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  1. Idk if anyone suggested that but i have an opinion if you only want to focus on Nin. Create a patreon page, it have been on for some time and if anyone reaaly wants to support you might choose some payment plans you prepared and you will have your income from there while the game is still free.

    The game will get some love and the ones that love your work will continue to support you from there so you can work on the game with full energy and full time. Also you will be able to put a team on the games development.

    To honour the names of your supporters adding credits to share the names of them in the game somewhere, that a tough idk what will community thinks about it but i know i can spare few buck for month(Even if my country have a exchange rate of 1 to 7:P). Think about that it will be beneficial i see bimbos that make thousands and thousands of bucks just from nudity on patreon why you cant make a few bucks for your lovely game while keeping it free to play without p2w? @Ueda 


    Ps: Also i am thanking you for the game man, i am fan of naruto since 2012 but i recently come across your game its beatiful i hope you can work on it more while you are financially good.

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  2. On 4/11/2020 at 5:54 AM, Adarya said:

    Hello everyone!
    I found this website the other day in another discord server and I wanted to share it here.


    This website allows you to create your own custom character in a lot of different artstyles.
    While the website is in japanese its pretty easy to navigate. (If you use google chrome, you can right click anywhere on the website and select translate to english.)

    With a little work you can even add some things yourself!
    Like for example I added The leaf bandana and Netted shirt to the art to make it look like my character even more!




    I think this can be very useful for a lot of people RPing.

    Thank you for this amazing site, its awesome!

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  3. No arguments for that because a lot of newbies doesn't know which stats to increase, how to create their builds or what they actually want to play as and/or what they are tend to play as. Charging them for 7-10 grans before giving them chance to discovering the game seems a little unfair and deal breaker to me.

  4. 10 hours ago, Ojichan said:

    So as a new player who unknowingly spread his initial stat points around before realizing that the ONLY way to succeed is by minmaxing, wtf am i supposed to do? Start over? PAY MONEY? I'm sure as hell not starting all over from scratch to fix my stats and I'm sure as hell not going to cough up to fix something I think is flawed. Why can't we just reset our stats with some kind of mission or something that's only rarely available? That way players could choose to fix their wasted time but not just do it willy nilly and "play everything too quickly"

    I gotta say i kinda agree with him, i know coupons can get you one which can go under his mission and rare suggestion. But i think every account need to have just 1 free reset if there has been poor stat spreads they can fix it and it wouldn't harm anyone yet encourage newbies(like me) enough to be satisfied by giving just one as a gift at some point of the game.