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  1. Qadim

    Balance Poll

    People really see fan to be stronger than intwm/fire/water? Damn wow.
  2. Qadim

    Leaf's Aggression

  3. All I read was "increase cutter range" when it's already 12 tiles and I knew this is the close-minded perspective of a 1v1 player. I thought I'd still give it a change and then I read AoE heal and closed the tab.
  4. People really voted fan to be THE BEST mastery? @Vipe I told you this day would come the moment I picked up a fan.
  5. what you should be asking what mastery is the weakest and in general, split masteries by variants, e.g. Str wins vs Int wind, Str wm vs Int wm, etc
  6. The problem is it is not as strong as the other summons. The summon pathing and AI is gimicky and special moves hardly hit, compared to the absolute consistent constant pressure a snake offers. Compare likely scenarios where a summon wouldn't be kited easily: Scenario 1: A medic reviving Snake vs Panda - snake will make it impossible to rev the player because in the 10 seconds it can do 1300 damage. Panda may stun and cancel the rev yes (on a very high RNG chance), but the snake will literally make it impossible and kill the medic. Scenario 2: Fighting 2v1 in the DZ Snake vs Panda/Dog/Weasel - dealing with 2 players + a summon is hard enough, but you can invest one full combo to deal with the summon at not much chakra cost, and then fight a very difficult situation (2v1). Vs a snake, you will not kill it in 1 combo, and dealing with it becomes impossible and it's doing 99 damage per attack, you cannot stand still to charge even if you get less pressure from the 2 players. A 2v1 + dog/weasel/panda is very difficult. A 2v1 + snake is impossible.
  7. I really hate the idea of adding run casts, since it makes pvp slower paced. I think a better idea is to change the numbers to make the jutsu more balanced, e.g. reduce silence duration, increase charka cost or reduce base damage