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Found 6 results

  1. Ueda

    Controls Guide

    The Controls Guide has been moved to a page.
  2. Hey all, How did you find Nin-Online? I am just curious to know where everyone came from and what brought them to our community aside from the love for anime, Naruto to be exact. If you were referred here, please do mention the name of who posted the topic
  3. Guest

    Fan Art Contest

    Hello Ninja, In preparation for Closed Beta, I will be hosting a Contest/Giveaway. This contest is a Fan Art contest. All art is welcome, no ones art is too bad, just give it a shot! There will be a theme: Nin Online Themes. This includes Organizations (Anbu, Akatsuki, etc), Nin Online Fan Art, Nin Online Original Character Fan Art, etc. Rules Post your submission in this thread by making a reply. Up to three submissions per person. If you do submit multiple submissions, put them in a spoiler and edit your original post and add your extra submissions. You will not gain any advantage for adding multiple submissions, you will be judged for your overall work and effort. Your art should be 100% your own work, we understand some people are not born artists, we will take it, just draw or craft whatever you can. Plagiarism is very serious, you will be disqualified and warned. You may use Graphic (computer created) art or Paper/Canvas art. You can also craft using wood or clay if drawing or graphic art is not your preference. Your art MUST have content related to Nin Online. Whether it be characters, symbols, logos, or anything. Just make sure it is related to Nin Online! Your art may not contain any offensive or rude comments or imagery. The art should follow all community guidelines found here. Ninja who already have Gold/Silver may participate, however, they will not be able to qualify for any of the Gold Ninja ranks, as we would like to give the rank to people who may not be able to acquire Gold. So this means no Alternate Accounts (to Gold Members) should be applying either. Your submission should look like you put a bit of effort into it, try to not do very simple artwork. (Stickmen, messy and quick sketches, etc.) Rubric Judging will be based on the following. This is available to you so that you understand what we are looking for. Presentation - Entry looks easily presentable, could be understood out of context and overall looks neat. Effort - Entry looks like some hard work went into the creation of the art. Creativity - Entry does not copy a theme in other entries already submitted, has it's own unique twist. Relation - Entry is related to Nin Online in some way. Prizes $25.00 Nin Credit $10.00 Nin Credit 2 Gold Ninja Ranks Special Dates Entries begin immediately. Entries will close on August 24, 2016. Prizes & Winners will be announced August 27, 2016. Judges @Yuko, @Rory, @Akiro Good Luck, Yuko
  4. Seth

    Server Status

    Introduction We've got a lot of people asking if the game is online, so I've decided to make a topic about it to handle any questions people have about it. Status The state of the game can be found by looking at the sidebar of the forum which will display if it is online, offline, available to a specific group of people, or under maintenance. Online & Offline This means the game server is online (playable for everyone) or offline (everyone including staff). Gold & Silver Ninja Only Only select members may login which have the usergroup Gold Ninja or Silver Ninja. Early Access Only Only select members may login which have the usergroup Early Access. Maintenance If the game is under maintenance, you may not login and is only available to the staff of the game. Disclaimer The game is under development and is not done. This means that it is not ready to play, and this status will change over time which means check the announcements regularly. You can do this most effectively by following the forum Announcements which you will get an email when a new post has been made, or you can follow us on one of our social media platforms. We will announce any new changes such as if the game enters Alpha, Beta, or Release. If you are wondering what state the game is in, just check the last announcement posted concerning the tests. After release, maintenance will mean we are prepping for updates.
  5. Dear Ninjas, I'm proud to announce that I have finally put the well deserved time into a task that has been on my mind for the longest time ever. Ever since our re-launch in 2013, I had been very, very disappointed with the quality of the Nin Online logo. I had a strong concept behind the design, but rushed the execution so much that it was still a sketchy draft piece when I announced the project back then. Our logo has since been on all our official content, our forums, advertisements and even the game itself! I think we can all agree that the logo is something you look at today and instantly recognize our game and community. So I decided not to stray for from it, but to create a more visually refined and appealing revamp of it. WIth out further ado, here is our new logo! Updated Logo Design The signature shuriken has been refined and re-angled with a corrected perspective, while retaining the most interesting features about it. The circle which is the "O" in Online, has been given a dynamic whirl to it to retain the dynamism present in the previous design while having a more simplified color shading. Here is a visual journey of our logo design changes since the first ever logo in 2007, the first edition of Nin Online. History of Logos of Nin Online We hope that you will hold our logo even prouder in your signatures and when spreading the word of our project here and elsewhere from now on. Regards, Rory
  6. Dear fellow Ninjas, Today marks the start of our very first community contest in an attempt to help make the Nin Online community a larger place. The goal of this contest is to motivate everyone to get the word out and inform other Naruto fans or anyone that enjoys playing games to join in and follow the progress of Nin Online as well as take part in forum discussions. This Referral contest will run from June 27th to July 14th. That's right, you've got a good deal of time to set your mark within the community as someone who helped with its growth. There are of course rules that must be followed or you will be disqualified from the contest. Please be sure to read through the following rules below in order to keep yourself from getting disqualified. [*]Only advertise on communities that allows advertisements. We would like to keep a decent reputation for our community and that includes respecting the rules of other communities. Please don't advertise if it is strictly against the rules on another forum. [*]The referral system has its own set of rules which is to check the IPs registered with each referral, you are under no circumstance allowed to create multiple accounts under the same IP because it just wont work. Any account caught using the same IP will be notified as well as the person who "referred" them about their disqualification. This will not result to a ban or forum punishment just to be clear. [*]Referred members are only counted if they are registered. This means it does not count if they just visit your referral link without registering. [*]Above all, remember this is not a war. Give people a reason to want to join our community instead of just "An awesome game being developed with nice graphics, join the community (link)". We will indeed look through how everyone was referred so make it awesome. How Do I Get A Referral Link? Getting a referral link is quite easy as you can see from the image above. All referral links can be located at the centered right side of the Nin-Online forums. Simply click in that box and copy the link in there. This link can then be posted wherever you intend to advertise or to whomever you wish to refer. Just below that you can see the current top five referrers. This will help you indicate the number you have to beat if you'd like to get your name on that list You can also manage your referrals by clicking on the "Manage Invitations" text located at the bottom right of the referral link section. On this page you can view all those you've referred and probably send them a thank you message for joining if you'd like, haha. What's Ours Is Yours! This simply means you are free to use any released image in the gallery or found on a development topic to advertise Nin-Online. Use what we've released to your advantage and be sure to mention what the image you use is showcasing. Keep In Mind Although we are allowing you to use any image provided having to do with Nin-Online, this does not mean you have the right to claim it as yours. These images are to be used only for advertisement purposes and nothing more. You have been warned now continue reading. Prizes! Now on to the good stuff.. PRIZES! What's a contest without a prize? Anyhow, lets start with in-game prizes. First Place [*]You will receive a special weapon in-game upon release. In the event of a wipe, it will be restored personally. This item is rightfully yours and will be named after you. Eg. Tsurugi no <Your Name> or <Your Name>nagi. [*]Gold Shinobi Badge for Life [*]Starter package Second Place [*]Gold Shinobi Badge for Life [*]Starter package This badge will indicate to the entire community that you successfully brought 50 or more new active members into our community. This prize is for any and everyone that can live up to its expectation and will continue to be a reward to anyone that can get 50 referrals even after the contest. Next up will be limited prizes. The closer we get to the release of Nin Online as well as the ending of this contest, we will be providing information on the limited packages and the first place option of one item from three choices. There will only be a first and second place prize. The option for a silver shinobi badge is always within grasp if you should want it. We hope to see a large amount of participants and many new community faces in the coming weeks. Rory and the entire development staff will be hard at work trying to provide decent development updates for everyone as well. Join us as we build a large community for a single purpose, to play a game worth playing. Go now shinobi, and bring back friends. I look forward to commanding a select few of you within my Anbu unit in the future. Good luck and a big welcome to all new members! Regards, AkatsukiNick