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  1. Leaf still doesn’t have any of them.
  2. Absolute masterpiece. Hope you get silver for this.
  3. Leaf utility vest. Simple recolour of the already existing Sand and Mist one. Just slap it in a utility shop with and we’re good.
  4. Amazing! @Ueda, sorry for the tag but what do you think of this?
  5. Hi All! It’s been quite a while since this topic came up so I thought I’d bump it by giving it another whirl. I know it’s been suggested like a gazillion times before, but maybe the need for Leaf getting a utility shop or NPC of some shorts faded into obscurity during recent times. Anyway, here goes: Although I can see where they are coming from when they didn’t give Leaf a utility vest. Both Sand and Mist ninja were seen wearing these flak jackets as Genin during the Fourth Shinobi World War or at least once in the Show. As for Leaf, I haven’t really encountered any different variations to the Leaf flak jacket except the ones used in the Second Shinobi World War by people like Dan Kato which was a light green plain vest with no pockets, neck guards or scroll pouches. If we were to go down the route of every village getting a vest I’d say the best solution would be to recolour the Sand or Mist vest to a light green (like the one we see Dan wear) and make an NPC sell it (with utility pouches) in either of the Leaf shops or just set up shop in one of the village’s empty houses. Adding some symbol to the back of the vest would also be a nice addition but that would probably be too much for a simple flak jacket for non-ranked. Anyway, hope this gets implemented. Let me know what you think. Picture is for reference.
  6. Nagao Hideki


    If you open your ‘Titles’ menu and click ‘Select Title’ while having nothing selected it will automatically turn off whatever title you’re currently displaying.
  7. Hi All! People have been complaining about battle injuries for a while now and since everyone has their own take on how to fix or rework the system I thought I’d share my opinion on it aswell: As far as I know two people before me already suggested the idea that if you are lying in the hospital bed your BI fades faster. And while this is a great idea, I’d take it a step further and lock people to certain areas of the hospital while the 3 phases of BI are active. My reasoning is the following: 1. You are defeated in combat and are in critical condition. Being fresh out of surgery, the medical corps ordered you not to move from your bed. During this critical period you are bound to your hospital bed for 1/3 of the BI timer (which in turn speeds up the timer). 2. You have somewhat recovered and the doctors let you walk around the hospital freely, but you may not leave until your treatment is complete. During this period you are bound to the hospital and are unable to leave until 2/3 of the total BI timer is gone. During both phases 1 and 2 there would be a great need for Medical Ninja. As far as I know the Chakra Medic kit is still missing a jutsu, which in this case could be one that if applied to the patient (the one with BI) would make their BI timer fade faster while draining chakra from the Medic. This would not only create an RP environment where Medical Ninja actually treat people in hospitals but would also keep people from BI warrioring, as it would be more important to treat the villagers than mindlessly running out of the hospital on repeat in case the village is under attack. 3. You receive your hospital discharge papers and are sent to the village hot springs in order to fully recover from your injuries. Here you can freely walk around the village for the last 1/3 of your BI timer but going to the spa makes your BI timer go down faster (e.g. at the pace of the “guilty pleasure” spa mission). I believe that these 3 phases of BI and the introduction of a new Medical jutsu would not only prevent BI warrioring but also create more RP for the game even if in a low RP environment. As for Rogue Ninja I believe that the options of recovering in bed or getting treated by Medical ninja is still on the table. As for the spa (which rogues don’t have access to in their villages) they could opt for complete recovery in a bed located in the Cursed Lab which would look a lot like the one that Kimimaro was hooked on to when Kabuto was treating him. That could make BI run out at 2x the speed but the risk / drawback would be that Rogues would find themselves in a DZ outside the hosts cave if their treatment was complete. There could obviously be drawbacks to the idea but I think it’s pretty solid as it doesn’t allow people to leave the hospital for 2/3 of the timer, while the last 1/3 can either be spent in hospital to wait for full recovery or take advantage of the spa option which may be risky if the Village is under attack. Anyway, that’s more or less it for my idea. All feedback is much appreciated and if you’ve got any further points to make, drop them in the comments. I’m curious about your ideas regarding the post / issue. Thanks for reading!
  8. I would definitely keep pillars in-game since it’s a good jutsu overall. I could see your idea as an advanced lightning jutsu however if they get implemented.
  9. I have never seen anyone actively levelling Vortex, simply due to the fact that it makes little to no difference whether the jutsu is lvl 1 or maxed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great jutsu for cancels but it makes absolutely no sense for the caster to be stunned longer than the opponent as it creates an opening which can only be avoided by not casting the jutsu in the first place. In team fights this usually isn’t a problem because your teammates can cover you but in a 1v1 it puts casters at a real disadvantage. Even though Fire is the most balanced mastery of all rn, I agree with Atrane that Vortex should have perks that make it worth levelling and the duration of the self stun should definitely be lowered.
  10. The second one looks way better than the first. Gotta agree with Enver here, they should replace the original with the new one.
  11. The eyes look dope, however I think it would be cool if they were clan specific (e.g. Byakugan and Sharingan) and Sage Mode could be unlocked after Land of Toads (since our character is trained in Senjutsu) and reanimated would be perfect for characters which were “killed off” with a funeral and all that (think MacDom for example) but still check on the game here and there.
  12. Definitely supporting this one. No one wants to waste time maxing jutsu that they have already maxed once, every single time they want to change up their kit.
  13. I kinda disagree with this take since if you are already known for something that is your title, people are not going to just stop calling you that because the Kage revoked your title. Imagine Hanzo telling Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru to call themselves the “legendary sannin” but then tell them to stop using the title when they are known around the world like that. It just wouldn’t make any sense, titles should be permanent imo.
  14. *coughs* chakra blades *coughs*