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We are looking for skilled individuals that are willing to dedicate themselves in getting better and working on astounding projects at an indie level. While we want people who are talented and experienced, something that is so much more important is dedication and passion, so don't hesitate if you have these characteristics. We believe in making games for fun and getting better over making a paycheck. This job should not be taken as a paycheck, but if we work hard enough someday it could become one.

You may submit your application in this topic, or create a ticket if you wish for it to be private. We don't mind if you send one of us a personal message either, but it is very preferred if you create a ticket, so that we all can see it.



  • You may possibly be working on the project of your dreams.
  • You can expand your portfolio as a game developer to get your foot into the door.
  • We're not professional game developers, but we listen and learn from our failed experiences which drive us forward and get better.
  • Our projects are aimed to be commercial, but we do not pay people at the moment since our projects are volunteer until they are finished. The people that contributed the most to the project will be kept and rewarded for their dedication.
  • We work on our project daily, here to chat if you are struggling on something you are assigned, and always showing ourselves better ways to do things. We’re friendly to work with, don’t force you to contribute any amount of hours, and like to have fun.


If your position is not listed you may still apply. We're always looking for more talented people to work with, but our standards for you will be higher than a position we desperately need.

  • One programmer that excels in HTML, CSS, and PHP. You will be responsible for the website programming and must be able to do WordPress and Invision Power Board including combining the two together/turning a PSD into a theme.
  • One programmer that excels in C# and/or Visual Basic 6 programming. You must be able to adapt to new technologies, languages, and engines without much help from us.
  • One video editor which is able to highlight Twitch broadcasts, moderate them (not mandatory), and create videos to go on our YouTube channel. You must be able to come up with an introduction with the limited resources we provide you.
  • One concept artist that is able to do illustration art which either matches or is the same level of quality of our current concept art.
  • One pixel artist that is able to do pixel art that matches our game art.


Examples of your work:
Why you want to join:
Past experiences:
Level of education:

You may use more than the guide has, but please provide at-least what it has.

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