Hidden features in Nin


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1. Switching top Hotbar
You can use the ctrl key + 1-9 and 0 to switch between different hot bars or press the (~) key to move. You can use this feature for changing clothes, weapons, medicine, hair, dodgeball, and pushball faster than before.


2. Adding stats faster with the shift key
You can hold the shift key and use the mouse to add five stats at once rather than one at a time. Helpful when you want to stat reset.


3. Splitting items into stacks
You can hold the shift key to make a stack of an item in your inventory. Useful when trading 


4. Moving chatbox
hold shift and right-click to move the chatbox


5. Using the mouse to see an item or pick up an item
Left-click to see an item/Right-click to pick an item


6. Interactive furniture in leaf 





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