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  1. Little issue: I've done RP 2 and 3 before doing RP1, but wasn't able to turn in those tokens yet. After doing RP1 and turning in said token today, then attempting to turn in 2&3, the NPC mentioned that I've done that mission already. After relogging, restarting entire client, and dropping the tokens to talk to the npc without them, I noticed it said that I had done RP 1 through 4. I had the tokens for 2 and 3 in my inventory, which they still reside in, and only turned in RP1, haven't done RP4 at all yet. Acc level during completion and turn-in of RP1 was 53. As far as I know/noticed, I also only got the RP1 amount of XP, but I can't say that for sure since I didn't pay attention to it. Also never got the entire RP1 through 4 in my mission log. I don't know how I did it, but I think i might flapped up somehow down the line. TLDR; did RP1 through 3, turned in the token for RP1 still have 2&3 in inventory, yet game now tells me I've done all of them which isn't correct. Thank you in advance! (And hopefully this was the right spot to mention it since this isn't a general bug/issue.)