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  1. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they can come back anyway,
  2. Hey everyone, Just to settle a debate Please vote on whether Freezehud was the best Kazekage of all time?
  3. My masteries got nerfed, every single one cept earth why isnt rory nerfing earth is eclipse using their purse? Int med is in the grave, now it's really marked with curse, psenbon stun for .8 the last nail in the hearse Dude, I can not treat no wounds That shit taking 2 seconds now get stopped by the likes of Jun Too long been on the move, Suna's on top in the groove The homecoming feeling good Chunin on the loose I got 2 ranked accounts getting deals with ryu We making paper now Rock with so many lightning You'd think Kumo was out My aim so good you'd think I turned with the mouse Screaming calls out loud, chidori? going for it there it is Going on the ranked queues being an elo terrorist Been hanging with baguettes Hunting spamming the puppets Got no time for muppets, I got my dailies flap it My friends using alts hearing cries from bogdan Tight, playing amogus y'all must be so bogged down You showing up once in a fortnight Hyach being the best current kage is some crazy foresight Leaf and mist are below supremacy is a birth right I bet that shit would hurt like Being a whole fire earth and ducking from a med light please review your worth and maybe pick up a book Then show up toads fight Stead of ducking like some ZIUK
  4. Attached is the video of 3 sand Lowbies and a fresh 50 taking out 9 leafies before getting zerged to death in a valiant effort to complete their waging war.
  5. How would you prove someone is inting? What if they just went afk or something happened irl? You cant just ban people for losing...
  6. Hello, The base STR req for the lower level swords should be changed to better correspond to the STR needed for the relevant jutsu at that level. I think instead of 23 40 53 it would make more sense if these swords were at 20 30 50 STR
  7. Pillars works fine as it is now, landing it can completely change the tide of a team fight. No support. I'd much rather see @Ainz Ooal Gown's idea of feast hitting multiple targets if it lands.
  8. All you will see happen is people will go 40 str and then that becomes the new meta. You had people playing fire earth with 80 str for crystal fan before it got nerfed. No support from me.
  9. 100% would be a nice QoL addition to the UI
  10. I think rory said he was planning on making blood pills that only chakra med could make