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Found 4 results

  1. Hello fellow shinobi, as you may already know getting Ryo (game's currency) is difficult in early lvls. whether you need tools, weapons, blank scrolls or blood & chakra pills getting ryo is a must. But the drops don't sell for that much, missions don't pay enough and the grind is endless. Well rejoice cause I've found you a few tips that can help you gather a decent sum easily. keep in mind this is a guide for low lvl (<20). I - selling Honey ! Costs : 2 honey comb / Sells : 10ryo That's right selling honey can get u a small profit if done right! so to start selling Honey, you'll need to get your hands on Honey combs "sells for 3ryo each" , and to do so u either fight the scary Hornets & Bees (higher lvl than u and hit like a truck, you're welcome to kite them) but their drop chance is low. However there's the Bee Hives : doesn't hit back & guaranteed drop :!! Locations : you can find Hornets, Bees & Bee hives near Tanzaku Quarters, and past the Bounty Station near Takumi. After you get a fair sum of honey combs "make sure its an even number", head into Tanzaku Quarters in the Land of fire, and look for Ayako the bee keeper. This NPC will become your new friend, he can trade you 1 pot of Honey for each Honey comb, which u can sell for 10ryo at any shop (or for more to other player) making 4 extra ryo on each 2 combs. II - selling Antidote ! Costs : 4 dried herb / Sells : 18ryo Gotta be sneeky since this one is a bit risky if you're not from the sand village. To get an antidote first you need to gather loads of "dried herbs". you get those from Ripe herbs. sells: 5 ryo this little fella is the Ripe herb you'll be looking for! Locations : all around sand / desert territory land of wind. After you get a fair sum of dried herbs "make sure its an even number", head into Sand village in the Land of wind, and look for the antidote maker. This NPC can trade you 1 poison Antidote for each 4 dried herbs , which u can sell for 18ryo at any shop (or for more to other player) this one makes less selling to npc shop, but more to other players. III - selling Bandages ! Costs : 3 fresh fiber / Sells : 15ryo Gotta be very careful since this one is risky if you're not from the mist village or get caught by Rogue ninja & Bears. To get a Bandage first you need to gather loads of "Fresh Fiber". you get those from Fiber plant. sells: 2 ryo this little fella is the Fiber plant you'll be looking for! Locations : all around the forests in Lands of fire & water. After you get a fair sum of fresh fiber, head into Mist village in the Land of water, and look for the bandages maker near the shop. This NPC can trade you 1 Bandage for each 3 fresh fibers , which u can sell for 15ryo at any shop (or for more to other player) making 9 extra ryo on each 3 fibers. IV - selling scrolls! sells for 200-300 to other players whether you're selling Blank scrolls (200-300ryo) , or Jutsu scrolls lvl1(200-400ryo i think ), you're making huge profit as a low lvl shinobi. Don't forget to keep some for yourself before your start selling. V - Fishing! This one a bit advanced since you'll need to invest a huge sum at first, fishing is the only proficiency currently available in game, that allow you obtain items & materials to sell for (ryo). To start fishing you'll need to buy a fishing rod, the cheapest one is 2k ryo ( the investment i mentioned), then look for a body of water near your village and start fishing (little fun and sometimes frustrating mini game XD). at first you'll be getting nothing much but some old boots (4 ryo), twigs(1ryo) and seaweed(2ryo). but as you lvl your fishing skill you'll be able to catch more rare and pricier fish, ranging from(6ryo to 60ryo per fish) a great way to spend your BI (8 min battle injury) and earn some ryo. VI - Selling kills i know its not the best thing to do, but beggars can't be choosers, lots of shinobi out there are looking for blood, and some are willing to pay for it . whether you have a bounty on your head or not, your life has a price XD from what i've seen so far , many ninja (mostly rogues) have killing missions & bounty missions. they usually pay 100-200ryo for kill (without bounty), and much much more if you have a price on your head! keep in mind to get payed first, and be in a danger or war zone for the kill to count. Before i finish this guide, for those like me who can't find the fiber plants & ripe herbs, all you should do is look for these orange markers on your mini map. they make it 100 times easier to spot. These are some of the ways you can make decent ryo starting as a new player, wish i knew these when i first joined! hope this can be useful to someone out there. more than happy to know if there's other ways to earn ryo. and am sure the community will correct me if mentioned anything wrong here! Peace out
  2. Why can we hold over 6,000 scorpion tails at once, but we can only carry 200 per tool? Carry weight is a BS argument. Doesn't make sense to claim carry weight when you're limited on some items and unlimited on others. There is no stamina that decreases on Nin whenever your inventory has too much stuff in it, and there should never be a carry weight on a game like this. There is nothing to abuse if someone has more tools than someone else; because that's literally the case every single PvP. My personal problem is that if I go try to farm toad for 20 minutes I'm already out of tools. Takumi is the only place where a full set of tools cost 260 ryo. Shuriken 260 Kunai 260 Paper Bomb 260 Oh? You're like @Dora and you are medic as well? Add another 260, that's 1040. Total = 780. At level 30, no int weapon master is going to have the damage let alone the ryo to accomplish Toad Village on a consistent scale compared to a player who doesn't have to throw tools with every jutsu. If you're feeling lazy, it costs 1200. (Village Shop and every other shop that isn't Takumi) OH? YOU'RE LIKE DORA AGAIN? 1600. Why do rogues get the benefit of cheap tools directly in their spawn and villagers don't? Because of the edgy NPC roleplay? I don't understand. You'd think that in a populated village there would more likely be cheaper stuff due to the character of nature rather than a lone village where everyone kills each other because they're criminals. Why are we as players inconvenienced like this? It's not fun! None of this makes sense. I'm level 43 and still haven't done Toad because if I kill a big boss I'm already out of kunai. I have constantly run back and forth between Takumi and Leaf on a consistent basis over 21 times.. I have only 20 talons and 3 feathers. That's... a LOT of ryo spent on tools. 780 x 21 = 16,380. I've spent over 16,380 on tools in less than a freakin' month and that's a rough estimate. Still haven't been able to complete Toad, not because of drop rate (I can grind for HOURS), but because of the tool cost affecting my wallet. I'm dressed like a Piru Blood in game. My clothes cost 100 ryo. Fishing is the solution? No. Increasing the amount of tools we can carry? Yes. Do I care what it's increased to? Not really. With the inclusion of raid points, it makes the drop rate harder. Blessings don't last forever. I need my drops, and I don't always log in with the raid points in my favor since I'm a working adult... It's time to change. This is a problem that players have been trying to persuade the admins about for years. I'm willing to bet there's another suggestion that someone made for something similar. If you want it to be realistic to Naruto; we should only be able to carry 9 of each tool and nobody wants to do that. In fact, I made a post about this in the past. Thoughts???
  3. Hello! This post is about economy and MONEY! I have been watching the Halloween event, with the new items, and I could stop but wonder about how great an in game marketplace would be. So I decided to write a post about it I suggest that an in-game marketplace where you can sell and buy items (nothing more complicated like orders and stuff like that) should be added as soon as possible. ( I have an older post about it but it's not this detailed). I think that the Halloween event, with its new items, is a perfect example why a regulated system where Ryo can flow in an economic manner should be a priority. As more and more tradeable items are going to be added to the game the need for an in game marketplace grows. My arguments are: 1. It'd fantastic for the new players. Right now, being new is incredibly hard and confusing. Let's say that you manage to get a mask and you'd like to sell it, where do you go? You should join the Nin discord server, maybe ask for the price, post in on trade, then wait for someone to DM you, meet up with him, it's a big hassle for a new level 10 that just wants 3k for some twin blades. A marketplace solves it all, the new player just has to list the item and wait for a buyer, he can see the prices there, and he doesn't need to go through the trouble of going on another platform and negotiate in DMs. Also, yes, you can go and /v, but in my opinion it's not the best solution . /v depends on the players online and active in your village at that specific moment, so this is not the way to go. 2. It'd be a lot better for the economy. We all know that good MMOs have good economies. It's a must for any good MMO to take care of its economy. The problems of Nin economy are: Ryo is being poured in the economy by farmers selling items at shops, that's how Ryo is created, there is no real way to get the Ryo out of the economy at the levels that it's being created, this means Ryo value decreases drastically over time, this is a big problem, this phenomenon is called inflation, much more Ryo is created than it's used right now. At the moment, there is only a pseudo-economy where Ryo flows by trades between players. Prices are not set economically, it's more about how much struggle you are willing to go through in order to get an item for a specific price, that's because there is no organized way of finding buyers and sellers, as the discord channel is chaotic and filled with lots of offers and items in no specific categories. A marketplace will make Ryo flow in an economic manner, meaning that prices will be set by supply and demand. Also, this system opens up the possibility for taxes and regulation in order to keep a stable value for Ryo as more items are added. Conclusion: Given the fact that Nin is updated and expending month by month with new items, a marketplace is a must for the quality of life of new players, as well as old players, given the facts that Ryo transactions can be regulated in order to have a stable economy, it will be easy for everyone to trade and prices will be set by the law of supply and demand. A good economy will keep players playing, make the game more appealing and will make Nin become the great Naruto MMO we all want it to be! I believe the marketplace is a top priority for the future of Nin. Thank you for reading!
  4. There were easily around 20-30 accounts, many of them level 1 academy students, botting away at the casino. The addition of the casino missions opened player's eyes to how profitable this method of ryo farming is, and as each day passes the number of accounts continues to grow. @Ueda if this remains unchecked, it will continue to pump ryo into the game's economy, causing certain players to have massive hoards of ryo. Thanks for reading and I hope it is looked into.