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  • Black Giant Folding Fan



    A Black Fan made of iron, allowing the user to use Fan Techniques and shoots a wind projectile across 4 Tiles dealing 20 base damage knocking back the enemy 1 Tile. You need a minimum of 20 strength and a level of 10 or above to utilize this weapon. You can obtain it by defeating Gafuki, the Daimyo's bodyguard, who you can find on the 3rd floor of Takumi Castle. Only ninja of the Sand Village can equip this weapon.

    The damage of this weapon scales with the Strength Statistic.


    In-Game Look


    Pink Giant Folding Fan


    The Pink Giant Folding Fan is a reward that you can obtain through events hosted by Game Masters, such as the Summer Tournament. It shares the same attributes as its black counterpart.


    In-Game Look



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