Open Discussion: Do you think allowing multi clienting would improve the player base?


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I do.

Multi-Clienting is the act of using two Nin Online clients at once in order to play two accounts at once. Clearly you only have one keyboard and running two clients at once would impact the gameplay in some way.  Some people simply buy two computers, some people use Virtual Machine, and this directly puts others like us at a disadvantage anyway. Even though in the ToS clearly states what it does; I would like to argue for the sake of a possibility, allowing us to multi-client in my opinion would better Nin Online's future and player base.

If you go onto BYOND, there are some games where you can log into five different clients at once and that's not even the minimum/maximum. I know this isn't a BYOND game, but it did start as one; and I don't know anything about coding, but even now BYOND games seem to be more advanced in some areas with their UI compared to Nin Online (Guilds, for example; players being allowed to create their own custom outfits and share icons with each other etc) I think it's important to go back to your roots when you're actively laying out your vision in order to run over anything you may have forgot; and even reconsider ideas you've rejected in the past. 

I believe that Multi-Clienting; and by Multi-Clienting I mean no more than two accounts on Nin online at once, would not only improve leveling speed, it would increase danger zone activity, (more accounts online means more leveling), it would make the player base look bigger; making more newbies want to play instead of the game appearing dead at specific time, it would increase the overall ryo flow as well. 

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It would make it easier for the person with limited time, sure. It would also make it seem like there's more players online, lol. Has the game really come to this point it would have to use these measures? 😅 


A polished bug free game which runs smooth is much appreciated, but it also has to be fun. A dude like me will rather play a unpolished piece of shit running around in Kyuubi mode while using Cursed Seal rasenganing the shit out of everyone in my way while burning the world down with my amaterasu, 

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My demands:

1. a server that wipes approx every year.

2. exp rate which you have with the blessing, and of course the real blessing will be 1.5x that

3. flap your crazy drop rates, give me a task but respect my time. 

4. yes, allow multiclienting, flap trying to stop people from using workarounds, they will hunt if they have people and time.

My life: I have work from 8-17 to support my family. What is left of my time, I have to keep my apartment clean, I have to cook, I have to workout. My wife requires my attention, I have school on the side of my job. There is a small window in which I can play a little or do some me time, entertainment, I sure as heck won't come here even though I'd wish to, it simply is not fun or respecting the little time I've got. I'd rather play something fun that is actually rewarding. Now you may come in with the, oh Nin is hardcore blablabla... That's an outdated view, give me a fun flaping game and I'll play it, and so will others. 


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On 9/18/2023 at 6:42 PM, Oriax said:

Haha yeah silly ninja the game might need some sort of serious improvements soon haha
Last time I logged in haha lol there was only 2 pages of bingo book haha crazy ninja
Game needs some milk to produce some serious content haha lol



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14 hours ago, Killua Yamikaze said:


haha yeah man these ninjas be so silly man lol 
its true though for real lil ninja haha
i do agree with young rayleigh up there haha the drop rates are cRAzZYYYY haha if they are the same as years ago and it was like .1% or something haha bandits was crazy man lol spent 2 weeks farming for 6 hours a day before getting a single drop haha and there wasn't even as many items as there is now haha man this game is crazy young ninja
give the devs some milk fr and they push out good content that bring in more player yeah haha
i see no problem allowing another account online give good player number haha and make life easier if they are medic ninja haha lol

this is harassing world young ninja haha lol


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