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Found 12 results

  1. Singe


    Subject: Improving PvE Engagement and Reward Structure in Hit Spark Dear Hit Spark Development Team, I hope this message finds you in good spirits. I'd like to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible work you've done in shaping the immersive world of Hit Spark. It's evident that your dedication to crafting captivating gameplay experiences has resonated with players worldwide. Today, I'd like to discuss a topic that I believe is crucial for the continued success and enjoyment of Hit Spark: the state of PvE content. While the game offers a diverse range of activities and challenges, it's clear that PvE encounters, particularly boss battles, could benefit from further refinement and enhancement. One area of concern is the reward structure associated with PvE content, specifically boss drops. As it stands, many players invest significant time and effort into defeating powerful adversaries, only to be met with underwhelming rewards. This disparity between the challenge posed by boss encounters and the rewards they offer diminishes the sense of accomplishment and motivation to engage with PvE content. Additionally, the reliance on mob drops as a primary source of Ryo further exacerbates the issue. While mob farming can be a viable method for earning currency, it often feels like a tedious and repetitive grind, lacking the excitement and satisfaction that should accompany PvE gameplay. I believe there's a tremendous opportunity to revitalize PvE content in Hit Spark and create a more engaging and rewarding experience for players. By reevaluating the distribution of rewards from boss battles and introducing mechanisms to enhance the significance of PvE encounters, we can foster a deeper sense of immersion and investment among players. One potential approach could involve introducing unique and desirable rewards that are exclusive to PvE content, such as rare and powerful gear or cosmetic items. This not only incentivizes players to engage with PvE content but also adds depth and variety to their gameplay experience. Furthermore, implementing dynamic and challenging mechanics within boss encounters can heighten the sense of excitement and achievement associated with defeating these formidable adversaries. By introducing elements such as unique attack patterns, environmental hazards, and cooperative gameplay mechanics, we can elevate PvE content to new heights of excitement and intensity. I recognize that addressing these issues may require careful consideration and balancing to ensure a positive impact on the overall game experience. However, I believe that by prioritizing the enhancement of PvE content, we can create a more immersive and fulfilling experience for players across all levels of skill and progression. Thank you for considering my feedback on this matter. I have full confidence in your team's ability to continue delivering exceptional gaming experiences, and I eagerly anticipate the exciting developments that lie ahead for Hit Spark. Best regards,
  2. @Ueda Greetings. Probably know me batter as Judah but...With all due respect. Making a video game is hard, and you're making/ made a FREE Action MMORPG. That's even harder. Take the hate as a compliment, you inspired passion. Keep grinding and moving forward personally. And keep up the good work on Nin. You've done sooooooo much to improve Nin. Seeing how far Nin has come/ grown since I first seen it is dope. But, try not to allow "hate" to cause you to say something that will turn people away from the business (Nin Online) you've created. Keep the hype alive! Hype for any new feature of a game is a good thing. Even if people "hate" when the features have not released when they think it should. Advanced Mastery is a thing... I've seen the posts. But I also seen when you said "AM was being put on the back burner", so you could work on expanding/ improving Nin in other ways. You don't have to prove to people you aren't lying, by shutting the party down... so to speak. You've made the post explaining all this, you have receipts. All the adv mastery hate can easily be responded to by saying something like "when its ready" and sticking to it. Nin is free to play 1st of all... 2nd even the Anime creators/ publishers haven't made a better MMO then Nin. Some people do have legit gripes about not seeing Adv. Mastery, but if they're spewing hate and not disappointment... they're just being ungrateful. Or they really don't understand how hard it is to make a good MMORPG. Either way, don't get caught up in the hate (easier said then done I know). Keep grinding and all the haters will turn to lovers when new features get released.
  3. When we use the Flick or Substation technique, if there is someone facing the wall or facing backwards in this way (in some cases), we are not facing the person we are using the technique with. I think that this should not be the case and it is a bug. A situation that also affects PvP extremely. For my own self. like in this video, when I Flick, he needs to look at the player, but my character is not looking.
  4. As everyone knows we got dailies with the reward being influence points but sadly that feature has never been implemented and somehow is still a reward for doing dailies thus being a useless reward please remove this its been 4 years this been in game with no future of ever changing please give us ryo instead or even blanks this influence reward does nothing and its about time it removed.
  5. I suggest , World Blessing x2 exp rate for Gold/Silver Ninja only . Its good advantage for player who support game! > x1,5 For no Gold / x2 For Gold/Silver.
  6. Today we are presenting to all of you interview with @Ueda enjoy! Here PDF : PP_Brothers_newspaper_19_july (1).pdf
  7. YO , i comes again with hairs also i want show all of you what i made , on advice i dont will here give all moves (all base sprite) , but i hope you like it. Its Hairstyle inpirated by Jigen character which is part of Boruto to Naruto world. So, show support if you like it , also i hope @Ueda will see it
  8. Hello , today i want talk how improve summoning or maybe add "sage mode" (but only like little buff). How we know in Naruverse was it really strong and can be in game not much balanced , or maybe can be hard to balance this technique. But still i thinking many people want that technique/mode. But how balance and can be still buff for you ? I have idea for you and master Ueda. Orientation: Animal - name of active buff (buff (-per sec) / active time / cooldown) Monkey - Monkey's Path (+10 Tai dmg/60s/180s) Weasel - Weasel's Path (+ 10 Int dmg/60s/180s) Hawk - hawk's stamina (+ 15 Fort (- 2)s/60s/180s) dog - berserk chakra (+ 7 Cha (- 2s)/60s/180s) Toad - Toad's Path (+ 10 Int dmg/60s/180s) Slug - Slug's Path (+ 15 Fort (- 2s)/60s/180s) Snake - Snake's Path (+ 7 Cha (-2s)/60s/180s) Clam - Chakra flow (+ 7 Cha (-2s)/60s/180s) Panda - Panda's Fury (+ 10 Tai dmg/60s/180s) My idea . Also if you asking yourself where is Strenght ? i dont forget this stat , but when you are wm or fan user in many cases going people like fan/element or wm/tai , wm/element , tai/element... Names can change , but this buff dont make you god, but you can be more stronger . So what do you think?
  9. Managed to Change a few faces for the statues only. Also added in Lord 1st's face, and Lord 10th's face for the wall! As always ty for the support, and make sure to give some feedback! -Maguma
  10. I just wanna say happy new year to all (except the opps ofc) but i am here to bring to light some issues and solutions to how melee in this game nin is. Traditionally melee is the same 2 punches and a kick plain as day i propose a change to that and here it is: Gentle Fist: when pressure point is activated or (pp for short) the stance of attacking with melee should change Instead of having this charge thing to show we activating it mind that can be cancelled by cc and the cooldown resets or by even moving... i propose a visual method of a symbol shown above and the melee animation should change as well to a more finger piercing style like this and the gentle fist melee should take chakra in my opinion like 1 -2 chakra a punch or sum man to really separate it from agi users Chakra Scaples As chakra medics only i repeat only!!! offensive jutsu i think and truly belive the fighting stance should be changed when its active to more like a slashing type attack and it should add bleeding % or some sot of life steal to help early lvling to be a bit easier since the two paths were separated speaking of separated i do also think that we need more of a clear way to show new players that the paths are separated so a notice or slash on medic icon would be a really nice quality of life for people who dont know . Swords i think the same for sword its the same animation for ever single sword in the game i propose that bandit sword / shirokata have unique stances and melee animation like sword jabs , better slashing effects, scythe as well i also think swords should have a perks eg" bandit blade does bonus dmg to mobs or some and shirokata passive chakra gain should be revamped because its not optimum at all should jsut give a flat chakra buff and have a perk that poison or does bonus dmg to snakes or some like that just throwing ideas scythes as well should do bleed or have a 1 tile aoe spin ever 3 melees again just throwing ideas this would make grinding much less boring with the same animations over and over for hours.. upon hours because these items well no items are easy to acquire in nin so at least these minor changes should give us the players who had to grind them feel some sense of like worth instead of farming them for cosmetics.. Conclusion Nin is a good game has its problems like any other game , i enjoy it , but it gets stale having to see the same fighting animations for every single mastery or weapon its really does get stale so this is just my opinion and many other players as well i hope that the devs will work on this in the future or even allow us the players to create them if its too much work for them idk but yea hopefully one day we can get some diverse stance animations to nin to spice up the combat.
  11. Eye

    Eye 2

    My 1st costume :)
  12. Good Evening. GM.Ueda, can i request can you put a navigation map guide in the NIN ONLINE games. because like me a newbie i always lost in the map. i hope my request granted.