• Getting stuck after talking to NPC: Taitomo


    There are many NPCs in the game that will leave the player stuck and forcing them to close the client in order to be able to continue playing.

    One of them is the Dojo teacher frog Taitomo in the arc 30 Toad Village.

    However, different to other NPCs that get you stuck, this here will happen only once upon completing his quest (spike pit training).

    Steps to reproduce issue:

    1. Advance with your level 30 arc quest until Taitomo asks you to train in the Spike pit map, south of the Hawk map.
    2. Complete the training
    3. Go back to Taitomo in order to finish the mission.
    4. Go through the dialogues and see that at the end of it, the dialogue window will not disappear.
    5. Congratulations! You are now stuck and have to close the client, if you really, really want to keep playing.
    6. After restarting the client, the mission counts as completed. Talking to Taitomo again will give you his default chat, which does not leave you stuck.

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