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  • Puppet Coffin



    A Coffin containing a Puppet that members of the Sand Puppet Brigade use as a weapon. It Summons a Grand Puppet that deals 32 melee damage and uses:

    • The Lightning Current Technique dealing 6 damage and stunning enemies for 1 second
    • The Dragon Fire Technique dealing 48 damage
    • The Colliding Wave Technique, which travels up to 8 Tiles and knocking back all enemies in its path, dealing 123 damage per hit

    It grants the user +12 Fortitude when equipped. Once the grand puppet is destroyed the user can instantly summon another. You are required to have a level of 30 or above to utilize this weapon. It is exclusive to the Puppet Brigade organization and Sand Village only. You can obtain it by purchasing it from the Puppet Brigade Equipment Vendor for 100 Ryo. It drops on death.

    You can only purchase 1 per day.

    The melee damage of the Grand Puppet scales with the Strength stat of the wielder.


    In-Game Look

    Puppet Coffin Equipped


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