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  1. Don Tormenta

    April 18th's Battle Between Leaf and Mist

    Album dedicated for the big fight that was held April 18th between Leaf and Sand, in an agreed 15v17 on Bears map.
  2. Don Tormenta

    First Leaf Clan War, April 23th 2023

    Album dedicated to the first Clan Wars held in the leaf Village, which had the participation of all the Official and Un-Official clans!
  3. My top 25 Mechanical Players. 1. @Boo 2. @Black Rain 3. @Jin 4. @Hades 5. @Enver 6. @Vipe 7. @Yin Katara 8. @Piranha 9. @Ainz Ooal Gown 10. @Static 11. @SparkZZ 12. @Donatello Johnson 13. @Lumy 14. @fox 15. @Shanks 16. @Paralyzed 17. @Ninjutsu 18. @Scalpel 19. @Hasan 20. @Shintetsu 21. @Woo 22. @SDZ 23. @Sin 24. @Blade 25. @Ryutekzu Respect these players for keeping the skill-cap high. Mechanics Anything to do with your hands (your ability + speed to react + execute things of complexity. "things" can be combos, precise movement or combinations of multiple key inputs. Being able to do this consistently and under pressure, not just on a dummy) If this list was based on brain aswell it would be completly different. There are 2000+ people in Nin Discord everyone in the top 25 are insane players, mechanics isnt the only thing that counts in pvp. (Lemon has insane mechanics, even though Ainz is lower placed he will beat him)
  4. Greetings, Tormenta here! Pardon Request are avaiable now! We will be placing Free Pardon Requests until 04/14/2023, You can reach out any council Member or the Kage himself via Discord to start your Pardon Process. After that date, pardons are gonna be handled this way: For normal Pardons, you will have to pay a fee of 3,000 ryos in total; 1,500k Ryos to place your Pardon Request, 1.500 Ryos if it gets accepted, you will be Flagged. We will be using a Flagged System, which will last up to a month, you can remove your Flagged status by paying 8.000 ryos. (Flagged people cannot join Organisations, cannot win prizes from Leaf Events and are not elligible for Leaf Chunin Exams promotions). We will have NANL (New Alt New Life) policies, which will work this way: You will have to pay from 3,000 to 15,000 (Ammount is gonna be decided by the Kage) to place your request, Council will have the final choice of accepting or declining it. NANL Ninjas won't have Access to Leaf Discord, won't be able to join Organisations nor take part of Leaf Official Events and Chunin Exams. If your Pardon Request gets denied, you will have a 2 weeks cooldown until you can request another one. All the money collected from Pardon Request goes straight to the Leaf Bank, which gets used to Host events and payment to the Leaf Official Organisations. This should cover up how Pardons are gonna be working, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach any of the Council Members/Kage out on Discord or forums, we are excited about this new Leaf era, and we want you to be part of it. With that said, Leaf on Top!
  5. Don Tormenta

    Leaf village council election process

    The system indeed needs a rework, +1!
  6. Don Tormenta


    NinOnline Forum PVP, love to see it.
  7. It's time to carry the Leaf Village once more, now as Council. (I want tor register as council candidate)
  8. Don Tormenta

    Med Corp Update

    The concept itself of the new Jutsu looks good, but if we start thinking how busted it'd be on big teamfights, then it's not that fun If its 3x3, ninjas just gotta corner an area or abuse non-collision on Safezone to stack up that AoE heal, being able to insta heal a massive load of ninjas
  9. Saw lots of Tais contemplating to switch to GF, I heard on the next Balance Patch they'll hand free stat resets tho
  10. Don Tormenta

    Daily Missions XP Recalculations

    Good stuff Always thought that as a really experienced Ninja (Lv40ish) you can still get really low rank missions (Spa to set in an example), this is a +1!
  11. Don Tormenta

    The Fishing tweaks we need

    Very well elaborated and sounds good, +1!
  12. Welcome!!! If anything, there are various guides around the forums about how to lvl up like: Jun's Guide: I hope you have a great time playing ma broski
  13. Don Tormenta

    Make barrier tag a jutsu

    The summon anim it's because you use your chakra to Summon it, it cannot spawn out of nowhere x2. Tags can be used even without the Triple Tags jutsu, it will still do the same thing it does which is explode, but your dmg will be limited to 13. Chakra Scalper is the only Offense Tool Chakra medic has, you need to defend yourself somehow, even in big games like League of Legends supports got at least 1 offensive skill. There are also plenty of users that uses Barrier Tags just like Sensory and they aren't Medic, Yakan a clear example on the Leaf Village and no, it's not useless, there's a big variety of context where Barrier Tags would mark a difference in a fight, like using it to protect a chidori Cast/WP INT WM's current set of Jutsu makes sense, Tenten has been so far one of the only ninjas that infuses chakra into her tools to make them bigger/do a different effect, you haven't seen Naruto using a big spiked ball. And no, Current Fuuma Shuriken in Nin is summoning the Tool itself, Shadow Shuriken is a normal Shuriken that grows in size due to the infusion of Chakra. Just make the Barrier Tag cost lower x2
  14. Don Tormenta

    Make barrier tag a jutsu

    As I mentioned before, they're pre-CHK Infused already, so yes you need to meet the CHK requirement to be able to use it, it's like if you got a drill but you don't have any idea how to use it, and senbons aren't strictly needed as medic, it's role can work well even without them, unlike INT WM's that actually needs those tools to can use jutsus Bear Trap is a jutsu since it uses Chakra to create it, you cannot spawn something outta nowhere Sensory is used by lots of people that aren't med actually, I've seen lots of them on Leaf, Atrane a clear example And yes, Barrier Tags are a support-designed Tool, Medic is not the only support mastery, Earth is also a CC-Focused support mastery, so they'd have to get access to it since they're also support, and i wouldn't like to see Earth Walls + Barrier Tags spam The Tool cost should just get low
  15. Don Tormenta

    Make barrier tag a jutsu

    "These tags are special pieces of paper inscribed with the kanji to "tie" or "bind" (結, ketsu), which is short for the word "barrier" (結界, kekkai). The tag most likely forms a barrier to protect whatever is located within the perimeter it forms." -Naruto Wiki It's just like Explosive Tags, they are pre-CHK infused already, so everyone with "Enough Control of his Chakra" should be able to use it Instead, adding a jutsu that CREATES a barrier would be more efficient in this case IMO