join another one(this is a well known mechanic from other games when someone jumps between guilds/clans). 2. Creating hella more war zones. In fact i would turn all danger zones into war zones. The result would be similar to the above just less dramatic and less org focused. But while turning Danger Zones into War Zones i would also add some more of these and again - drop the player made orgs max slots to 10. Also i would like to propose to change the name of Takumi player made orgs into GANGS. Since issa criminal life. Tell me what you guys think, and also @Ueda i would reallly love to hear your feedback about this.
  7. Here are the list of bugs that have been reported before but not worked on since one year of beta gameplay. Bug 1 - If you're running diagonally and if your opponent is running diagonally, and if you get shot a jutsu like earth spikes / fire walls/ water bullets / vacuum palms etc. your sub will break, you will be put in front of your opponent and take damage. Bug 2 - If you cast Firewall while moving diagonally, it will have a + shaped hitbox instead of a straight | line. Annoyance 3 (not a bug but very annoying feature due to self-stun applied by the system to prevent rubberband) - When your opponent cast mud river and you try to move around to respond, you will be put in a self-stun due to knockback which applies rubberband. If you have any pvp bug to report that you know of, please do. Make NiN at least a bit better place.
  8. #9 Bi-Weekly PvP Tournament results: 1st place - @Kuuzan 2nd place - @Yamikami 3rd place - @Satoe Itane You can watch the tournament here: I forgot to take a screenshot at the end so....
  9. We just had the Third Bi-Weekly PvP Tournament! It was a 1v1. Thanks to everyone who participated. First Place - @Veryweakhobo Second Place - @Hawt Third Place - @Zelda Toitsu Thanks to @Sezu for streaming it You guys can watch it here: Regards, Kenock (Kanno)
  10. Next Sunday Im going to host my second tournament. It will be a Team Tournament, and since the Chunin Exams are coming, I decided to make it a 3x3 Tournament, so teams can prepare for the Exams. It will be hosted on next Sunday at 2PM EST. For more information about the tournament, registration, rules and prizes, check my Bi-weekly PvP Tournaments topic. See you all at the tournament. Good luck Regards, Kenock (Kanno)