Example builds for new players!


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Elemental mastery


LVL 10

water lvl 10.png

LVL 35

water lvl 35.png


LVL 10

earth lvl 10.png

LVL 35

earth lvl 35.png


LVL 10

fire lvl 10.png

LVL 35

fire lvl 35.png


LVL 11

light lvl 11.png

LVL 40

light lvl 40.png


LVL 10

wind lvl 10.png

LVL 35

wind lvl 35.png


Non-Elemental Mastery


Chakra medic

LVL 10

chak med lvl 10.png

LVL 35

chak med lvl 35.png

Int medic

LVL 10

int med lvl 10.png

LVL 35

int med lvl 35.png


Int Weapon master

LVL 10

lvl 10 int wm.png

LVL 35

lvl 35 int wm.png

Str Weapon master

LVL 10

lvl 10 str wm.png

LVL 35

lvl 35 str wm.png


LVL 10

agi tai lvl 10.png

LVL 35

agi tai lvl 35.png


Hidden Mastery



LVL 10

fan lvl 10.png

LVL 35

fan lvl 35.png

Gentle Fist

LVL 10

GF lvl 10.png

LVL 35

Gf lvl 35.png



LVL 10

bubble lvl 10.png

LVL 35

bubble lvl 35.png


Note: Many new players are confused about which stat to put in this guide might help you on what stats you should choose. But feel free to choose anything and change the builds.

Thanks so much for providing the builds for this post! @Aesthetic and thanks @Vaxure for the help with gentle fist.

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