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  1. Stamina is great, needs some adjustments though.
  2. As previously stated, this has more to do with behavioural issues than racial discrimination. Dora is blind and will attack you regardless of what you say.
  3. That’s completely beside the point. If you are being targeted, it is strictly because of your past and present public demeanour. Calling it racism is simply coping.
  4. Bringing up racially defining factors is irrelevant in the context of a Takumi fight and will do you just as much good as constantly running your mouth about fantasies. Instead, let’s focus solely on the martial aspects and exclude any unnecessary elements. As a starting point, what actions could you have taken to avoid your demise in this scenario?
  5. Well, there we go. Tool limit increased!
  6. Or possibly every mob. This would give the feeling that you can pick up your tools from corpses to reutilize them, even if in reality they wouldn't be the same. Dora feels the community would rather see the tool limit raised globally, but combined with your idea it can make it even better. It's all up to Rory though, and maybe he doesn't even plan on giving it to us... for free. So there's the possibility it becomes a craftable upgrade or more. If it ever comes out as a such though, it could become a reward for the 'Reach level x' milestone missions. At each milestone you'd get your tool limit raised up to whatever is decided. It could be a small amount each 10 levels, or just two big upgrades for 30 and 50. Or... if Rory wants to venture in that territory... he could lower the base limit and get it increased a little at each milestone. Let's say you start with a limit of 100 tools. You'd be able to carry that while being an academy student. Graduating from the academy would set this limit to 200, then each milestone after that would grant an extra 40 to your tool limit, up to 400 tools at level 60. So watchu say? More booms?