Soundtrack Part 1


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Holy crap, this is amazing. <3 How long did it take you to make each track, and what did you use? FL Studio?


These are pretty high quality stuff man. The one for main menu feels a bit tooo...peacefull? Maybe something that can capture the shinobi feel a bit more? Either way im loving what I've heard so far

It's a good idea to make it a bit more robust, but just don't make it super loud epic music. The one thing I hate when starting a game is how loud and obnoxious the music is.


So yeah, if you decide to up the menu a bit, PLEASE don't make it overzealous.


All in all, you're the composer, so do what you feel is right. I think everything sounds perfect. 

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Guest Glitch Yagyu

Wow very impressed, I am a lover of people who can compose such awesome soundtracks. Keep bringing more, wanna here all of it :)


Good luck!

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