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  1. I am making a community for dailies to be chnaged its been same for years and its time we get change to improve it.
  2. So we basicly appreciate the Jutsu/Wep Balancing but i wanted to suggest that it should be given a free stat reset scroll everytime a new Balancing update comes out. With the reason that the players gets the chance to adapt into the new builds and have the opportunity to be motivated and not reset their masteries everytime something gets nerfed.
  3. It's been a while since i made a forum post but as the title says lets have a Nin Easter Event to start the year right. i know most OG players like myself would like to see a new take on how events are and some spice to the game. Here is my ideas of what the easter event could be like: 1. Each village warzone has a unique rabbit boss so example: sand rabbit boss is wind based, Leaf rabbit boss is fire based, and mist rabbit boss is water based. 2. Each rabbit should give a minimum of 30kexp to make it worthwhile in killing it and exp should be shared to a party to give good incentive to kill it. Now i know in the past event bosses have the same old mechanics so i would like to see a change whereas every player at least lvl 20 have a chance to kill the rabbit boss with their comrades. 3. Each boss can drop a unique easter theme weapon or clothing example: easter themed auras, rabbit robe, rabbit paw shoes, chocolate themed katana, egg crusher tonfas, rabbit ears you know something like that, it could be low lvl based weapons nothing crazy. 4. Easter eggs can be spread around the danger zones , warzones where players can break them to get coupons, blanks, pills, food items whatever. This will give players incentives to enter the danger zones to break these eggs making a more healthy and active danger zone and creating fun. 5. This is just my personal opinion but i think nin should really utilize the community more and make a competition for art to be added for this easter event so example the top 5 pixel who makes the best easter theme weapon or cosmetic can get silver role, or a special title unique to them and get paid with nin credit or a ryo prize pool to encourage them to take part is such events because i think including the players in a design of event themes creates a healthy environment for creativity and fun.
  4. Peace to the Gods of Nin, Yo, I made a mistake with my name change. I tried to go with an old name I used in other mmorpgs previously. Then I realized/ remembered there was a Sin ingame already( I always spelled Sinn with 2 n's). But I had already went through with the name change. I don't want to confuse new players or seem like I'm trying to copy another players name. But, I was thinking it would be cool to have a name change option purchasable either in the cash shop/ or add a pay now option into the normal name changing method. Don't get me wrong, I think its dope that Nin allows 1 free name change annually. Most MMOs don't even give 1 free name change at all. But... Nin is a business so having a purchasable name change option seems to be inline with the MMO market. And I think it would be a great addition into Nin's (non pay to win) cash shops.