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This game is incredible, the ambience, art style, skill designs, villages, the constant rvr pvp, the RP missions and events. Really amazing what you did, but there are two things that are completely unbearable, and will force trillions of possible players away from this game before they can even enjoy those incredible systems you've developed:

1. The leveling system, insanely repetitive and boring grind:

-Health regen takes a lot of time forcing you to stand down every few mobs

-Healing items are extremely expensive 

-Healing class doesn't have early damage/healing skills to at least ease the pain

-Starter jutsus come with a long CD making the stand down times even longer

-You can only grab 3 quests daily, and being a sand player, I get either the one for the spa where I just need to sit down, the one with the eagle usually bugged, and the one which sends you to kill 60 mobs, the last one grants the least xp being the most troublesome one, which doesn't make any sense, plus if you cancel quests to get some better ones they still count as part of the 3 dailies.

2. The fact your jutsu acquirement is directly related to RNG:

-Got to lvl 10, got my free scroll (without even knowing that was a thing) once I tried to change it into a sealable, it vanished...

-A kind high lvl player gave me one for free, and since then I've never seen another one again, after thousands of slayed mobs nothing...

It's sad because I'd love to play this game a lot more, but between my job, and the tedious insane grind, plus the lack of improvement due to RNG and scrolls not dropping, I'm almost forced to either play passively just completing 1-2 quests daily and quitting afterwards, or directly uninstalling.

Hope you can find a way to develop an easier or more enjoyable way to grind, or at least tune starting jutsus to be able to spam them, maybe boost healing regen for <lvl30 players or something like that, otherwise I'll just have to watch from outside until that long awaited questline to lvl max is deployed.

Thanks for your attention.



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Everyone has given the same feedback. It must say something about the production of the game and how it effects players inrl time. They don't have time to play the game the creator want for them to play it. He has to compromise otherwise there's nothing to gain and this game will soon fall dead if it hasn't already

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You're not the first person to say these things, I thought this myself at one point, but just enjoy the journey with what you choose. As long as you do your daily's  and all quest with blessing up, you can be LvL 50 in 2-3 weeks.

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