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  1. Who tryna start a petition to re-add Tshaurigi to the weapons table I needa change rorys mind cause its tooooo good to be locked mannn, its like riley and the pink war armor all over again
  2. Latom

    Balance Poll

    ITS SUMMER 2023 LADIES, GENTS AND ENBIES AND I BRING TO YOU THE UNOFFICIAL BALANCE POLL TO SEE WHICH MASTERIES THE COMMUNITY THINKS ARE BROKEN WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE anywho standard poll stuff, I've done it in the past, drop a comment if you wish to elaborate on your pick
  3. Latom

    Danger Zone Content - Sharpened Tools

    I like the idea though I'm quite curious how they would interact with jutsus that require tools, would it consume it like a normal tool for that jutsu or would they count as a different tool type all together to avoid usage in jutsus? if consumed for the jutsu would it add anything? Regardless sounds like a fun idea to add some dz content and build upon the "sharp tools" type ideas similar the sharpened kunai (Bleed based pkunai) that has been posted somewhere around here ( cant find the actual post name. )
  4. Bandit Tile BUg.mp4 The mapswitch tiles on "Split Arch" block the bosses from being within melee range and only Takeshi's low damage fuuma can land, making farming these much simpler.
  5. Latom

    Wiki Work

    Posting this to reach out to the community to ask what you all think needs to be updated or added to the wiki. Currently I have 20arc Summons Weapons Taijutsu Medical Lightning Gentle Fist On the list of things to complete. Don't forget the wiki is free for all to use in the community so feel free to edit on your own
  6. Monkey and Dog can be contracted as any village. Snake you must be a rogue for as you can only access the lab for snake contracts, pkunai, etc while being a rogue ninja
  7. welcome back nothing much has changed far as the community goes, people come and go but we still have people like deathmall ,atrane and others kicking around in leaf. loootsss of QoL though so this should feel like a very different game far as balance, performance etc
  8. whoever made the guide needs silver, that looks like an SDZ spreadsheet with how long and detailed it is. great work
  9. Dot Cure already in but you ain't have to diss medics like that man
  10. same case with intmed where the level 10 jutsu feels rough but in the endgame both Psenbon and Wind Shuri are great jutsu. think the true solution instead of changing wind shuri to cost no tools which would end up nerfing it would be to give a small amount of cash to lowbies during academy/level 10 arcs
  11. Latom


    handing out a special reward to whomever responds to this and gives it a like first
  12. Latom

    Friends List Reset

    Looked through for a few mins so hopefully this isn't a secondary post on this but whenever an account is reset the friends list clears but will still display notifications for any friends you had on your list.
  13. Fishing Tourney Nowww, think about the competitive nature of nin online, the constant wars, the high emphasis on pvp related activities and even high PVE engagement in bidding wars and many farming experts racing for the best equipment, sooooooooooooooo why not a fishing tourney. The premise is that whomever can catch the most in a certain amount of time gets awarded a coupon (possibly just the finale winner earns a few instead of per winner) it will take place in a map with a large pond or ocean like area (possibly nin's first beach setting). though I don't have designs, it would revolve around a few new fish whether that be recolored or completely new fish sprites that would be "special event fish" specifically for the tourney so that no one can cheat and have more fish onhand when the tourney starts. you would then either turn them into npc or GM and whomever turned in the most would win. (Not sure if there is even a system that would handle this kind of tourney yet). while maybe the full tourney aspect isn't quite possible or just a waste of developer time I would like to see some cool fishing related events considering its a huge step towards a more RP friendly side of nin and relaxed* lifestyle instead of the entire lategame being dedicated to pure pvp/pve and all the RP wonder that once was being stripped away. Hope you all have a nice (Insert time of day here)
  14. Weather Pain Soo with the seasons being reimplemented on a now automated update system and having plenty of cool other visual updates like lighting on buildings and jutsu as well as ZOOOOOOOM zooooooooooom I would like to see an overhaul if possible towards the weather visual features. we currently have a weather toggle which kind of makes it go static and in all honesty that is good enough for now since having a full blown toggle off would give certain people an advantage over others in certain situations, but what I'm concerned about is the frequency of weather events. what extreme world are we set in that it feels like every 5-10mins we have a huge mess of rain on our screen that is semi-annoying but even shows up inside buildings, I go indoors to avoid the weather and apparently I have a huge leak in the roof cause its pouringg! suggestion 1# would be to fix the annoyance that is indoor weather effects 2# would be coming up with a way to make weather events less frequent, I know most players I've talked to are annoyed with the weather always appearing and once it finally disappears it takes a few moments before its pouring again. 1 and 2 kinda go hand in hand though and I'd love to see both. 3# is kinda silly I guess but making a ryo dump for them rich ninjas in the world that involves tossing off 1-5k ryo off to an npc to dispel the weather that plagues this world for a certain amount of time, silly but in all honesty, ninjas got too much money in this world and they hate the rain so ezpz Hope everyone has a nice evening or morninnnn~ rain rain go away, come again another day ;-;