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  1. Hey all, Quit for various reasons and I'm no fan of gatekeeping so here is the video I made for TA a while back, enjoy and feel free to comment below what you think
  2. SDZ

    Reworked War Events + War Tokens

    good post, would definitely encourage me and my friends to play. +1
  3. SDZ

    Balance team

    I think you should clarify if the balance team as a concept should stay, but with different leader. EDIT: I am for a balance team but its always a problem when 1 person gets too much power which is why we tried to set up safeguards to prevent exactly this sort of thing happening (see below):
  4. amazing post, appreciate the number calculation and totally agree.
  5. bump, extremely relevant and requires attention
  6. Bro please read the actual post lmao. the issue is that the nin client inoichi refuses to go into full screen unless I manually change config and do that every time I start the client
  7. I have this same issue. It can be resolved if I open config and change resolution to 2 HOWEVER if the resolution is anything apart from 1920x1080 (my screen), then the mouse will desynch and will not click where I need - and I need to redo the config file every time I restart the client. Please fix! happy to help and give any info needed
  8. yeah this is absolutely true, we cannot gauge your true potential as i've never personally played with you, but i wouldn't be able to know that unless we have played together unfortunately so this list will be biased - as hageshi said its mostly players i've been in close proximity with
  9. lol if that was the case i'd have put myself above vipe. Static is in my honest opinion better than sparkz in that i would prefer to have him in akat over sparkz therefore he makes the list. You've never heard of sage so how can you gauge his potential? I've played with both yamikami and rumaki extensively (vc included) and so I would make the argument that I am in a better position than you to say who is better overall. I think you are making some statements without thinking :x
  10. hi agni, whilst i do admit you are indeed top tier on fire med, the reason i have put myself above you is because again this is not a 1v1 list. its what a player brings to the table, and i would make the argument that my tactics input, comp set up, build crafting etc is what puts me above you IMO
  11. i thought about that but realised whilst agni is indeed a beast, i am better on fire med
  12. Updated of @Enver's original thread from last year. My spaces are blank if I don't know who or if you're so bad that you don't deserve a mention. This is an overall list, not just 1v1 FFS, IF I FORGOT YOU MB *I HAVE NOT MENTIONED PEOPLE WHO I HAVENT SEEN PLAY EVER - this is since I started playing Water/Earth - ? Water/Lightning - @Katara Water/Wind - @Ainz Ooal Gown Water/Fire - ? Water/WM - ? Water/Medic - @Boo Water/Tai - ? Bubble - ? Earth/Water - ? Earth/Lightning - @Rumaki Earth/Wind - @Sage Earth/Fire - @Zabu or @Mamba Earth/WM - @Hades Earth/Medic - @Lethal (worthy mention @Sinnerman) Earth/Tai - ? Lightning/Water - @Katara Lightning/Earth - @Rumaki Lightning/Wind - @Vipe or me obvs Lightning/Fire - @Chubstah lol Lightning/WM - @Enver Lightning/Medic - @Static, yes controversial since you all bumlick sparkz but I've fought both in multiple diff scenarios and this is my opinion. Lightning/Tai - ? Wind/Water - @Ainz Ooal Gown Wind/Lightning - @Vipe or me obvs Wind/Earth - @Sage Wind/Fire - ? Wind/WM - ? Wind/Medic - ? Wind/Tai - ? Fire/Water - ? Fire/Lightning - @Chubstah lol Fire/Earth - @Zabu or @Mamba Fire/Wind - ? Fire/WM - ? Fire/Medic - me 100% (worthy mention @Agni) Fire/Tai - ? WM/Water - ? WM/Earth - @Hades WM/Lightning - @Enver WM/Fire - ? WM/Wind - ? WM/Medic - @Black Rain WM/Tai - ? WM/Bubble - ? WM/Fan - @Alev WM/GF - lol kys IntWM/Med - idk tbh, so many of you dickheads IntWM/Earth - @Woo or @fox IntWM/Wind - @Maple IntWM/Water - @Vinsmoke IntWM/Fire - @Fire or @Kaigen IntWM/Lightning - ? WM - @RedRum Medic/Water - @Boo Medic/Earth - @Lethal (worthy mention @Sinnerman) Medic/Lightning - @Static Medic/Wind - ? Medic/Fire - me 100% (worthy mention @Agni) Medic/WM - @Black Rain Medic/Tai - @Sava Medic/Fan - @Lumy Medic/intWM - idk tbh ChkMedic - what lol Tai/Water - ? Tai/Earth - ? Tai/Lightning - ? Tai/Wind - ? Tai/Fire - ? Tai/WM - ? Tai/Medic- @Sava Tai - @Raitou GF - kys lol
  13. Either it’s triple auto with no cc or it’s not triple auto with cc. The combination of both triple auto (easy to land) AND cc on such a short cooldown with virtually no cost (cp or self stun) is what makes it so frustrating to play against. it’s literally a super charged nuibari