Beginners Guide to roleplaying in Nin Online


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Do Not God-mod

Basically, for this rule, you do not make your character invincible/all powerful/unbeatable. It’s a roleplay server in which everyone wants to have fun. 


For example, do not emote something like 


Zizu was untouched by the Fireball coming toward him.” 


It’s to be noted all conflicts are to be settled via PVP, and all fights are PVP. 


Do Not Metagame

If your character has not witnessed something, but you’ve heard about it in the out of character chat, or on the discord, and you roleplay having that knowledge, it is meta-gaming. You can only roleplay what your character has heard/seen from other interactions, investigating, or eavesdropping. 


For example: 


Dude, did you hear that Ren was the Kage’s nephew?” (Texts on discord)



And then, proceeding to refer to Ren as “Kage’s nephew” when that information was never stated to you ingame, nor was it remotely possible of deducing from interactions seen.


Do not Powergame. 

This is usually when you automatically perform an action on another player, for example:


Taki slaps Ignis, sending him flying across the room.


This is considered powergaming, auto, and fail rp. Due to the fact that the opponent is not given a chance to respond, reply or defend against the attempt. It can also apply to passive actions. Do not assume another player will perform an action with yours, always list it as an “attempt” or “aim” these words don’t have to be used, but they have to be implied so the other character can deny or accept the action with their own roleplay. This is to keep the system fluid, and fun for everyone.



Do Not Break The Lore or Setting

Do not disregard the Lore that is written. If it is stated in lore the nation has certain customs, norms, and mores, do not go against them in a fashion that is not realistic to a rebellious character. For example, do not go on about being a communist or capitalist when the concepts haven’t been thought of in the universe. But that does not mean your character cannot think of their own philosophical ideology, it just has to make lore sense. 


Do Not Power-play

Forcing another character into doing something via your own emotes, when the other player has not been put in a position where they cannot resist. 



“Renzo sees Tadashi fall off a cliff and laughs.“


If the character never emoted falling off of said cliff, it’s once again, doing something without a character's consent, or agreement.



Separate In Character (IC) from Out Of Character (OOC).

Because you may hate someone out of character, does not mean you should dislike their character if that character has done nothing to you. The reverse is true, even if someone messes you over in character, that does not mean you should hate them out of character. Roleplay is for fun, and it’s a team effort. Failure often leads to a better, and bigger story. And even if you do fail horribly, you can have the comeback story to write home about on how you did it.


Avoid non-immersive RP

Basically, Roleplaying ridiculous instances that make no sense. Like wanting to kill a cat for no reason. Attacking someone, for no reason (unless your character is mentally deranged and you are very ready for the consequences of a deranged psychopath, which will make everyone shun you) 


There should also be no instances of forcing someone to roleplay with you if they do not want to. 


Mistakes while writing are common, so do not fear that, but you must take into account, if you type it, that’s what your character said. In some instances, you can ask (with the permission of everyone else) in the out of character chat, for that instance to be retconned or voided. For example, accidentally calling a Lord a female, male, vice versa. Do not be toxic, above all else. 

Roleplay is a space for fun, and enjoyment. Do not get upset because you did not have your way, you can be disappointed, but never take it out on someone else just trying to have fun. Talk about your wins, failures, and ‘could have beens’ to your heart's content. But when it’s at the expense of someone else, or they’re getting uncomfortable, that’s when it’s time to stop.


Last but not least, respect all ranks, higher up and otherwise. A genin should not be talking heavy to a Kage who can more or less demote them to academy student if they so feel like it. Happy roleplaying!

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