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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Nin Players, ever wanted to know what certain acronyms like b1, b2, or dz meant? Well in this post you shall find out from a Long Time Player. (P.S I was bored waiting on a blessing, so I made this for the newbies of the game.) SZ - Also Known as Safe Zone is an area deemed a safe area were waging war kills will not count and you can't lose bounty or gain bounty in these zones. These areas are often located within the village or the training areas near the village. DZ - Also known as Danger Zone is an area deemed a dangerous area due to enemy ninjas fighting here and dangerous creatures that roam the area. Missions like Waging War count and bounties can be gained/lost in danger zones. Often located around the maps such as bears, bounty station, Mini Bridge, and etc. B1 - B1 also known as Bears Map 1 is located left of the dark spiders' map or right of the cursed host map. It gained the name from older players due to it being the first bear map they run into. B2- is also known as Bears Map 2 which is located right below bears map 1, left of snakes, or north of south tigers. It gained the name from older players due to it being the 2nd bear map to run into before reaching south tigers. KH - Also known as Kage House is the place where you get your daily missions each day, Roleplay Missions, the Kage Office, and it's also the place were enemies do missions such as Spy and Documents. BH/Mist BH - AKA The Bounty Station(s) which is a place where you can collect bounties from enemies you have killed to receive Ryo for your character. This is also a place that is very popular to enemy ninjas to travel through so be careful. Missions Such as Bounty Hunt and Village Most Wanted can be completed by collecting bounty from the NPC inside the building. CF - Also Known as Chakra Forest/Forest of Ambush is a place in between Leaf and the dangerous pvp maps of Nin. CF is a vast map with plenty of running room is also the perfect map to ambush a group of enemies or to take on a big group of enemies when you are outnumbered. The map is considered a danger zone so be wary of enemies in the area and use the trees as much as possible to evade attacks and to remain hidden. DB - Also Known as Dark Bridge is the map after CF which is a narrow bridge used to travel back and forth from Leaf. This map just like CF is also camped from time to time to ambush people for kills and to do missions. This map is also a danger zone meaning bounty hunt missions and kill missions count on it. DC - Known as Dark Clearing is the map before snakes and is also a pretty big map. It has received its name from being a dark area which is hard to see enemies on unless they are targeted, or some visible light is shined on the target. Another danger zone as well so you know what that means; Kills and Bounty! ST - Known as South Tigers is the map after B2 or also known as the map before reaching the bounty station on the mainland is a popular map to travel on and a popular map to run into enemy ninja on. This map is also a great place to find people to kill and to collect bounty on. You can also restock your tool supply if it gets low on this map. B3 and B4 - B3 and B4 are also known as Mist Bears or Bears Map 3 and Bears Map 4 which was added to the game with the launch of the Mist Village. B3 is a Bear map That you can reach by traveling right of Dark Clearing or by going southeast of Dark Spiders. B4 is the next map after B3 which is a continuation of b3 which leads to the Asoki Port that takes you to Mist. Both maps are filled with bears and is a good area to camp for kills when missions reset. WW - Also known as Waging War which is a type of mission that requires you to kill "X" number of ninjas to complete. Kills for Waging War only count in danger zones and war zones so be mindful of this when hunting for kills. They also can't have battle injuries and they have to be above level 10. VMW - Also known as Village Most Wanted is another mission but instead of requiring kills, it requires you to collect a specific amount of bounty at once to complete and turn in. You can only collect bounty from people that are on danger zone and war zone maps. They also can't have battle injuries and have to be above level 10. CE - Also known as Chunin Exam is an Exam that takes place in each specific village and can either be hosted by a GM or can be automatically started. The exam has 3 to 4 parts ranging from a quiz, 1v1, and a "Forest of Death" type stage where you have to retrieve a heaven/earth scroll to pass. DBE - Also known as a Dodgeball Event is an event hosted by GMs or automatically hosted were players launch dodgeballs at the opposing team to try to eliminate them to win. Each win against a team awards 1 coupon so do your best! PBE - Also known as a Pushball Event is an event hosted by GMs or automatically hosted were players launch pushballs at the opposing team to try to push them behind the line to eliminate them. Each win against a team awards 1 coupon so do your best! WP - Also known as Water Prison is a jutsu that snares your opponent for 3.5 seconds giving you or your teammates a chance to combo them before they either flicker out or the snare ends. EP/GEP - Also known as Earth Prison or Great Earth Prison is an earth jutsu that snares your opponent(s) all around you for 3.5 seconds giving you or your teammates a chance to combo them before they either flicker out or the snare ends. RP - Also known as Roleplay is an act or perform the part of a person or character. You use /e then type your message to use this feature within the game. [Example: /e smiles angrily at Ueda. Picture of Example: Nin Online (] GM - Also known as a Game Moderator is a person who acts as an organizer, officiant for regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a multiplayer role-playing game. In this case our current GMS are as followed: Antar, Vaxure, and Average