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  1. I like that idea to lock ppl in safe zone, and the one that Zitra and Sparkzz got, if u run as bi warrior and die again and again u got stacks of Bi with worst stats and longer Bi itself i was also thinking about what Lumy said that ppl should stay in hospital as like u are wounded u cant move at all from bed as part of roleplay.
  2. You need to keep practice at shading stuffs, cuz the shapes of that things doesnt look that bad. The only one thing in that knife is bothering me, the perspective is kinda wrong for it at the back Should be something more like this, but keep it up and do more stuffs to show us! Cant wait to see more.
  3. Keep it up! Dont you dare to give up, just focus on more and more to do new things Remember everyone start with a little experince at it, but when you will keep practice im for sure that u will be able to do a lot better! Feel free to pm to me if you have some questions and not sure about something there
  4. @Itama Date Accepted Art Styles - Drawing (please make sure the photocopy of the image is clearly visible) - Digital (any digital means to create art) - Pixel (you can create your own versions of the art in pixel form, but if you want the Nin Online base sprite, check here)
  5. Hello there Nin Community, First of all I want to apologize to everyone that are still waiting for their custome stuffs. It's just I don't have that much time like I got befor, but i promise to all of you that i will definitely end what I started and so far I wont take any more requests. Then about why I don't have that much time? Eight hours normally work as electrician, then after that im travel to my "second" job wich is building my own house by my own, so like everything i do myself and sometimes help with my friends/parents. So as u know it takes a lot of my free time and when i come back at home I just dont have that much power in me to try something on PC wich is sad for me too. Im working hard now so me and my wife could be moving in befor vacation. Maybe later i will post some pictures about my progress there. Still sometimes i find a time to open PS and work some, like now I got one clothes almost finished, need a female version of it and its done. Hope you could understand my situation a little closer like this and be patience. Thx, and sorry again.

  7. By DeviantArt, was searching some group and then found pictures from this game
  8. Saw the base and couldnt resist to create someone from this And here comes Madara with 2 ver of shadding his armor When I will come back home I will post more at new topic of my pixel arts