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  1. I still support the idea of it not necessarily the implementation of it in the near future or even the foreseeable future...just a nice idea in my opinion
  2. 100% support the idea of shogi/go. It would be more relevant to the game than chess in my opinion
  3. I came on to forums casually and found this and damn near killed myself laughing. 10/10 for creativity
  4. Hate to say it but I think lightning feast should get change similar to sensory: Make it runcast and decrease its range
  5. I wish you would get on board with focusing on teamwork instead of giving leaf some trash weapon that everyone will either A complain is too op or B complain it's not good enough.... Training teamwork is a way everyone in the village can gain something instead of just weapon masters
  6. The hospital works the same way, the coding can be applied to clan houses.... but I'm just a gamer I don't know anything about coding or anything.
  7. I support this, an idea. Make it like bubble snare but only allies can run into and block a jutsu like a sub. So instead of dropping bubble traps for enemies you can also drop bubble shields for allies.
  8. Simple solution is to take away the zero damage it does. The coding has it stated that any damage done maplocks you. Taking away the zero damage would essentially take away the maplock. At least that's how it makes sense in my head
  9. Leaf needs no weapon, leaf needs to learn how to work together better. We need to come up with better strategy than locust swarm one enemy while the rest run around and flank us. I said what I said
  10. 10/10 for the update. That alone is something new to ninonline that is greatly appreciated
  11. Perfect, I'll be using this to explain to my squad
  12. Just studied beforehand with my recruiter. Plus I took it in high school when I was taking advanced classes. So all the stuff on the asvab was like real applications of the classes
  13. @Yugure congrats on asvab score, I scored a 93 when I joined the Navy several years ago. Thank you for your service in advance. Even though I qualified for nuke I decided to be an Engineman lol
  14. Happy to see you reach you goals,gives me hope for my own goals. I look forward to training with you soon, Ichika sensei