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Found 5 results

  1. Whenever the Emperor Penguin uses its 'Penguin Stomp' ability, it applies the visual effect of its debuff to the player, but the debuff does not affect the player nor does the player get a debuff icon next to their resource bars indicating that it is in effect. It looks like their 'Penguin Stomp' is supposed to apply a slow.
  2. Aside from passing by the occasional novice to adept ninja training then seeing them get ambushed, brutally obliterated beyond their control, then you frantically fleeing the scene in an attempt to save yourself but soon realize that you were only delaying the inevitable, I think that there could be more life breathed into the world of Nin Online created by the game itself instead of just its players (which includes its Game Masters). This is a very rough draft of what kind of dynamic content I'm hoping to see one day, but this is what I have in mind: Wandering NPCs Every now and then, there could be randomly generated docile and hostile NPCs, which could be an animal, creature, or a humanoid, that appear and reappear in different locations. Some could have dialogue options that determine how they will behave, and they could be on their own or as a group. They could even appear via ambush out of cloak. If docile, they could have a random sequence of missions, or they could be a merchant with random items for sale that may have slightly random prices. Missions granted by these NPCs found in the wild could have their ranks depend on their location, but these ranks can still subject to RNG. An example would be a random NPC requiring a player to find something from them in a lower-level area then bring it to them in the higher-level area they are in, but this could be very unlikely or dependent upon the level of the player speaking to them. Docile NPCs can be made hostile if poor dialogue options are chosen. If hostile, they could be standing or moving around like the usual NPCs or lying in wait while cloaked to ambush unsuspecting players. If cloaked, they could have varied Intelligence—if NPCs can be given stats—depending on their current location. If killed, they could have a chance to provide their killer with something: Generous XP that depends on their level. (Guaranteed.) Ryo. Unique items which include housing decor. Locations Randomly generated buildings, interactable objects that lead somewhere, and entrances along walls, in trees, or in the water could appear on the world. These places could be hidden and can only be revealed by those with a certain amount of chakra or through the usage of the 'Sensory Technique', or they could be in plain sight for anyone to see then change to become inaccessible when whatever's inside has been completed in some way. (I.e., if an entrance on a wall such as a cave, that entrance could change to look like a cave-in occurred then disappear.) Examples of what to expect from these randomly generated locations: Docile or hostile NPCs. These NPCs could be similar to to the above idea for "Wandering NPCs". These NPCs could be bosses. A possible hidden stash of ninja tools and ryo. A hidden cave that may have lore about Nin's world. Entire dungeons that may have a reward at the end if the XP from killing whatever is inside isn't enough of a reward. Once discovered, anyone can enter as long as they remain open. Once completed and everyone has exited, the entrance simply disappears or collapses upon itself—whichever is thematically appropriate for what it is—and cannot be reentered. After everyone has left the map it is on, it disappears. These randomly generated locations could eventually disappear on their own if not completed and if no one is on the same map as it. World Events (Unsure about some of these due to the imbalanced populations of playable Great Shinobi Countries and the impact they'll have on the environments they alter.) There could be randomly generated events that could require many players to work together, or players from different villages to work against other villages, to complete or prevent that are similar in nature to raids. For the events that require the cooperation of everyone, players could have the option to work against each other even if one of these events could cause problems for everyone. World bosses. They could temporarily destroy areas. They could drop ryo or unique items which includes housing decor. They could grant an XP multiplier to the village that dealt the killing blow. Randomly generated NPC cults or organizations with a goal of altering an area around them. They could temporarily destroy bridges or block areas. They could smother an entire zone or more than one zone in poisonous mist or in blazes of wildfire. They could temporarily summon and unleash beasts if not stopped that are more powerful than them. Randomly generated artefacts or places of power that warring villages will have to fight to obtain. (This could tie in with the above randomly generated NPC cults or organizations.) These are only temporary as in they will disappear/expire after enough time passes, but if successfully obtained after a successful channel, they could give their bearer/wielder a powerful buff. If an artefact, this drops upon death for another player to pick it up. If a place of power, the buff is lost upon death. Missions (Unsure about this one since it could conflict with dailies and be too difficult to implement due to the nature of Nin's world.) Similar to part of the "Wandering NPCs" idea, pre-existing NPCs, randomly generated NPCs out in the wild, and the Mission Assignment Desk could have missions for players. If the Mission Assignment Desk has a random mission for the player, a bird will fly to them to deliver a letter followed by a system notification, and they could visit the Desk to be briefed. These types of missions with a client may require the player to meet them for additional details. Examples of new missions: Assassination (PvE and PvP). If PvE, the head of NPC could be required as proof to complete the mission. This head could drop if the player holding it is killed. If PvP, a NPC could want a specific ninja killed. There could be level requirements with ranges for certain players to be eligible to be picked for assassination by this random mission when generated for the player that will be accepting it. Bodyguard. A client could appear at a location where the player is supposed to meet them, and while they are doing whatever they need to do, hostile NPCs could randomly spawn that will need to be killed in waves to protect the client. The "client" doesn't have to be a NPC; it could also be a building or a general area. Escort. A randomly generated NPC will meet the player at the main entrance to their village, speak with them, and will follow the player to the location they informed them about. These randomly generated NPCs can be found in the wild as well, and they may ask the player to escort them to a random village. The clients could be affected by buffs and heals from medics, and the client could faint with a timer that depends on the rank of the mission which can allow a medic to revive them. Hostile NPCs—animals, creatures, or bandits—could have a chance to randomly spawn when transitioning to a new area that the client will need to be protected from. If the client or the player dies (not just faint for either), the mission fails. Players are able to see another player's NPC that they are escorting, and players who are not aligned with their faction are able to see, attack, and kill the client. Finding a pet. There could a chance the pet might fight back or run away which means the ninja will have to "fight" it to retrieve it. Lowering its HP to zero with a weapon will kill it which will fail the mission, but lowering its HP to zero unarmed will simply cause it to faint which will allow the player to "loot" it. If the player dies, the pet will drop (revive and flee); however, the pet will remain in the location where the player died which will allow them to attempt to recapture them. Infiltration. There could be randomly generated locations that can only be uncovered and unlocked by the player who received the mission. Once the player enters, the location becomes visible and accessible to all until the mission is completed or has been failed. These missions may require the player to eliminate a VIP, eradicate everyone inside of the location, survey, or recover/steal an item and return it to the Desk or a NPC. If an item, it could drop upon death. If the item is picked up by another player, the mission fails or could fail when it is destroyed/sold. Rescue. Similar to Nia's circumstances from the Lv40 Arc, a player could receive a rescue mission from the Mission Assignment Desk, a randomly generated NPC out in the wild, or stumble upon a fainted/tied up NPC at a random location. Once the target of interest is interacted with, the player could be ambushed by hostile NPCs that kidnapped them. If the player dies before killing those hostile NPCs, the mission fails. This also means that they have a chance to return and interact with the unconscious/tied-up NPC again if the hostile NPCs are killed before they die. If the latter is the player's method of discovery, the mission is automatically added to the player's mission log when they attempt to interact with the conscious/tied up NPC and the player is promptly ambushed. All of these types of missions should affect a village's score if completed. If a client is involved, there could be a chance that they may lie about the details of their request causing the mission change to a different rank with different requirements after meeting and speaking with them. All of these random missions are completely unique to a single player unless other players are in a team with them before they occur. These types of missions are not always guaranteed to generate every single day as they are purely RNG. As mentioned at the beginning, this is all VERY much a rough draft, and I don't expect it all to be perfectly implemented as worded into Nin. If it provides enough inspiration to create something similar to the above, please do go along with it! I'd love to see more life in Nin's world that doesn't come from just us but from the game itself, and I think this would be excellent for role-playing scenarios.
  3. There should be buyback sections for ninjas, who are having second thoughts about what they sold or to buy back something they accidentally sold to a vendor, in the form of a tab attached to the bottom of vendors' inventories—one for 'Merchant' or 'Vendor' and another for 'Buyback'. Each vendor's 'Buyback' inventory could be unique to themselves as in no other vendor will have the same items within their 'Buyback' inventories that were sold to a different vendor. Also, items sold to vendors within their 'Buyback' inventories should not permanently remain there: After a fixed amount of time, they could vanish. (Every vendor should empty their 'Buyback' inventories at the same time.) They could vanish after a server restart. (This has the potential to cause more loss due to possible server instability.) They could vanish when the player logs off. (This has the potential to cause even more loss due to possible server instability or personal network-related issues.) The 'Buyback' inventory should also be limited as in small (maybe... five to ten slots), and the last item sold could vanish to make space for the newest item sold to the vendor. Lastly, ninjas could be able to buy their accidentally sold goods back for the same price the vendor gave them or at a slightly increased price to encourage them to be more careful with their valuables.
  4. Hey guys, I wanted to talk about a dark and very frustrating subject. Racism. As we all love this game we can't deny. That Rory and the staff team might have something against black people. How many black npcs is there in the game huh? We need more black npc's unless you want to release them once cloud village becomes a thing. #BLM #ACAB #Fritzogey
  5. So apparently when there's no event on rouges can just go to the dodgeball NPC and leafletting them spawn at any of the 3 spawn point without BI, this can also Be used to complete missions such as Daimyo express.