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  1. Yoh! As some of you know a new official organization has been added to the game recently named "Yakuza". As the current leader I would like to introduce ourselves to you as well as give you the opportunity to join our family. We would like to incorporate RP into this organization almost as much as PvP. Our family consists of branches and has a distinguished hierarchy that must be acknowledged at all times. Current leaders of our organization are as follows Oyabun(Family Boss): Fire Saiko-Komon(Admin): Vinsmoke Wakagashira(First Lieutenant): Sin Shateigashira(Second Lieutenant): Tool Meetings (RP) Oyabun: I would like to set up a few meetings at a later date with some of the other representatives in the Nin World such as the Kage's and Akatsuki. Majority of our motives are influenced by gaining Ryo. With that being said our first act will be collecting taxes imposed by us from villages starting within the next week of activity. The taxes collected will be bi-weekly and prices will be influenced based off our relationship with your village. Not paying the tax that will be issued in advance will be looked at as a sign of disrespect which will not be tolerated in our family. It is in your best interest to just comply with our system. After all we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you or your loved ones... Kobun Becoming apart of our family requires you to prove yourself useful to us. You either need to be good at fighting...or good at making money. Skills(muscle) Upon admission the Kobun must participate in a best out of three two on one handicapped match and two best of three handicapped three on threes. The handicap will be both of their teammates starting the match off with 3/4 HP. With this we are able to judge on your individual skill and your ability to work well in a team under harsh situations. Skills(brain) The other method for being admitted into our family is to show us your capability at making money. You will be tasked with gaining a certain amount of money(how you get all of the money doesn't matter to us) Showing proof of atleast two earning wins while gambling in Tanzaku and giving the amount of money you were tasked with making to the #Kaikei who is in charge of handling all of our funds. (RP End) We have many ideas for this organization and believe it will be fun as well as promote more activity since villages will have either a new ally that might require them gaining funds or a new enemy that requires them defending their players. I have made a discord for this organization that gives more information such as Lore and etc that goes on in the org. I will allow non-members to join with very limited permissions. If interested in joining our ranks contact one of the four leaders listed above. They will get back to you when they can giving you the date and time of the next trial. Next Trial will be 4/10/2022 4pm EST at Tanzaku Quarters. (Known enemy alts/spys will be dealt with during this. Please do not show up unless you're serious. If you somehow have crossed our family before then do not come.) Contact me if interested in the discord
  2. I was confused myself on why he jailed his own villager but after I saw Naer jail him I tried to ask Naer why as well but he ran too fast lol. I do agree that it is an RP level crime in which the Hokage/LMPF Chief (and honestly any other ranked LMPF officer) can handle. The RP is the equivalent to that of a corrupt cop. Don't really understand why that needed "Godly intervention" from an RP standpoint. I think when it comes to abusing to avoid BI or a potential loss in a war or something similar is when a GM should intervene.
  3. I think this is a pretty good idea. The vulnerability could be tweaked a bit(15+ seconds of silence seems excessive, maybe 6-8 seconds). Or maybe take away the melee buff while using this jutsu and just keep the movement speed buff. Other than that I think this would be a really good change to the jutsu and grant more versatility to taijutsu hybrid aswell as making taijutsu in general look faster like in the anime. Using jutsu like breaking kick and whirlwind with it would make it look much better with the speed boost.
  4. I agree that Fire/Water is probably one of the most balanced out of Fire's elemental counterparts but everything else is very debatable. Fire/Tai isn't exactly stronger than Light/Tai. That's very debatable. Tai light has homings, and stuns paired with the ability to interrupt everything from their Taijutsu half. Yes with Fire/Tai you can get off some damage with a knock back into phoenix/dragon but this also leaves you vulnerable where as though a tai light has better tools to set up combo's in its kit without being punished. "Fire/Water > Light/Water" is also very debatable. It depends on the match up. Fire/Water has no good combo starter aside from water prison. Other than that the Fire/Water mastery depends on aim for the most part. Light/Water how ever has multiple combo starters with Spear/Chidori/WP and even has a better interrupt like lightning current which is far better than vortex and less punishable than big flame bullet. I personally think Light/Water is better and easier to use. However that is just an opinion ofcourse, it's very debatable. "Fire/Earth > Light/Earth" in groups I would give fire/earth the edge, but in 1v1? no. Honestly you can save Earth wall to block phoenix if you feel like you may get hit (or flat out dodge it, it's not hard to). Dragon is a good burst damage jutsu but it's easily punishable. Which is fair, high risk high reward however the opposing mastery can easily punish this. Light/Earth also like the former mastery combo has a far better combo starter and much more options. You also have the earth homing which is only 14 second cool down and continuously poke them. This despite what people think is not 100% a fact. It does have very good burst damage jutsu's but it isn't the highest. INT Wind has better base damage for a lot of it's jutsu. There's also jutsu like explosive kunai that hit twice while also applying burn. Poison jutsu's also tick longer than burn while also doing more damage with only slightly less base damage which will usually amount in more damage over time than fire would.
  5. They are the weakest out of their counterparts in 1v1. (Ex: Earth + Anything is stronger than Earth + Fire in 1v1). As far as groups go, you're right they have potential to be very strong. Such as Fire/WM INT and Fire/Earth. However it still would be nice for Fire to get one good interrupt. Especially considering that CC is what leads up to you being able to deal heavy damage in the first place. Making everything a cast/self stun to punish the user only to do damage that will retaliated in both groups and 1v1 isn't sufficient imo. Because it's a small hit box that charge casts and self stuns the user on a mastery with 0 good interrupts and a kit that does not have any CC. Let's face it big flame bullet and vortex are almost completely useless. That includes group fights as well.
  6. I agree that it does need a buff. For the players saying "it has damage!" The scaling on fire is not THAT much better than every other mastery so that argument isn't too great. Fire is underwhelming compared to every other mastery at the moment. Making flame bullet instant cast would definitely make the mastery less inferior to all others currently. I don't think making vortex would even fix this issue since there is also 30 second cool down and it also self stuns the user longer than it stuns the enemy so they would just be punished afterwards. Lastly anyone that thinks fire isn't inferior, compare every Fire combination with each mastery, Fire is always the weakest of it's counterparts. Ex: Earth Water > Earth Fire, Light WM > Fire WM, Water Med > Fire Med etc...