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  1. #2 adds interesting counterplay, but I think allowing the user to uncloak at will to trigger the explosion may be too overpowered, I can see raids devolving into 10+ suicide bomber meds running to their targets and uncloaking with a C press. I think it would be more balanced if there's a timer (5-10 seconds) and you cannot manually uncloak/can't cast jutsu or C until it either automatically uncloaks you 5-10 seconds later, or someone force-uncloaks you with an attack) Hopefully the explosion is also applied before flicker(as in, explosion happens in the position you were standing at before you pressed flicker, rather than the flicker destination - including substitutions casted before the poison cloak). Little balancing details aside, the jutsu design in general is interesting, I like it.
  2. 1. Can you control when you uncloak just like regular cloak? 2. Will being force-uncloaked by an AOE attack cancel the poison explosion, or immediately trigger it?
  3. This is something that has been bothering me for a while. Additionally to this suggestion, let us minimize the "You have fainted" dialog box like we can do with the minimap.
  4. Genocidal

    Make A Nin Credit Token

    Forgot to add this obvious detail: This item's cost should not be affected by any discounts or Gold Membership, its value is always the same amount that you'll get from using it.
  5. As it stands, buying/selling Nin credits is a very risky transaction that is entirely reliant on trust and faith. There is no need for it to be this way, here is the solution: Create a tradable, stackable and usable item(a ticket/coin/token) and add it to the Cash Shop, this item costs $1 Nin credit to purchase, and once purchased it is transferred to your in-game character's Stash to be withdrawn and traded at any time, this item will grant $1 Nin credit to your account when used(can either be a clickable item like a Scroll of Stat Reset, or you could create a NPC that does the conversion, ideally it should be a clickable item with a confirmation prompt, for simplicity and safety. The only problem I see with this is that it would create an exploitable loop in which people can continuously and infinitely buy and use this item potentially overloading store logs or something like that, in order to prevent this you could limit the amount of this item that can be purchased per day per account or IP address(if you have a way to limit it by IP address, otherwise per account should be good enough), you could limit it to 10, 20, 50, 100, or any amount that you believe your server/store logs/etc can withstand.
  6. This idea revolves around one or more NPCs that give out daily missions(or "tasks" in this case in order to differentiate them from actual daily missions) focused around monster hunting. You can ask this NPC for a task to kill a certain amount of a specific monster, the monster in question will be selected from a pool of monsters within your level range, they can be mainland monsters or Arc monsters, and ideally monsters that reside in Danger Zones. Finishing this daily task would reward you with a good amount of EXP(that justifies the amount of time and effort you invest into the task, and is different depending on the monsters you had to kill to complete it, which is determined by your level range) if you are below the current level cap(59 or lower), and something else, perhaps ryo, perhaps event tickets, perhaps something else, a new task-exclusive currency even, if you are at the level cap. Additionally, completing this daily task would grant you access to kill a boss once every time you complete this task(so, no more than once per day), this boss should ideally not be too hard, as it is considered part of the reward for the aforementioned task, the boss in question should be decently rewarding to kill, its drops should consist of something like a 100% chance to drop 200-300 ryo, a 20%-30% chance to drop 1 Blank Scroll, something like a 5% or even 10% chance to drop one of the relatively cheap, NPCable weapons such as Twin Blades and Iron Scythes, and a <1% chance to drop some very rare and coveted item(this should entice even the wealthy to pursuit these tasks for the very rare and coveted drop). Effectively netting you a daily average of around 300-700 ryo(or whatever other amount of ryo you deem fitting for the balanced economy that you have envisioned for the game). This suggestion would accomplish a couple of very important things: 1. It would make hunting a variety of monsters all over the world on a daily basis actually rewarding and meaningful, this alone would give the players a very good amount of daily PVE content to perform. 2. It would keep DZs very lively, since everyone would be seeking to complete their daily monster hunting tasks. For this suggestion to achieve its intended purposes it is essential that doing these tasks is rewarding enough to entice the playerbase, and I believe the rewards I have listed would do just that, however tweak them as you see fit, hopefully keeping it something that retains the interest of the majority of players.
  7. Genocidal

    Danger Spots - Boss Mechanic

    Forgot to add regarding how you can implement this: Because it is imperative that the location of the danger spots are as random and wide as possible, there are two main ways to implement this, you can either make it so the attack randomizes the area that the danger spots cover, which would be the cleanest, but I suppose also hardest way to achieve that, or alternatively you can add 3-5 different attacks that do exactly the same, and are all used by the same chance(say, if it's 3 different attacks, it would be 33% chance for each one of them to be used every x period of time, if it's 5, 20% chance for each) each one with different danger spots coverage, ensuring that the sum of all these attacks will cover every possible location. This is in order to prevent players from cheesing the bosses by staying near the "most common" safe spots.
  8. There's something wrong with the game's launcher/patcher when and only when there is an update and the client needs to be updated. I have been observing its behavior for a while now, and this is the information I have gathered regarding its behavior in my computer: When there is a patch, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to do the whole thing, the longest parts are: "Downloading Package," "Unarchiving Package," "Applying diffs" - these 3 processes are constantly changing between each other within the same loading bar, the loading bar itself is what takes 15-30 minutes to finish, which is odd, my internet speed is quite good and my computer is nothing to write home about, but it should be good enough to do whatever it does to those 4900+ files(I'm guessing it's just checking them) quite fast. Then there's a bigger problem, which is really what brings me to write this - it is throttling my connection to certain applications, and sometimes outright sucking all of it. So for instance, sometimes my Discord program will lose connection completely during the first stages of the patch, but my internet browser will still have connection, sometimes it's the browser that loses its connection, and sometimes every single thing in my computer loses its internet connection(except the Nin patcher I assume, as it continues doing its thing) - all these things happen randomly throughout the patching process and ONLY during that process, and it can be replicated consistently every time there's a patch, to the point it's obvious that it is the culprit. My internet connection like I said is pretty good, more than good enough that it should be able to download anything a Nin patch has in one second, and should never be throttled and gorged up by the Nin patcher like it does. My network statistics acording to Speedtest are: Download: 57.25 Mbps ./ Upload: 12.02 Mbps My internet downloads data at a speed of about 5 to 8 MB per second.
  9. I'm making these suggestions in an attempt to expand the in-game content and to further streamline the learning curve and leveling process mainly(but not exclusively) for brand-new players. The first part of my suggestion is to make the world map when in the overworld clearer and more comprehensive. Something as simple as a diagram would suffice for a quick fix to this problem. Here is an example of what can be put in the in-game world map: What is actually put in-game should hopefully be a bit more polished than this, but even something like this would be a huge improvement. The lack of a more comprehensive world map, and missions lacking any sort of markers that can lead you to the necessary destination makes this game unnecessarily and disproportionately difficult for new players, in fact, it's one of the things that serves as a barrier of entry to this game, demanding that every new player spends potentially several hours exploring the map not to learn more about it, and not in a logical, progressive way, but all at once solely to find where to complete one mission. If this game expects to reach anything more than a very niche audience of not only Naruto fans/people who can recognize good pvp when they see it, but also only those who are willing to endure throwing many many hours away before they even know what they're getting into, more quality of life additions like this one must be made. Second suggestion in this thread is focused more on introducing new content to the game. The addition of the level 20 arc is great for the game, it eases the pain of being a level 20 lowbie and I'm really glad such addition was made. My suggestion here is a simple one: the addition of two NPCs, first, the " Daily Hunting Task" NPC. This should be an NPC you can talk to every day that will task you with killing a certain amount of a specific monster, the monster and the amount you must kill should be based on your level, as should the rewards(EXP/Ryo/new currency to be spent on another NPC). The NPC also doesn't need to be limited to one hunting task per day, it could give you multiple of those, how many is to be decided by the developer, this NPC should be giving you tasks from as early as level 10, if not earlier. The level 10-16/17 experience in this game, at least for the Leaf Village, is truly insufferable, the new HP regeneration system has made it less insufferable, but I believe it is still too much to ask from new players who are just trying the game out, without even knowing when the mindless grind for pitiful experience per kill will end, with dailies that do not give a reasonable amount of experience and not even knowing when or if that will ever change. That is not a good first impression of the game. The first Hunting Task NPC could make the level10-to-16/17 experience a lot more entertaining, shorter, and give a sense of meaning to it. The second NPC I suggest is similar to the first, a "Hunting Task NPC," this one is supposed to be a one-time NPC, meaning that every task this NPC gives you is part of a one-time progression line. So for example, in the Leaf Village this NPC would task you with killing 25-50 or so Larvas in its very first task, which is for level 1 or above players, once completed, you would be required to be level 5 or above for the next task, which would be to kill 100 or so spiders, once completed, the NPC will require you to be level 10 for its next task, in which it will task you with killing 150? 200? 250? or so wolves, and so on and so on. This would further streamline the leveling experience, especially for low level players, to be more than just mindlessly killing spiders and wolves for hours in the most boring way possible, for incredibly low EXP. The rewards these NPCs provide are to be decided, the daily one should definitely reward EXP, and possibly ryo, with it rewarding nothing but ryo and possibly some sort of special currency that can be traded for cosmetics and whatnot for max level players(at least until the level cap is increased, the NPC should then be re-adjusted to that change). I believe both of these NPCs should reward decent EXP, especially for low level players.
  10. Genocidal

    Wind ;-;

    Maybe not the best person to reply to your question given that I'm fairly new, but I am someone who picked Wind, and from very early into the game realized on his own that the only competitive path to second mastery would have to be either Earth or Water, the logic is simple: Wind Jutsu are quite hard to land, they have cast times, some are very slow moving, some have a 1 tile hitbox. Only 3 Wind Jutsu are good and competitive on their own, for the rest of the Jutsu to work, reliable Crowd Control or extreme skill on the player's part is necessary. On top of this, Earth is by itself an extremely powerful elemental mastery, and has a homing, giving the combo of Wind + Earth a double homing, powerful flicker combos, hard CC, and some extremely good waves. There's nothing Fire can do for Wind if your opponents know how to move and dodge, and you'll also be inferior in Team PvP than an Earth who can root an entire army. After this analysis, it became obvious to me that Earth/Water were my only options to pair up with my Wind. But looking back, knowing what I now know, I would not have gone Wind to begin with, I would have picked WM/Med or Fire/Earth.
  11. Genocidal


    I don't encourage bypassing bans in any way, but I just want to add that making a new Discord account is easy and free and completely anonymous.
  12. If your character is eligible for the "LevelUp Event" going on right now, you will be given a mask(account-bound I believe?) for free once you reach level 30. Otherwise, you can also buy masks for around $9 at the premium shop if that's an option for you.
  13. The two above give good solutions, but let me offer you some advice: don't let your opponents' taunts get to you, developing a hard skin will help you not only in games, but also in life well beyond this game.
  14. I hope you're trolling with this post, but in case you aren't: 1. My account was created July 10th, we're in July 18th, unless I can see the future, I couldn't have possibly seen this thread coming 8 days prior and created this account "with the single purpose of making this post". 2. I did not insult the creator of this thread, unlike you who have just insulted me in a laughably infantile manner. 3. My reply here is meant for the staff, as they and they alone are the ones who would implement the changes the OP wants, fortunately, the staff can actually check all the information in my account, including real name, payment history, and many other things that would easily prove that I am indeed a new player. Have a nice day, little fellow.
  15. As a new player who is a lowbie, the game would be nearly unplayable if the ability to carry on with gameplay normally during BI was removed, since people like the one that created this thread spend a large amount of their time killing new players/lowbies that are trying to level up, and the world map of this game is so small that it is very predictable for them to find and pick on easy prey, probably in hopes of making them leave the game so their opposing village doesn't get any new blood and manpower. The world doesn't revolve around this guy's problem and his solutions may bring more problems than it seeks to fix. Just keep that factor in mind when touching something like this.