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Screenshot Competition 2021

Competition Rules

I need some help from community members to submit cool screenshots of Nin Online with some specific requirement:
The screenshot should not contain things within Nin Online that are direct references to Naruto, or as little as possible
Eg. Clothing that are from Naruto like Uzu Jacket
Eg. Leaf village academy, Leaf village gate

For every winning submission, we'll reward up to 10 people in each winning screenshot with 10 Ninja Credit Gift cards. Do provide the names of the submissions when posting in the description (@ tag them or it won't count)!
We'll be taking up to 5 screenshots for promotional usage.

Other notes:

  • We need screenshots with variety. Different locations, variety in indoor/outdoor locations, different people/looking people, different clothes, different hair colors. This is because we won't pick two screenshots from the same location or two with everyone looking the same.
  • Unedited screenshots is preferred unless you have epic skills with editing. If you do edit it, it would be good to provide the unedited version as well.
  • 1920x1080 is preferred, but anything bigger is fine.
  • Non zoomed screenshots is preferred.
  • New client screenshots are preferred.
  • Natural posing is a good idea, not everyone standing in one line or facing the same direction. Have some people fighting if it's a place people fight, or have people interacting with things in the map like if there's a fridge just RP facing the fridge as an example.
  • Day screenshots or screenshots where there's ample light is preferred.

Will be used for future promotions

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