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  1. When im casting self heal it does nothing, same with revive Sometimes it doesnt even trigger the cd (see the GIF) and in some it does and it says "Target not in range." I tried restarting game and changing keybinds, nothing helped. Im not the only one with this bug.
  2. Hello the bug with removing people from the friend list has been reported a few times with no solution. When you try removing a friend by right click > remove friend it removes a random person instead. I had an idea that i think would be easy to implement. Instead of right clicking if there was a counter command to /friend like /unfriend or /remove that might be a fix.
  3. Still happens in the new client
  4. Id love to play go or chess in nin but it really doesnt fit the gambling theme.. gambling is about luck.
  5. I have a bug to report, I used sub and then for unknown reason get teleported across the map when someone breaks my sub.
  6. Any reason why theres no feature where we could see our nin credits in in-game inventory next to ryo so we could trade it for stuff? Why only through gift cards on this site? Would prevent completing a trade with one side of the trade empty/getting scammed. See image below (Sorry for crappy edited image). Thanks for answers
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