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  1. Rory already confirmed houses will have storages. As for your argument that there isn't enough housing for every player, instanced houses (i.e an appartment building with an NPC that allows you to buy a room) was also confirmed I believe. Meaning, there will be endless/infinite housing available for players by simply using 1 building in each village. Pretty sure he also said that those would be permanent. So the benefits would be: Infinite housing done by an appartment building where talking to an NPC (or elevator) would teleport you to your room (instanced house interior). Permanent housing, meaning you will not lose your storage in there when you stop paying. As for the houses that have their OWN building like they do currently in the in game housing districts, they have the benefit of being standalone and more unique rather than living in the building where everyone lives and that's why you'd be paying monthly like you are now in comparison to the soon to be coming appartment building. Another benefit should probably be that you can place furniture around the entrance of your house for decoration purposes I suppose while an appartment building owned room would only let you do that INSIDE your room. Edit: Haven't really heard anything about Guild storages being a thing but Corps should also have a bank available to every member at some point as well as guilds.
  2. You can bind it to your charging chakra key so that whenever you charge chakra (or even when you’re fully charged) it’ll display items. That’s been pretty ideal for me at least.
  3. This isn't the case anymore. It was bugged and now it was "fixed" and hella nerfed. The max it can do is 3 hits IF you're right ontop of the puppet. It's less than half that range now too. The gifs in the post address this idk why you're posting this.
  4. Let me just mention that the puppet uses the Dragon jutsu that does 48 damage (+no burn, no follow up fireballs, nothing). Meaning, a level 1 fireball with the minimum int required (15) does more damage than a Grand Puppet's Dragon jutsu. According to meta nin anyways, level 1 fireball with 15 int is 36 + 35 burn.
  5. I’ve already brought it up but it’s worth writing down. When someone decides to go Int WM and uses trap jutsus, I think it’s really confusing when they hit the trap limit (25) and then are no longer able to cast projectile based jutsus (so in their case, not a single Int WM Jutsu: Explosive Kunai, Shadow Shurri, Spike Ball). I believe the best thing to do is make it if you place a certain amount of traps, it’ll prevent you from placing more (example being if you cast a trap jutsu it will just not place traps) than the limit. Some jutsus have more than 1 projectile that fires so maybe increase the internal projectile limit to 30 for players but limit traps to 25. I especially think this will be less confusing for new players.
  6. I’m tired of ice skating at the edge of maps, I think it’s time we can visually see if we’re locked. Good idea.
  7. The new mission chain has players go to each important building in the village once you finish or skip the Genin exam, the idea is to literally tie into these missions by adding an arrow in front of the buildings so once they’ve run around the village they just have to look for the arrow.
  8. Make it easier for new players to find locations within the village by either of the following options: 1. Adding the "arrow" that's first used when introduced to missions in the screenshot below infront of each location the new mission chain wants you to go to, making it just a little bit easier for new players to find the exact building/stand/entrance. This arrow symbol will only be visible infront of the buildings if the player has the specific mission, once it's done or abandoned the arrow dissapears. Or if we wanna get more advanced.. 2. Add the same arrow (or any really) that directs the player; kind of like that Land Of Toads mission where you train by going the direction the arrow shows, except the arrow follows where the locations are. For example, if I'm extremely far right of the village away from the scroll shop, the arrow will be next to my character pointing < (left). If the scroll shop is then above me once I've ran left, it'll point ^ (UP).
  10. Some additional ideas that would technically add content: Kill Order System Add a kill order system, as in have an NPC located somewhere (probably somewhere in tanz) where players can place kill orders on specific players (You enter their name > Enter how much ryo you're offering the killer (minimum 1k ryo) > It's then successfully listed and immediately takes the money from the person who created it). Afterwards, if players are seeking to make money by the means of PVP all they have to do is go to this NPC and look at the list of kill orders, choose one and it'll basically "assign" the person as the killer. The person will then have to kill the person they've been assigned and we can even go one step forward and make it so that if someone in this killer's team kills the target it will still count for the killer so he'll get the reward. Capturable Areas Have various locations such as outside Snakes, Docks (Not Mist Docks), outside Hosts Cave as capturable areas. The way it'll work is basically there is some sort of totem/statue that represents the area (snakes = snakes, hosts = hosts, docks = tentacles) that upon interacted by a ninja will ask: "Do you wish to try and capture this zone?" - "Yes" - "No" If the zone was originally neutral (they reset every 6 hours), it will only spawn 4 Chunins NPCs (Chunins = Half the stats of a Jonin NPC) for you to fight. Once defeated, the totem will change colors from RED to GREEN. This allows any ninja to interact with it again and claim it for his village. If the zone belongs to certain village (or takumi) then it'll spawn 4 Chunins NPCs (Chunins = Half the stats of a Jonin NPC) that look just like their village's Jonins (+1 for each raid point they currently control (Maximum Of 10) ). It also alerts the village that the capture point belongs to that it's under attack. Capturing Snakes Benefit: Poison Debuff (FROM SNAKES) don't apply to Village Members that own this point. Capturing Hosts Cave: 50% chance Hosts miss their melee attacks on Village Members that own this point. Capturing Docks: Kuraken doesn't immediately attack Village Members that own this point unless attacked first.
  11. I think you're forgetting something as well. BIG PICTURE
  12. Implement a "leaderboard" system that resets at the end of every month. You only gain points in this leaderboard whenever you claim bounty (evidently, the more bounty you claim during the month = the higher you are on the leaderboard). At the end of the month, reward the top three individuals in that leaderboard.
  13. I agree, that's why I said it should be on top of this idea. Meaning, for example, you would be able to drop a fully black double fan with the grade of "common", "rare" or "legendary". Instead of having fixed looks for each type - the color AND grade can vary. I think that'd be pretty fun to have. Oh and once again, the stat difference is so minor that even if you drop a rare color and it was merely "common" grade, it's still viable! What do you think?
  14. I like this idea and support it but hear me out, what if we literally had different grades of items on top of this? You know the classic MMORPG stuff like "common", "rare", "legendary". The higher the grade the better the stats/effects very slightly, could literally be a simple +1 damage each grade or an additional side stat (like +1 chakra compared to the lesser grades). It's not broken because it's barely an increase and yet at the same time it gives a chance for people to grind for the better grades (because every stat counts to these tryhard ninjas in this 2d world right???). Just my two cents, figured it'd be cool/fun.
  15. I thought it was obvious but inside of whatever building that grants you access to your storage it’ll just be a no pvp zone. So you don’t get jumped while interacting with your Ninja Storage. You could probably get camped right outside but you can just cloak out and dip or call in some goons to have a team fight with your attackers. You know, beats afking. I don’t see this suggestion in general being considered any time soon however.